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Physical link not working as intended [BUGGED]

When using phys link, damaged isn’t negated then shared, it just gets shared like joint penalty but for allies.
if the someone dodges it, you get hit by 1 damage which cancels some casting spells.
Phys link doesn’t share a flat amount, its determined by your defense.
please fix it, its practically useless.
well its useful for TOS very hard mode.
Edit: it also links only one person to me, i have at at lvl 4
Edit2: the skill is bugged and that’s that.
Here is an example of how it works

  1. Tank gets hit for 200 while unlinked
  2. link
  3. tank and linker both receive 200





Don’t bother using it. Just wait til the higher dungeons and C2 and get Spiritual Chain which is much better and people won’t shout “BREAK LINK BREAK LINK” all the time.

EDIT: I also want this skill and SC to look different. Here’s my post on that… Linker’s Physical Link and Spiritual Chain need to be colored or look different!

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the skill itself is not working as intended, it’s still broken

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I was under the impression that it divides the initial damage between your team and then everyone’s mitigation occurs then. Either way it is terrible and it is causing people to get upset when I use spiritual chain/life link.


it doesn’t, i tested it.
you receive more damage than the tank because they have more armor than you.
feels bad when you only have 2 good skills from linker 1

I think that is what is supposed to be happening with the ability, despite it being terrible. If an enemy swings at your tank for 1000 damage, and you are linked to that tank, it should give you 500 as well as 500 to the tank, it is here that mitigation occurs and your tanks superior armor will cause it to look like the link isn’t splitting the damage evenly. The skill is flawed, however outside of it being a pain to link more than one target it does seem to be working as it was intended to. This doesn’t explain why you get hit for 1 damage if the person whom got struck initially evades though. The coding is strange so I could be mistaken.

They need to just replace the ability in my opinion.

It works like joint penalty for allies, everyone gets hit for the full damage.

Bump for more visibility.

It’s amazing how people don’t understand that the skill is bugged…

Oh boy, and I started to level up one just now. F* me, I guess.

I find this skill very useless which sucks because on paper it would seem somewhat alright. The idea of the skill would be to split the damage so one person wouldn’t be getting all the damage however what it does is give everyone all the damage which is very bad for classes which are range or magic as they will receive hits they might not due to being far away.

The skill in order for it to be any good needs a higher nerf damage when players are linked as well maybe something to fix durability on players who are linked by fully removing or just count for the person which gets hit.

we can’t even properly review the skill if it doesn’t work correctly

i’m not saying the class is useless, joint penalty is soo good.
i’m currently wiz 3 > linker and magic missle + hangman’s knot kills everyone that was grouped by it.

Yeah but I was leveling linker as support for party and not for enhancing damage :cry:

It is pretty useful for the players who wants to troll by using physical link, especially me (Linker 3 here). I always used it in siauliai raid in certain circumstances, after we defeated the golem and need to protect the torch for 3 mins. Everyone was just sitting and doing nothing as the mobs was piling up and attacking the torch and I’m just the one who does the clean up. Because I’m a pure con build, I use physical link and it’s time for me to stood them up. :smiley:

Please take note, don’t use it in Saalus or any whatsoever serious situation.