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Outline of RMT Policies and Definitions


Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Outline of RMT Policies and Definitions’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff


What happens to alt accounts that are used solely/primarily for vendor services such as squires for repairs, sages for warps and alchemists for potions/awake/roasts?

I wonder how this will affect player shops in the future.


Thank you. This is good.

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Illegal Trade


  • All illicit exchange of goods via the market or personal trades without having paid the fair market price.

Does this mean that from now we cannot give stuff for free to friends, family, etc.?


They are referring to accounts on the same IP address so Account A and B transferring stuffs via market to each other. Not your characters transferring stuffs via storage on Account A


you can give stuff to strangers and friends

unless your hand is a strangers and your friends are your fingers :expressionless:


That’s not what I read there. And that’s why I want an official answer on how they will be able to differentiate this kind of things


All shop alts and their mains banned forever for funneling.

And don’t dare trying to fight the new system…

  • All illicit exchange of goods via the market or personal trades without having paid the fair market price.



  • Different player accounts having simultaneously connected to the game via identical IP’s is not enough of a reason alone for us to put any kind of restriction on anyone. However, it is a bannable offense when multiple accounts connected on the same IP are funneling items to a single specific account. There could even be legitimate cases where even over a hundred accounts may be connected to the game via a single IP address. But when items or other in-game currencies are continuously transferred between these accounts, we will need to investigate the involved accounts and take appropriate action against them. This is common sense as the same is applied even for accounts connected via different IP addresses. This is no different from the way in which we identify and ban gold-seller bot accounts, and multiple accounts where items of value or in-game currencies are being funneled will be treated no differently.


  • Merely connecting to the game does not warrant any penalties. But, if items and in-game currencies are being funneled to a single account, we will put a permanent suspension on all involved accounts and IP addresses as we will treat the case as an instance of RMT gold-selling.

Though I gave up running Saalus with multi accounts since Renewal and don’t really care anymore about any events to multi-run them, this is some serious BS in 2019. People spend their time and resources to have multi chars on multi accounts to run different daily events, because from some point IMC took a dumb on players with lots of toons and made all events one per team per day.


But this mentality is exactly the problem–no one should feel like they have to make 50 accounts and run Saalus every day on them to be competitive. No one should have to make multiple accounts to circumvent what is clearly a deliberate limitation, either in daily content or shop count. It promotes extremely unhealthy gameplay and unsavory behavior.

Of course people want to find ways around them, find ways to get an advantage, and it’s important that IMC stop it from getting out of control. Sadly this is a bit late, but late is better than never.


It’s a normal MMORPG mentality - making tons of alts/accounts to milk quests/events/content with them. It’s the very core of any adequate MMORPG. So yeah, every one should be able to do this if they want to.


It’s not normal for any MMO to require multiple accounts.


This is absolutely not normal MMORPG mentality, and never has been. You’re part of a very small minority of players who thinks like this and attempts to convince others into thinking it’s normal.

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Highly disagree. WoW is a good example of an adequate MMORPG that discouraged this by having all epic gear worth a damn being bind on pickup, and the others were bind on equip so that you couldn’t transfer them to alts.

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You can’t transfer most of things you get from events in ToS via different accounts either, what are you even talking about.

This is absolutely not normal MMORPG mentality, and never has been.

This means you’re know nothing about hardcore MMORPG gaming and better stick to your casual fluff-bunny approach.


I’ve played RuneScape for 15 years and ToS on/off for 3 years with 1 account and no issues playing that way. I’m not sure when dual-logging become necessary.


The only reason people make multiple accounts is to exploit casual daily content that isn’t intended to be done that many times in a day. There’s nothing “hardcore” about circumventing your carrot on a stick dailies.

I’ve played more MMOs than I can possibly count, I’ve known dozens of High Warlords in WoW and people who have done the most endgame content in that game and others, not a single one of them needed a 2nd account. It sounds like you’re just making excuses for not only being trash in this game, but also every other MMO you’ve ever played.

Have you considered just not being trash?


Yeah cause all those hardcore raiding guilds in WoW required multiple accounts. Get Real.

You may want to consider you arent the only person in the world who has played a hardcore mmorpg before you post.