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Please REbuild the Weapon Upgrade system


I wrote trans 0 and you reply “I can do it with a trans 10”.
A new player doesn’t magically get to trans 10 in a day, specially with one toon only.


hey, which part in my first reply that i forbid to transcend? Please show us!


What part of “before you get to transcend, you need to have some equip to barely enjoy and play end game content, included Saalus” you didn’t understand?

Edit: (unless you get carried)


No, it’s what I’m trying to get you to understand. Chill, drink some water, don’t get triggered.


is that my statement??? i never wrote that. PLEASE SCREEN CAPTURE it if it is my statement

i think you are the one that dont understand, my statement is 『+16 is only for cosmetic effect』, and any of your replies doesnt have any relation with mine.

that is a common knowledge, duh! If you dont have equipment, what do you want to transcend then? a fabric thin of air?

FYI, new player can go naked at gem feud and still farm 1-2 blessed GEM everyday.


Learn Portuguese or Spanish and go to Silute, there +32 is normal


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Bunch of +40 Velcoffer items on Telsiai though. It’s just that no one cares.


you sire, are not only dumber than me, your comprehension level has an issue too

  1. my statement is 『+16 is for cosmetic』

which means you dont need to do suicide if your weapon doesnt get anviled to +16, do you understand now?

why you include transcend in your argument if i never oppose transcend to begin with?

If you want to object my opinion, then prove to me that you need ONLY (+16) weapon FIRST and then, only by then you can enjoy end game.

Dont overestimate anvil effect after rebuild.


Dude, do you understand that to get material to transcend you need a weapon powerful enough to actually do content?

You seem really dense to not understand my point by now.

A +0 T0 primus weapon is not enough, unless you get carried or you leech gem feud.

At 2 blessed shards per day, with 142 goddess blessed gems needed to reach +10, a new player can reach T10 in [(142 * 10) /2] = 710 days (for a primus raffye).

Should he stay at +0 enhancement meanwhile?

And your statement is this:

Dissing anviling altogether.


yup, he can stay at +0 anvil if he want, just focus on transcend.
a +0 T10 is stronger than a +40 T0.
Remember, i never oppose transcend

Btw the avg speed of bless shard is 2 bless gem from feud and 3 bless shard from saalus per day, for 1 char only (23 bless shard/day). Your calculation is off


Ok, you are simply retarded and don’t get my point.

Oh, and sure: incite people to leech, you’re really smart (and I’m sure the teams full of leechers will win :rofl:).


thanks, i know i am smarter than you. You seems to only complaint but dont play the game anymore. Sad, so sad…
No wonder you have hard time understanding my point, you cant move on from the past that anvil isnt really matter anymore, compared to transcend.


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Oh my god +50? ahahahahaha

Please IMC, do something…


so you can only play if you have +16+? what a miserable spoiled player you are

AS a reminder, i never oppose transcend, but you always wrote T0 weapon, T0 weapon, you really need some help.

Which one? Dont get delusional


Each post you make, you look more retarded. You simply don’t understand a basic sentence like “with a +0 T0 weapon you can’t reasonably farm unless carried or leeching”.

Enjoy :wink:


i never oppose transcend but your answer is like i wrote “you must use T0 weapon”, quit daydreaming


Dude, do you understand that to reasonably farm Saalus you need something better than a +0 T0 weapon or get carried and it takes a whole load of time?

Do your small brain understands this or not?

And no, leeching is not an option, you troll.


see? i never wrote T0 but you always spamming T0, hahaha, delusional to the max


And a new player starts from something different than a T0 weapon, you moron?