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Official GTW Guide 1 – How to Play


GTW is officially opening! Read this guide to learn how to play.


Please add the SP bar to the Party UI, it would make it easier to tell who need sp help on the middle of chaos too…


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Guys, on Fedimian, we can’t even usually complete a world boss or boruta without crashing the channel. Feud crashes like 50% of the time and nobody gets rewards! Sometimes even CM crashes with just 5 players!

There is also a bug not fixed since rank 7 where you are bugged after dying in PvP and can’t move. I get it in Feud like 20% of the time. Here’s the video from friend: It was reported a lot of times! A LOT of players get this bug!

Servers are not stable and there are severe bugs! YOU are NOT ready for GvG! What are you thinking?


Why Monday and not Sunday?
Is this a typo? I hope it is


Let the another drama begins after imbalanced Boruta…

Without proper (PvP) balance, and current situation of online player count, one/same guild will big probably rule the GvG (especially for Genar Field) and collect tariff/tax every week.

So make guild member limit to unlimited so we all can join that single guild.

Or fix TBL core balance problems first then bring new PvP based feature.

I don’t understand why they bring new broken features instead of continue to balance/fix Re:build (known and ignored issues). They are just burning the ideas with broken implementation.

Disclaimer: I’m not a PvP guy (on this game), just casually running crash-feud for blessed gems (since it’s hard to get blessed shards now). But I’m still unsatisfied about Boruta and this new GvG crap (tried TBL before and got bored quickly - it’s not fun with current balance).


ITT: People comparing Gemstone issues with Borut or TBL.

ON: i just wanna know something related to GTW. Are guilds alloweed to “win” multiple maps? Can 1 guild split in 2 groups and fight for 2 different areas ex: “Guild A seized Aqueduct Bridge Area & Baron Allerno” or theres a restricition? (other than handicap)


Since you guys implement some recommendation that player base said (almost all what i said) in GTW.

Is it good to make a Small map for a 1 Party per Guild only Territory war… This will solve some problem for small guild and allow most of the player experience GTW, since you guys didn’t implement the alliance system yet. and game population is still low making it terrible and bad impression for players who are not in the large guild does making this content as Bad as Boruta where only 100 people can join. More Problems are in here (Boruta is horrible designed)… (still cant believe, cant stop laughing)



Yes, obviously. It was done numerous times during the test period that lasted for months.