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Please check on Malp / Planary

Everyone’s salty but not salty enough to make a forum post about it aside from xnewb apparently. :distinguished:

so? should he be proud? should i be proud of him? nah

if my neighbor keep winning lottery that i also participate in should i be mad? nah

online game RNG system can be more nastier than las vegas gamble

when you mad over gamble you certainly have mental issues as gamble are designed to get you keep losing and retrying by relying on chance or hope

if your mental isnt up for losing, or seeing everyone else keep winning, you must not participate in gamble as you are not mentally ready

you will only end up like him, reporting everyone else

all because he cant handle envious issue


okay :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

what are the odds ? :slight_smile:

some are not loved by imc rng, try to buy premium weekly till limit XD ( psst, they have gatecaps for non premiums, can only win rank a and below during goddess gahahahaha )

There are no odds, and there are no laws within this context that IMC has to follow to demand they show you any odds.

Just to show you how ridiculous you sound and hopefully convince you that you may have some mental issue with gambling if you are indeed upset:

You are investing time (and/or real money through ingame microtransactions) to generate silver to gamble on something where the odds of winning are not posted- then get upset when someone else “gets lucky” through the same means that you cant verify because IMC makes money through this very obvious gambling tactic and even further you vilify these guys and demand retribution with zero evidence.

Get some help and take a break from the game/play something with a lot more integrity.

okay :)))))))))))))))))))))

sorry just to be clear i didnt meant to offend you with statement like mental issue and enviousness,

i respect your neutral response instead of going against it and further defend your baseless complain

so lemme say envious is human nature that anyone have includes me

its good to have it to a certain degree to keep you motivated but then its a waste when you channel it over shady non-transparent unhealthy environment like gambling/RNG

when you lost gambling you should be glad because if you are a believer, god tell you to stop wasting your resources

and when you win it was actually the devils gift that lure you to sink into the abyss of vanity

so to think that gambling winner is blessed is a misconception because gambling itself is corrupted environment

okay :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Are you too free and have nothing to do now? Many know who you’re, and i does remember you got a lot archstone from Goddess event too. Are you salty because you couldn’t get more? Grow up kid, you are incompatible with many people and you should know it yourself. Fighting with everyone seems to be your only job. In before you judge people , Learn to judge yourself kiddo. 25-26yo but couldn’t grow up.


okay :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

World doesn’t revolve around you, NiMama . Thanks for replying .


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congrats NiBaby they will patch the exploit now

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This happened a minute ago

This system is rigged, simple as that. It happened many times on different servers too, even if multiple people spend hundreds of millions of silver, always the same people get the big W

This is from old data but the rate should still be the same. Calculation was done using 899 tries in a week. More sample needed for accuracy but I think this is good enough. So, less people, better chances.

Drop rate by Individual / By Group
Legend item = ~0.01% / ~0.02%
Premium box = 0.147% / 0.442%
Premium item = 1.12% / 4.53%
Trash = 23.5% / 94%

you know, i think whenever goddess grace event comes we players gets a list say 1-950 drawing slots ( since I gambled from start to finish before I always spend 95m … cant get to 100m becuz of server lag? or something )

We get a fixed list of items from 1-950 XD so if ever your luck win is at 900 but only bet 20 times ( 2m ) you’d probably wont get your arkstones or other stuff … then maybe when the second grace starts at night either we continue from that list or the list resets …

Just my theory XD ( sadly before the items in grace can recover your gamble money back … today, just pray you get arkstone … )

I only grace to 80 90m only if i really need the bottom row stuff. Other than that, 2m is enough for the lottery. Already 3 times getting legend stuff with 2m try, and countless on 2nd row items with persistent 2m per try. My lowest cost/reward tactics. Might be slow but i can’t be salty for not wasting silver.