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Please REbuild the Weapon Upgrade system


did i write “you are forbidden to transcend your weapon?”

anvil doesnt really matter, compared to transcend. So you dont need to suicide if your weapon failed to +4 T10

new player get +11 T5 berthas raffye from booster pack, it is permanent and not +0 like what you wrote, hahaha


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hahaha, it is called refinement, not enchantment, and btw,

your argument is invalid
Just create a new account, make first char, and check your inbox


Instead of flooding the forum, why not just back to the topic.

T2 or T3 isnt hard to achieve. With just +5 and T3 380 pistol. i can reach 10k atk. Don’t tell me that is not enough for saulaas? BS’s source isn’t only saulaas. Elites drops 2 of them if you are lucky. Also, by just doing a little quest, daily 330dgs, for a week, im pretty sure you can rack up more than 7mil. Which back to my first point, able to reach T2 with 3BG @ 2.5m ea.

A well suited character to farm baubas isn’t even hard to make at the first place. with +5 T0 is even achievable. Its just that you might wan to make your own consumable else, you would flame me that buying consumables isn’t “new player friendly” :man_shrugging:

Oh ya, dont new and returning player get these for 30 days?


If they’re handing out free +11 T5 like that other guy claims, it’s already better than nothing for new players (not going to make a new account to check it).

If they aren’t or didn’t, to reach T3 you need 60 shards and it becomes just a time gate problem.
It seems that they are going to consolidate weeklies/dailies on a per team basis to ease off farming and that would be a very welcome change for people that have a lot of alts.



Yeah, I knew about those.
But he claimed they are now giving permanent +11 T5 berthas raffye weapons, which you proved is false.


oh right, i got the permanent +11 T5 from this

and to reach T3, you just need at least 3 days of gem feud.


For those who propose the argument that “Anvil makes no difference”, I have some questions.

1- If you think anvil enhancement makes no difference, why IMC still intends to give diamond anvils?

2- Do you agree that deleting the anvil mechanic would solve this?

3- If you answer yes to 2, would you agree in promoting a request to IMC in order to execute it?

  1. because ego, IMC aim at player’s ego
    2 and 3 doesnt have any implication with how i enjoy the game, so i dont care


So afkin’/leeching gem feud is a guaranteed win?
And since when afkin’/leeching is allowed?

Last time I reported afkers they got banned, stop suggesting toxic behavior.


have i ever wrote afking/leeching gem feud,even once? dont get delusional.
do your best and let the system do the rest


Yes, you did you troll, unless you want to say that a naked player isn’t leeching.
Get lost.


By that logic then, they will rework the anvil system to be more relevant, after all, that would be more efficient considering their objective.

I really hope that doesn’t happen though.


yes they can, but not ONLY by afking and leeching WHICH IS WHAT YOUR BRAIN CAN ONLY UNDERSTAND, my linkassassin can farm actively while naked.
Get lost

you are too delusional, i never wrote afk/leech, that is your brain’s own assumption

FYI, there are many T10 velco teammate who also leeching my farmed crystal, chivalry is dead in there


1- lots of people gonna buy diamond for the status of having a glowing weapon, its the same as a night club selling overpriced champagne for rich people. It’s a social status

2- If people just wanna that for cosmetic whats the points of deleting


The deletion is directed to the damage/defense increase, not the cosmetic part.

The cosmetic aspect can be preserved easily by just selling it or make a trans10 glow instead.


My only fear I don’t know if fear is the correct word but, having itens on tree of savior is not that challenging i play 4 hours a day more or less and I have everything that I want. So what make a item special today is just the refinement and transcendence part. If you take one of them out how you can make your item more profitable? I really fear that all itens gonna lost their value. Unless IMC come with a rune system like priston tale or that jewel system that RO have.


Oh Yes, I totally agree.


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I would scrap the whole upgrade system, its radiculously outdated idea that never worked. It only promoted P2W systems and cash shop grabs. It also is one of reasons why people hate and quit rpgs that use it.

Its just better to implement system diablo style, at least everybody drop something that is ready to use. Plus you dont feel scammer of your 12837123803 years of grind each time they make an update with new gear.

On the end they could create new system that revolve around potential, where you can spend potential points to modify gear in the way you want.

In example an item have 5 potential points, spend point(s) to either:
-add another affix/suffix to it up to X affix/suffix on item
-boost random affix/suffix by X% or higher tier
-reroll affix/suffix of your choice
-upgrade the item to next tier (higher level)
-upgrade item rarity
-change item to other type (ex. leather to cloth, 2h spear to 2h sword)


The whole problem started when they introduced transcendence and tailored content around it.
The only thing they should’ve done is capping enhancement to +15.
Transcendence was not needed nor wanted (search old topics about that)-