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On the State of Server's Economy

Greetings, Saviors.

We have updated our Developer’s Blog regarding the recent ingame economy issues.
Click the link below to read more!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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great work here too John, it’s midnight where i am and you guys are really active! XD


Get them all!!


I hope you can get the real acoounts behind the ggzzththgg accounts too.


Oh boy I can’t wait for this topic and the comments on the announcement to be full of people claiming that you guys aren’t doing anything regarding bots and all that.
Nice to see it in an official announcement though, just keep the pace you guys, it should work out eventually.

Thanks for the clarification in regards to this.

However, won’t the sheer amount of bots that are in the game right now affect the economy? I mean, they are able to farm 24/7 constantly and at higher level maps, they gain more silver as well.

Just earlier today, I tried farming Galoks in tenet church but the sheer amount of bots simply made it impossible. Just in that map alone, there are as many as 20 bots running around. Multiply that amount with even more maps + the multiple channels and it is pretty obvious how much bots are generating silver per minute.


Well, i can’t see IMC being clear in their statements…
So, ok… you don’t have ‘new silver being generated’, but you have some with PLENTY tokens and silver made from their sell acquired by the ‘free DLC’ steam fraud. Then you still say there is no market problem, and the free tokens are an irrelevant problem? So give everybody 50 tokens, and let’s see if server economy will continue solid! No, right?!
We have another thing worries… All bots have ‘arde’ as an example, we don’t know if they dupped, or generated all their items (as in Ragnarök, where chinese ppl was able to generate any items like a GM), with that many items coming from nowhere, then you still say there is no problem at all? Give everybody an ‘arde’ after character creation… No, right?!

We have a real problem atm with server economy, so please STOP TRYING TO MONIMIZE THE PROBLEM and begin to take the errors (so far ToS is the worst launch I’ve being through). We don’t need someone someone cheating us saying there is no problem, we need someone that is honest with us and show what is actually being done to solve all those PROBLEMS you let it happen!

Please IMC, begin to be clear with your costumers and taking your mistakes… #soDisappointed

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Bot problem is another issue we are seriously working on. There will be another blog post about what we are doing on bot problems (and banned bot account list).


Oh hello,moderator!

Anyway,thank you so much for the continuous work to keep the community informed on all the issues/problems people are talking about,and combating those problems head on.We all want the game to be successful despite the range of things being posted here and in-game.So please remember that.

So you telling me an arde dagger for 1m each is great for the economy right?
Remember, everyday is a weekend at IMC.

It’s all great and stuff. Will there be any heads up on broken dungeon party search? It’s been broken for 3 days now.

Thank you! There is no doubt that IMC is working hard on rectifying the issue.

However, I do hope that you guys take action fast as I sincerely hope that ToS does not end up like Ragnarok Online Malaysia a few years back with the economy severely inflated and 95% of the playerbase botting.

If IMC says that them losing some money from those fraud purchases isnt relevant - why would you care? Everything else is normal in-game transfer of currency and goods.

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Your idea of giving 50 tokens everybody is interesting. Let’s suppose that IMC gives everybody 50 tokens as a crazy event. What will happen in the game economy?
Many users will activate 1 token for 30 days for premium feature in game, saving some for use next months, and try to sell remaining tokens at the market, which means Token/Silver ratio will drop and you get less silver by selling token or nobody will buy token at the market because they don’t need one now.
Does it means anyone can get any game item they want? No.
Everybody can have arde dagger or silver immediately? No.
Will IMC suffer loss of revenue by giving tokens?. Yes.
Does it means game economy is broken now? I don’t think so.

Broken game economy means

  • Whatever you try, you cannot get items you want in normal way without RMT because item price is ridiculously high due to inflation. Most users lose motivation to play.
  • There are no item you want to buy. most item is easily duped or everybody have Top grade items already, which also means lost motivation to play.

Giving everybody 50 free token does not make game economy as above, and I don’t believe it will demotivate players. It merely means token has less value than before and IMC will suffer. Thank you for worrying about us.


Thank you IMC for the clarification!

But I hope founder pack that we purchase from steam is bound to server. Means when ever I cre8 a new toon in new server. That first toon in server will get the new founder pack. I wrongly opened my founder pack in Klaipeda T_T

And thank you for the clarification:-)

Step back and take a breath. You won’t ever be the best player so just relax, you will sleep easier when you stop thinking of this as a competition

What’s the status on team storage and 1:1 trading though?

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Farms silver= buys arde< Farms more silver faster.

… that’s how.


The thing is. If the item has a high price, go grind one yourself for free or grind 2 and sell the other

You must be a level 200+ to say this. :smirk:

I mean, you worrying for an arde dagger? Its overrated. IF you see bots wearing arde dagger, kindly report it. Also, provide some proof that they are bots.

What kind of problem is that? Please don’t create a fuss over something that doesnt exist. You can easily farm silvers at demon prison. I also think that botters only infiltrated lower level maps to get items and sell it to market. After they get silvers, they sell it to $_$. Lel.

What server are you? Everyone can sell arde with that amount. But nobody is stupid to buy those. Also, people are trading arde for talts. :confused: