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Plans for Combat System Changes

It’s great to see IMC finally dealing with one of the big problems (before R9?)

The damage in late game maps really mess thing up, specially for defensive class like tank… lv16 taunt is basically button of self destruction.

Hope this with other bandage will reignite our interest to get back in when big patch release. (And good luck afks if it’s still a thing)


This probably would be relative because now stats will factor into how much a skill will do now. Notice how the purple (for skill base damage) is scrubbed out of existence?

As for armor it would be safe to assume that’s adjusted too or the same. Thats another good question to ask.

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just wanted to ask if there are plans to make transcended equipment storable. with the obvious nerf i don’t see why it would be OP to lock transcended equipment.


Considering this they need to buff the hell out some physical dpsers, like archers. Because they were pretty underpowered already and had to go full critical damage +100% critical rate in order to be competitive.


You think they’ll make crit-rate flat amount?

eg: sissels give 5% crit rate each, wearing 2 = 10% crit rate.

Gems maybe give 0.2% per * or something, so people won’t hit 100% crit rate. If you can get around 25% crit rate with decent attack I can see it becoming pretty strong too.


Along with the Combat System Changes, I would like updated skill descriptions. An example would be telling if a skill is affected by attack speed or if it scales a certain way like Cure and INT. It would be also nice to see skill damage in % and maybe even hitcount.


and all full dex go to full str
I think it’s a good development. I always hate that linear damage calculation. I really love new skill attack calculation. My full int druid3 should be really happy but other 4 archers in my acc and 1 sw should be sad since they are all almost full dex. I know that I’ll be fine just by go full str instead but I think IMC can balance dex and str better than this. you should give full dex, full str and hybrid has their own good points.
It’s just my opinion and I don’t see they test video about the change yet so I maybe wrong

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They’re changing skills and attributes as well, so i would guess fencer may get increased crit rate with an attribute or on its skills.
Either way, these changes seems to be really, really interesting.

Ah, by the way, regarding those new rapiers…are those going to be implemented in kTOS this month as well? So that we may know if they’re going to require practoniums.

@STAFF_Amy :cherry_blossom:
There any plans for change Falcon slots?
We can only put one Equipment on it.

One Cash Falcon or maybe a Owl could be so nice for us, Falconer’s :heart:


There’s a lot of good changes in there. It’ll take some time to go over everything and discuss the implications, but this is way better than what we got with the rank 8 release.

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Yeah, so green gems will be now a thing.

Really hope phada stays competitive with sissel

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I just wanted to share that I am VERY happy about these changes. This is something I’ve been looking forward to since beta, and the damage formula issues have always been my main gripe with Tree of Savior. I’m really satisfied it’s finally going to happen. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Really excited for these changes :smiley: can’t wait til they’re in game so i can see how it all comes together :blush:

hmm I don’t know how much I like the removal of crit rate from dex stat but more importantly the gain of atk speed from dex, since atk speed is tied to ping. also how am I meant to earn back my around 400 crit rate from dex stat? green gems don’t give nearly enough. also it was before str build -> green gems / dex build -> yellow gems.
so yea what are players meant to do to gain back the amount of crit rate they got from stating into dex?
enlightenment for that aspect would be very much appreciated


Its great to finally be able to see what the devs have been doing this whole time ;D really looking forward to all of this changes.

I really want to know if theres going to be changes on how CRIT will work now that DEX will no longer give crit, will it be a flat % now?

They’re gonna give free resets, so let the ktest people figure out how crit -rate is calculated first maybe.

They got rid of crit resist too. Probably you won’t need your 400 critical rate anymore to be effective

yea no ■■■■ but I also wanna hear from them what they inteded ppl to do

crit resist for players! but monsters?

In addition to everything else… I really like the monster changes (not running back if they stray too far from spawn point, and the addition of elites in mob packs). I think this was the first negative I noticed about the game; it gave me the impression that AI was bad and that there was little variation in mob patterns.

I want bloodthirsty packs of Harugals chasing me to the edge of the map. It’s never been satisfying cheesing combat by exploiting mob roaming distance. :blush:

Still though, two of my burning questions are;

  • Have the devs considered merging the dungeon queues for all servers, or is this not feasible due to ping issues? What about having it as a option?

  • Are there any plans to market Tree of Savior before or after the changes are introduced? I worry that these changes won’t count for much if the population trend isn’t addressed.