[Orsha] Renaissance - Social/Competitive


Established May 2017
Renaissance is essentially a guild of rebirth and second chances. We’re mentors and educators, assistants and visionaries. We aim to be the best, essentially bringing forth “Orsha’s Renaissance.”

It is our firm belief that everyone has a purpose, a use, and that everyone is worthy. We aim to be one of the top guilds on Orsha, not only in strength but in community and unification. We don’t recruit based on level or skill, we recruit based on people. We want those who want to better themselves and learn so that they may better others. Be willing to help your fellow player, not just those in Renaissance.

This guild is heavily focused on endgame content, and training those who want to enjoy that content. We form ET parties, raids and card parties. There is no level requirement to join us as long as you’re willing to learn and then pass that knowledge on when necessary.

If you follow this vision we’d love to have you by our side.

What We Offer:

  • One of the friendliest communities on Orsha
  • Guild Raids and Card Parties
  • Lolopanther and Solmiki Parties
  • Saalus carries and dungeon rushes
  • Theorycrafting and build making
  • Territories (once active)
  • Active discord

I stream on occassion - https://www.twitch.tv/saharhis
Or there’s always my YouTube which has several Renaissance videos - https://www.youtube.com/c/ashensaharhis

Joining us is simple:

  • We require a willingness to help and be helped
  • Activity (speak in guild chat) and joining of events and raids
  • Coordination for ET and Territories parties (aka be willing to work with your partners)

To join, PM Saharhis or Kaenmaru in game
Our discord is open to people of all servers. We’ve grown a friendly community thus far of Orshans, Klaipedans and some from Silute. PM us for an invite.

Thank you for considering Renaissance and I hope to see you in game soon :> Even if you don’t want to join, feel free to PM me if you ever need someone to chat with or theorycraft with (or join the discord, same difference!)

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Whats your requirements?


No level requirement or applications, just chat with us for a bit (discord or in game) and that will determine whether or not you’re accepted ;3


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We’re almost full :> Come join the fun


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Hey weren’t you one of the elders in café


I was a co-founder yes


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Amazing guild leader and super close friend! have fun you guys !


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Just some quick guild photos. We’re working daily with our members to build them up to be prepared for endgame and eventually r9 content. We have many hard workers :3


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We did an early day guild raid for some of our members due to their time zones/work constraints buuuut because of that bug where only some can see the arrow only three of us could do it :v


Still recruiting - PM us


bump :v still recruiting, not many spots left, get in on thiiis.


More guild photos -


Photo from today after our last raid :>


new photo with new guild logo (courtesy of scenemore)