Tree of Savior

Only 90’s kids remember


Centurion class.


hail kepweng


WarRock RMT and his exposure.


Playing the game like a solo campaign, oblivious to the world outside where actual players exist Owo


The drunk trees…



like this?


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was thinking of the other ones om the forest maps xD but yeah!


First closed beta when Divine Might actually gave +skill level to next skills’ casts. Great days.


A time where fighting Mirtis in Crystal Mines or Marnox in Ashaq Prison actually meant something. A time when these bosses could actually kill your character. These were good times…


hunter was good in TBL! Struggle to get arde dagger. Mercenery post room full of ppls and shops , getting oneshooted by glass mole in mission * w * poke a Worldboss and die when u aint cleric. Also transform with oracle mobs in dinabee to kill necro’s xD


Remember when guilds couldn’t go neutral for open world GvG? Those were the good days.


pelt or gtfo


Oh yes this one. And it was not only 1 lvl :>.


I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toy’s R Us kid~


Only 90s kids remember a time without MMORPGs and without TOS :smiley:


Sorry to burst your bubble… “MMOs” do exist during the 90s, they are called MUDs (Multi User Dungeons) during that time and are text based.


Back to topic… I remember…

  • The whole team wiping in DG50 during the initial days.
  • Nahash Forest becomes a #%#@%#@ zone where we see players ranting over it in shout.
  • Arde dagger was a sought after item
  • The best wizard/cieric equipment is actually a white rod (Superior Corona Rod)
  • Endless camping to bully Dullahan again and again for his plate… so to craft lv170 purple gear.

And even earlier…

10 mins for 1 quest boss that can’t move… ahhh those were the fun days


Less ancient but, Agny necklace : when suddenly everyone was a pyro main :haha:

EDIT : oh also, newcomes trying out Linkers and killing their whole team with Physical Link


I’m fully aware of that fact, I just said that to state the fact it was not “in” for kids at that time to play MMORPGs (I can’t remember one single TV advertisement for an online game running in the 90s, they were all coming up like mushrooms in the autumn in the mid-2000s).

People who were kids in the 90s [thus were born in the late 80s] didn’t play any MMORPGs, they played console games (SNES,PlayStation,N64) and maybe some early computer games if their parents had a home computer (I never had my own computer as a kid, I got my first one when Vista came out and I was already in my end teens).

So, it’s natural that they remember a time before MMORPGs were everywhere [which was my point <_<]
and before TOS was even created.

I remember a time when the TOS project was announced and I still played on the official European RO server.
Those good old times before “IMC:Quality approved” became a meme for bad game management and before players just abandoned a game within a few months after launch like TOS.

Reminiscence of better times when games were still fun and without micro-transactions :smiley:


Am I the only one who keep dying at tenet church fighting with necroventer? Those days when tos still kind of a hardcore game.