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[Open to Everyone] Post doodles, sketches here

Because the section is dead

Okaaaa~y for those that are lazy to actually create a thread of their own … just post a random sketch or drawing here so that the art section will become alive again …

just post anything ( that is drawn by you ) … please try to at least post R+16 stuff …

here’s a random sketch of mine … >.<;;;;

also latest sketch … my char hahaha
Edit: changing file size …


Hmm, more art … looking for a better mace … that looks better with my star shield XDDD

Edit: changing image size …


Haven’t finished coloring them yet.


now we’re talking! great lineart and art! XDDD keep the thread going guys!

Here’s one more for me … XDD


I remember getting rekt’d by misrus a couple of months back … my mood then …


More random stuff … during early CM days I hate wizards that use Magic Shield … specially when I’m a Barrier type paladin … frak! mana eater! ( Also, magic shield buff icon during those times are hidden >.<; cant unclick them … )

Messy sketches … I sux at clean lineart and coloring XDDD


It’s another day … another sketch … random chibi char … still trying to get my style …

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Why I hate gemstone feud … lets me farm peacefully!!!

Please excuse my lack of clothing for them, too lazy to actually draw clothes ( i sux at them ) gahahahaha XDD need more youtube tutorials …

Awesome art. 11/10 :eyes: Pls make manga with tos chars​:dizzy_face:make mine and should be the cutest​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rofl:

XDDD that’s would be so good BUT! I’m not at that level yet hahaha … just gonna spam some misadventures of my char in tos …

Another awful thing IMC invented … I think I already spent 500m worth of silver to this stupid scam feature … the Goddess Wheel …

Already thinking of selling my costumes and other stuff just to gamble nuooo I’m addicted to this … stop meh!!!


I’m excited for tomorrows kitteh costume/skins … I want the 1 Handed mace huhuhu~! hope someone will sell one to me cheaply hahaha XDD


Random July sketch … I’m kinda disappointed with the female Muscateer costumes and transform … they are ugleh! … except for the gray one … but the other 2 is urgh … bad design … wish they were the same as the male version ugh …

I dunno what I was thinking for this one … my mind was on cleric but it turned into her holding a 2hand with 1 hand lol … so random

Messy sketch hahah as usual …


so many cats ingame … time to change outfit … bunneh~!

As you can see … I’m not consistent with my style and character style lol …


it started of as a doodle, before i made her into Giltine.


i had a bit of free time to do a bit of doodling


Nice! post more B1!!!

Been a while, I bought a couple of cheap tombow imitation brush pens ( baoke brush pens ) I really like how smooth and easy it is to ink using them, unlike the fountain pens I use a few months back. Also, after searching for a week I finally found a refill so for the brush pens so I’m on a doodle spree hahaha XDD need more practice on traditional drawing to rest my eyes from the computer monitors glare …

My new weapons XDDD

Random draws … I dunno why but I prefer used paper to draw on >.> ;;;;;


why are you in the nude Oxo;;;

clothes are a nightmare to draw gahahaha

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