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Please check on Malp / Planary

  • Server : tels

  • Team Name : Malp / Planary

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : every day

  • Evidence

either theres some bug or some exploit going on. or just the ■■■■ rng systen you using. it is almost ■■■■■■■ impossible to be so lucky to get 4-5 archstones a week from Goddess Grace.


or the server have become too dead that everyone left who participate become low baller. its just a possibility too. and honestly a screenshot of getting those things is the evidence? how cute. you cant catch a rat simply by put a tiny slice of cheese on the floor and thats it, no trap, no poison, no nothing.

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Actually, many player knew this happened. I saw there conversation in shout

just to add more salt…
this is just now XD

daily archstone it is

so how else am i suppose to get evidence? please enlighten me.

if people really think there’s nothing wrong with this rng system, i have nothing to say. even the GMs not replying. Guess we know what’s up

This only means the guy is the only one left spamming silver in the lottery. As Fedi server goes, I didn’t see anyone win any archstone in ages bacuse nobody wastes silver in that lottery anymore…



this happened an hour ago

Its easy to say that he do 1,000.

Can IMC confirm he do 1,000?

@GM_Francis please investigate that . i think atleast you must make everyone clear that Malp and me not cheat -_- . we just pay around 100m per times to spam Goddess Grace and just lucky. that it.

xnewb123 i dont know who you are , but to named topic like that it means you think we must abuse or do something when spam Goddess Grace. it’s not ok for us. if GM check this and prove that Malp and me not do anything wrong , Could you apologize us?

please read what I said, you coconut. I said either you guys are abusing / exploiting or IMC’s rng system sucks.

In human language: if you guys are not doing anything wrong, it’s IMC’s stupid rng system.

Just saying I don’t think criminals usually admit their crimes too :slight_smile:

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i said about your Topic’s name. it is “Please check on Malp / Planary”, right? if you really think the main problem is IMC, why dont you named like “Is there any problem about IMC RNG?” and you will say we may do something abuse or whatever in your comment , go ahead. its ok .

and you said we got reward everyday ? oh come on. do you really play everday? why you lie to other? we dont get everday. ok?

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yes sadly i play this dumb game everyday. but i didnt say u get reward everyday. i said u get 4-5 a week. Yes i asked to check, so if you didn’t do anything wrong it’s imc’s fault. so it’s up to them to admit whether their rng system sucks, or you guys are doing something sneaky. You don’t get everyday but u get few times a week. please ask anyone in the server, did anyone else get this 'lucky? you guy’s even get it TWICE in 1 goddess grace. there maybe no way to prove you guys are hacking but you guys could have found the sequence on when the item ‘drops’. Since it’s imc, everything can be exploited.

and what is this?

it’s sad to say, but the truth is we not the first who get 2 reward in 1 GG if u play long enough.atleast i saw around 2-3 times.

and if we could really find the sequence, why dont we just pick 2rd reward? so safe and noone know .can be rich too.

its a template by fking imc in forums.
you are not the first but you guys are doing it frequently.
why would you want to play safe when you know nobody and noways to prove you guys are doing it.
calm your tits, if you didn’t do anything why you so triggered? who knows it MIGHT be IMC?

unless you think you’re getting exposed? :slight_smile:

yes yes whatever i said it still so light because u belive that we do.

we still spam GG and whenever we got reward , just post pic. go on.

hope you feel happy when you see our name get reward in GG

it’s my last post i just want to say we not chest.

wait GM to investigate it.


actually now its more become meme. i just dont get it why people be so mad about that.


just be lucky? 4Head

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when someone lucky than u Just glad for them dont mad


i also want to be salty but i dont have the rights - me only gambling 2m while those madlads throwing hundreds of millions :smiley: