[Orsha] Renaissance - Social/Competitive


bump :> lessago!



And a video of our typical voice chats, we failed this FFL run cause of a ton of different things but its just fun to listen to lol

You’re really missing out if you’re not in Renai ;3


Yet another photo lol

Still recruiting! :smiley:


to the top with ye’



kicks thread
here we go :o


Pls say banana bump 20 chars yo


I wouldn’t mind giving this a chance,though i am fairly new to ToS, and i doubt i can bring much to the table game play wise, i love meeting new people, and this guild just kinda stood out for me when i was looking through the forums. if you’ll have me, im all for joining.


Sure, join our discord so we can chat! :smiley:


i would love too, but the discord link expired if possible just add me on discord at Raymond#4260


Updated link but I also added you on disc, Beeju is my name


bump :V



Oh, btw, this happened.

Join Renai, m’kay?


New photos :smiley:


We’re fishing.








renaissance sux!!!


ps me too