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Once again an absurd difference from the Korean server

again a big difference compared to the Korean server …
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Did you really expected something different from this here in iToS? They just care about Blessed Cube.

while most people are the same as you who don’t send a ticket, and when someone opens a topic in the forum comes with this type of “argument” I really don’t expect anything.
nobody does anything to change will never change like that…

You are going to buy it anyway, that’s why IMC doesn’t care about you gaijins.


Do you have access to my ticket page? I don’t think so, then do not affirm bullshit, pal. Because if there is something that I do, is to send ticket to IMC :slight_smile:

incredible as the purpose of the post was to be a complaint, and to show those who do not know how the event was done in Korean, became an ego dispute, to “show who is right”
I am also surprised by the amount of complacent speeches and attitudes that the steam tos community does, which never changes anything.
In particular @kourindoumarisa , he states that “I’m going to buy” to better inform you, I haven’t put TP in the game for 5 months, because the IMC attitude has not pleased me. And I have total lucidity of my actions, thx
As for me saying that you @riida ida don’t do anything energetic to change, I keep my speech, because if you were really worried about having a change you wouldn’t be saying things like “Did you really expected something different”
as i see that here nobody has any real intention for something to change, and just want to affirm their own truths, to increase their egos, i believe that unfortunately nothing will change with iTos


It is a useless combat, I do not know if you will be a new player or an old one, but once this forum was full of justified complaints about the state of the video game.

It was a futile war between White Knights, Black Knights and Death Knights, because ToS hardly did anything, they didn’t listen to any of their potential clients (players), they just did the opposite and turned this into a casino (semi-casinos, the new “free” games, I must say, are even more so) after burying posts and deleting some of the more sensitive ones.

I tried to collaborate on this, but nothing, so I gave up like many other people (they probably instantly deleted the game from their PC and will never come back), even when it came to the case, an official response was obtained from the developers; There were even people who were banned for exposing technically with the hard truth (professionals of the sector) in hand in this forum.

For this reason and other ToS is as is, when it could be a good game; It is a pity that in graphic design and music it is the best, in gameplay it could also be if it were not for the shitty optimization (FPs drop) at the software and infrastructure level, not to say absurd restrictions that kill the game.

Simply, the only thing you have left is to go to a full pay game (B2Ps like Black Desert or Elder Scrolls Online do not work, they also have micropayments, although not at this level) or simply play casually, to kill the time, just like I do, or as a last resort, get a Korean id and migrate to the original Korean server.

I put some of the most interesting and buried messages in the forum from that time of war. Sadly, even in 2020, most remain the same or worse.


I’ve been following this game for a long time, and I’ve never seen the iTos COMMUNITY come together to talk about any subject, it’s always been isolated complaints, and when a complaint is filed it’s always this complacency and attempted offenses as was this post.
The COMMUNITY is not interested in changing, it will NEVER change.
I have already seen absurdities of complaining about a BUG, ​​and even very active people in the community, saying things like:

Maybe itos publisher contract doesnt obligated itos to held 100% exact same event like ktos one? Try report this injustice to ktos developer too

I think you have no idea what you’re talking about, IMC is the >developer< and >publisher< of the tree of savior on Steam, Nexon is the publisher in korea

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I wanted to understand how a person who cannot distinguish between publisher and developer, wants to be the person with all the answers.
I do not know if you are not just one more accommodated, or like the others here, you are more of a person who wants to increase your ego.
But I would like you to note that this contact is saying “Business”
And in fact this is not a “Business” understand? I don’t know if you understand very well, since you were not able to distinguish developer publisher.
The ones who maintain the game are the players, if the players do not show themselves to be in an energetic position for the company (nothing changes). nothing changes with 1, 2 people complaining in their friendship circles that something is bad.
Just as in “real life” things happened with the support of the community, not one or two people complaining , individual actions never change anything

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I couldnt care less about some cosmetics.
The real disgust is the absurd leticia and packages they have released lately, which are huge cashgrabs that put you way ahead of the curve of someone that isnt willing to spend.


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Simple thing.

If they didn’t get more money, they won’t do it.

Also they are heavily dependent on how kTOS community reacts, not iTOS. They are already set on their heads about what to do and what not to do, giving sh1t amount of fks toward iTOS community.

I was once doing good sake so my people (Indonesian) can access iTOS without using VPN anymore (TOS INA was dead back then, even worse than iTOS right now). As because lifting the region lock up can give them more money, they finally lifted it up after half of year struggling sending support tickets and making petition.

Well, here we are, just waiting to be fed with any kTOS patch updates, trying ourselves to be useful in contents inside TOS.

I think you have some problems with interpreting both text and reality. But come on again
What I propose is what is written at the end of my explanation. That if the community does not get together and claim their points, the game collapses. An inactive and unexpressed community makes the games dead, because the community dictates the directions of the game, see the anvils that were implemented in kTos and the community gave a negative opinion, or the CM10 that no longer exists.
And I am not a person who believes that people need someone in front of them to dictate a path, because that presupposes to me that other people would be unable to organize themselves among them, and therefore they would need a “leader” to illuminate the path to be followed.
Now I wanted to analyze your speeches, which besides being deeply ignorant of the cause, I felt a little authoritarian, who thinks that everything has a simple solution
His first speech: “Try report this injustice to ktos developer”, which I supposed I had to talk to a superior.
Your second speech correcting the error of the first emphasizes this again “If you protesting to customer service does not satisfy you, you usually take it to higher level, right?”
and then you say, “Guide us, be the leader of the revolution, darling”
I realize that you have a problem with power relations, because you are always looking for a “leader” someone with power. I think you should take these questions to your psychologist.
Being that after not satisfied you still make a despot list, which you name the ways to increase the ego, the ego this human subjectivity so complex, that we all have and still study a lot about it. A little presumptuous, don’t you think?

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You really lack of irony and sarcasm understanding, buddy.

My suggestion: save yourself (and us) from your Aristotle/Sofocles way of speech and try to understand how iToS works in a nutshell: automatic responses on all your tickets (mainly feedbacks/suggestions); their priority is money so Leticia Cubes come first then game content; they do not care if people like it or not, their main feedback source is from Nexon playerbase (yes, most game changes are made on kTest, not here); and finally, people get tired after many attempts of complaining and see no changes, most old players from iToS are in this situation (I am tired of complaining and just receiving automatic responses from them), they just play the game, they do not live it.

So, a friendly advice: go live your own life, buddy, and forget about spending that much energy in a game that can close next year due their own company policies, this is really not worthy.

@GM_Francis please, send a light here with some of your automatic response in this post for this guy be able to chill his/her heart for good. Thank you.


change change change
who are you requesting for a change when you dont even supporting the game?
playing a game as free player is not supporting the game
you just make the game alive as free rider, leeching from the whales who actually pays the servers and stuffs
giving empty non-constructive complaint like this also not supporting a game
those whales who keep buying cubes, who truly supporting the game, they probably just satisfied, they just happy for their spending for some short euphoric moment
if you really want a change go buy imc, change the game as you wish
stop acting like nelson mandela just because popping up a thread

also not everything come to ktos will also come to itos
some arrived late or not at all
some are exclusive item/event just like we also have exclusive black wolf costume etc and previous itos only event
also if you really have some brain and put yourself as their marketing why would they make sales together with an event to get the sale item without spending? that make no sense.
that will dampen their sale.
ktos did that but since i dont know ktos situation i wont judge ktos decision for that
and since you are smart enough to know tos developed by same company but managed by different one, ktos with nexon itos with imc itself, differences here and there can be common

all in all, this is simply feels like another complain to ask for freebie spoonfeed.
if you want freebies where you dont need to spend, wait till they suck enough money from the whales, then when they are not interested anymore, you can get freebies

why would they put latest costume to exchange shop when they are still selling it via rng cubes to get money? here is a simple dumdum example for ya


You all sound like you could use a break.

I hear there’s this game called Tree of Savior that might interest you. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Let’s go again.
I never saw iTos in the community get together to solve something, I see with great constancy the people who complain about the game and then they are putting huge amounts of money into it, which for me is illogical. I think it’s a great delusion that you think that isolated speeches will change something, as I said if the COMMUNITY does not show isatifeita nothing changes. Once again you want to increase your ego showing how you are sure of how everything works, giving various topics on how the great IMC machine works, interesting your delirium.
@riida and to inform you better I am more to Freud a Lacan.
As for you @NovaX , I think you should be better informed, and stop being content with the crumbs that are thrown at you >