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Onmyoji's Genbu Armor it's making Wizard class almost invulnerable on PvP/GTW/Boruta


I don’t know if it’s a bug or you guys want to make Wizards class a frontline DPS, but now Onmyoji became the most tanky class in game because of one particular skill: Genbu Armor.

With this skill active, the wizard can easily tank a entire guild, i’m not joking. As if it were not enough, they use Cryomancer + Psychokino to heavy CC a wide area, frozen/stun lock almost entire parties in seconds, and finish all with some HUGE AOE damage skills like Ying Yang Harmony.

They defining all meta, overshadowing many other more balanced builds. On my server, we CAN’T win a single competitive GvG without some Cryo/Kino/Myojis.

On TBL we seeing some variations of this build using Warlock or Shadowmancer, turning this tanky wizard in a even more lethal dps class because of single target damage and crazy DOT capacity.

My review of Onmyoji/Cryo/Kino or Warlock or Shadowmancer

  • Best DPS: YingYang, White Tiger, Mastema huge DOT damage, etc
  • Best Defense: Genbu Armor, Subzero Shield, etc
  • Best CC: Ice Wall, Frost Pillar, Magnetic, Raise, Snow Rolling, etc
  • Best Moviment/Escape abilitys (Teleportation), etc

OP things (in my opinion)

  • YingYang lock the enemy receving damage, turning the skill almost impossible to avoid witout a dash or fast escape.
  • Gembu Armor EXTREME resistence against damage and ignore many debuffs and dot damage when active.
  • Subzero Shield Reflect (hitting harder than a old beta Revenged Sevenfold) + 6 seconds frozen. They can 1HKO some melee classes without doing anything, and because of genbu armor they dont even take damage.

What you guys thing? bug? bad balance? overreacting?

Ps: I’m a whining swordmeme masoquist


PvP Balance Check list:

Icewall Nerf :heavy_check_mark:
Subzero Shield nerf :heavy_check_mark:

Genbu Armor damage reduction Nerf :heavy_multiplication_x:
BM’s Bloody Overdrive Invincibility :heavy_multiplication_x:
Electric Shock Damage Nerf :heavy_multiplication_x:
Assassin’s Annihilation Invincibility :heavy_multiplication_x:
Rodelero’s Shield Push “Unbalanced debuff” Nerf :heavy_multiplication_x:
BM’s Freeze Bullet “Freeze chance” Nerf :heavy_multiplication_x:
Outlaw’s Mangle skill perma evasion bug :heavy_multiplication_x:

Thanks in advance : @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri

Edit: Adding new skills.
@Ersakoz Monks are non-existent until next kTEST patch notes.

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Just get more DEX ez, or just nerf the whole scout tree and put it in the dumpster fire.

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Where’s the monk with one inch punch

And sub zero uptime is not 100 %

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Oh, thx. Ill go make one like this.


Honestly i think that Assassin’s [Annihilation] is fine preety much balanced skill they are going all in with that attack cuz you can easy catch them after duration is over. Electric shock dmg is fine too but duration is 2 long for pvp. Freeze Bullet would be nice to reduce duration for pvp but usually they are so weak 1x1 and if many vs you there will be always something else to cc you long enough so i dont rly care about this skill. Genbu armor is easy to counter with multihits and bloody overdrive just need a simple rework to make it unable to get dmg instead of full invul frame so you will be able to debuff them easy OR remain the same but a bit longer effect with 0 overheat charges on skill.

I see you moving on the good way bro! Let me help you to fill this PvP balance Check list even more.
Targeting mounted players!
Peltasta def abuse by 2h users
Inquisitor’s [God Smash], [Ripper] and [Iron Maiden] rework for pvp
Monk’s [One Inch Punch] rework mp burn formula
Cataphract’s attribute giving 40% blockPen(FORTY PERCENTS!)
Lancer’s [Initiate] and [Prevent] rework for pvp
Lancer’s [Crush]+[Quintain] combo rework for pvp
Linker’s [Joint Penalty] rework for pvp
Oracle’s [Death Sentence] and [Twist of Fate] rework for pvp
Retiarius [Pull Rete] pulling the whole screen(due the server horrible desync) fix
Retiarius&Lancer [disarm] remove or give this debuff effect to other classes too
Zealot’s [Fanaticism] and Bokor’s [Makangdal] rework for feud (stop registering it as suicide)
its all image yet.


What about Malleus oneshoting magic characters?
They doubled weapon m-atk but didn’t adjusted this skill


Usually our bug/broken skill list is full of things that meet often. And yes the full inq tree need a serious rework in formulas. We can start the crowdfinding company to gather some cash and buy this for our lovely korean devs.


Don’t touch Inqui plz, it’s perfectly fine and amazingly broken.


yeah just make a monk/pd/priest and keep one inch punching the wizards and have your dps kill em.


you prob fighting guys with purple 315 gear xd


I don’t know what you mean
Maybe you don’t understand how Malleus work


Wizard is already pathetic, no need to nerf them more. You can counter freeze and Yin Yang with dispellers. Genbu Armor is based on the SP pool wizards don’t have anymore. Magnetic Force lasts like half a second. If I would complain about anything, that would be Scouts with Cloaking + Behead + Annihilation. Not poor wizards.

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You do realise block pen is a core part of how lancer works, crush is easily resisted rendering quintain useless and prevents duration is 2 seconds and doesnt counter any hard cc initiate already got stepped on and now has debuff resist to make up for it and hard shield is the only thing keeping swordies alive if you want to rework that class buff all 2h weapon attack to be on par with muskets and cannons


I am generally fine with classes having abilities like Bloody Overdrive and Annihilation with iFrames. They have to stand there and cast it, and afterwards they are vulnerable.

If they gave cyclone iFrames but forced you not to move when using it, would you use that attribute?

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I kind of agree with the iframes having a disability like being stationary to use makes them acceptable.

The only issue I have with it is that people charge the gem feud npc then spam iframe skills and basically kill the npc without much trouble. But this may be more of a reflection of the npc than skills themselves.

But gem feud is meme content (like almost all content at this point) in this game, so I really can’t be too upset about it. I’d prefer them fixing vga, stability, net coding, and channel crashing over skill and class balancing.


Whats the nerf in Icewall? the shards ratio? no one cares about that in PvP, the problem with Icewall is if you touch it you Freeze, then the duration and the big area it can cover (Just throw it and cut in half the map in TBL)

Cryo shield now does the reflected damage as always should have be. but the 60% freeze is te mayor problem (and the uptime), you know if you hit the cryo with shield and genbu armor you don’t get the reflected damage? but you can be freeze anyways.

Genbu armor need to consume x2 or x3 SP than now, or break when the SP reach the 50% to not let the Wizz without any option

I’m fine with the BM Bloody Overdrive, don’t care about the Invul frames (A skills that lock in place for so many second is a suicide in a low HP/Def char like scouts), just don’t be there, is the assa skill that I think need a nerf in the area, is too big, like ying yang.

Electric Shock need a nerf in the duration more than the damage.

Rodelero Shield Push, I don’t know why this skill silence, the description don’t say that (is the interrupt part? I understand if you are casting something interrupts it, not “interrupt” for the entire duration -_-) , and the silence can’t be resisted by Shadow Galer(?) card, maybe is a bug?


Keep genbu the way it is now, just make some skills be incompatible with it.

If you couldn’t use teleport, blink, shadow pool, gyvenimas, mergaite, levitation and subzero shield(and maybe others I forgot) while you have genbu up, it would be more balanced. In my opinion anyways.


Rodelero is always slept on because Push and Shoving are rank 1 debuffs, so anyone with beak mask, or any group with Prophecy is straight up immune to it.

It is insanely good for Gemstone and TBL, but isn’t spectacular in GVG/Boruta for that reason.


I’m not saying is OP or not I asking if the “silince” part of the skill is supose to be in that way or is a bug, because in the description of the skill not say any of that.

“Use your shield to interrupt enemies. The target becomes afflicted with [Unbalanced]. Chance to knock down and reduce the defense of enemies affected by [Unbalanced]. Attacking the enemy from the back deals increased damage.”

Where is the silence part?

It has 3 effect in one skill and a 1 extra not listed…