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Please, no wipe. Please

I don’t even care if there’s a wipe but I’d like my $70 back thanks.


They removed ALL of these posts and decided game would be exclusive access not EARLY release or OBT…

Games are REQUIRED by steam to be listed as open beta or early access of which the game is now neither and is not listed as such on the steam page.

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You’re not in a position to ask any favours of me. And honestly, who even cares if it is in beta or not? Isn’t this topic supposed to be about wipes that won’t happen?

I didn’t read the statements but if they announced no wipe then there will be none. As no wipe is propaganda, propaganda to attract a player base into buying early access to get ahead. If they wipe- they must reimburse everyone. if not, they better get ready for some lawsuits.

Do the same please, we don’t need kids raised by rude simians like you.

On a side note, who cares what lebel they put on the game in its current state? ToS is what it is, play it if you like it, ask for a refund if you don’t.

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they didn’t say that at all. quit making things up. they said a date will be announced.
the date WAS announced. the date was NEVER.
the game skipped that and went to release.

and then you go on to re-link the deleted pages about the open beta.

it’s not like ANY of them ever promised a date, just “coming soon”… and then they were deleted because the beta was NOT coming soon.

how about this one, where they say they’re losing open beta for a Founders’ Server ?

if it was going to be Open Beta, why did they delete all the posts they could find referring to it?
“they missed one and we know where it is” or “i dug up some screenshots of some posts that have been removed” is some pretty terrible and desperate clinging-to-hope.

wow you must have botched all your builds really badly if you’re so excited for a wipe that you make up entirely new features that are never going to be added.

speaking of rude simians, did you somehow miss the big orange text stating “this product is not eligible for refund” in a number of places when you made your purchase? sure, i’ve heard a couple of people claim that they did get refunds, but i could claim i have a million dollars, or @zoi4friends and @Rubiss could keep claiming this is open beta, but that doesn’t actually make any of it true.

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Good point. I concede.

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if they wipe some people will leave, if they dont wipe new players who knows this abuse happened will not join the game.
The ones that complain about the wipe are at the same feet as de ones who got rich with the steam glitch.
IMC needs to fix this glitch ASAP… after that theres a hard decision ahead: lose some players now or lose a lot of players in the future?

So you rather not wipe for some game time you already spent and get an eternally broken economy because of the dupe abuse?
Egoist scum.

If they Wipe i would like a refund in my founders pack xD

Why? You’ll still keep it.

Guys, no one in this entire universe can refund time from your life. Your life begins, and your life ends at some point.


IMC said they wouldn’t wipe. Maybe they bought the pack because they believed them. If IMC lied about it, they are most certainly entitled to a refund and I imagine a chargeback from their bank would be enough.

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why do you think they literally JUST had an emergency maintenance?
“Oh well, the servers looked bored, yanno, so we thought we’d take them out for a walk in the park, right?”

the “dupe” abuse was a joke revival of an exploit that was dealt with in CBT. lolz had, everyone panicked.
the actual problem today was a chargeback scam abusing certain payment methods (outside of the game), to attempt to exploit the market in the game. people bought DLC for new accounts, and then tried to sell it off, and then cancel the payment.
EXCEPT… the 48 hour hold on silver kills this plan, which was caught after about half a day.

Dammit cable guy, it’s a horrible channel and i didn’t mean to order it in the first place! Give me my money back!

i believe that they mean refund as in restoration of all the spent/lost items included in the founders’ pack?

do you play only one char in mmo?

Finally we can agree on something.

If IMC does a wipe, then they will be losing at least 5 of the €45,99 founders packs (me and my friends) because WE WILL proceed with a chargeback from our bank and file a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
No amount of compensation will be able to compensate 160+ hours of playtime.

although… it would be kind of hilarious to see them go “no, you screwed it all up with your damn RMT, Bots, and exploits. All you get is your founder’s packs reset!” and then bathe in the tears and wailing to follow.

If they wipe, IMC can get sued because they promised no wipes before opening the servers. They can lose a lot more with a wipe, not just the players.

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maybe, but are you going to spend hundreds, maybe even thousands, to fight IMC’s corporate lawyers, just to get your $10 back?
a full refund, sure… but more than that is just wasted effort.
technically speaking, you signed an agreement saying you understood that the DLC is completely non-refundable after purchase.

I “signed an agreement” where it said: no wipes. You have a full right to sue them if they wipe. There is a possibility for steam to even close the game and take it out from steam, because IMC broke a promise with the costumers.

I am not talking about refunds. But how contracts work.