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Official Client Shutdown Information Gathering Thread


As a windows 10 user it seems like running in compatibility as windows 7 runs smoother than ever, the only crash so far recovered way faster than usual.


Anyone saw the youtube video where Bethesda will getting class suit action for selling unplayable games? AKA fallout 76 hype :sunglasses:


I hope the fix comes with Re:Build at least. :confused:
It’s sad this kind of error persists for so long.
I’ve couldn’t keep the score of how many times I had to reopen ToS just to finish some map’s questlines. :confused:


All problems started after the upgrade from Oct 30. They made an update to sell inside the game they forgot about the main one, a game running as it was before. They should turn the game to the point it was before the update and also respond to the players in the proper way, since there are several people with the same problem more than a month without a solution. It’s no use filling the game with graphics and not having an at least playable game. If they wanted to copy Ragnarok, they would do it the right way.


I don’t know what to say anymore TOS population might getting smaller and smaller . Even i can’t bring myself to

recommend my friends to play TOS even with this RE:Build make over. kinda sad for me that i can’t share my

favorite mmorpg to others :tired:


I’ve tried all the solutions posted in the community but nothing solves this problem before I even managed to get into the game but I was having the CPU / VGA problem.Now I reinstalled the game and am having the error of microsoft visual c ++ and nothing solves it. game is very good but for God’s sake make a definitive correction to make the game work for everyone !!!

[error|690x431] (upload://tH8XhEwkFcWWm0sISKPrnVSYfc7.png)


Event to generate profit, it has. Solutions to the many existing problems, nothing. Not even a news story.


New patch on Dec 4, but still getting loading screen freezes and VGA errors. :sob:


Im not surpricet at all i dont think i wanna bother with ToS again its the worst compamy IMC i have see so far you fix solution are not great at all what a shame you destry a nice game and loose player on it cuz of your own BS


Still no new announcement on the ISSUE yet? i am having crash party at klaipeda by doing daily dungeon

:tired: have to restart client every single time.


if the issue still persist until REBUILD … well good luck on trying to attract new player


I have remove steam + ToS and still see there is a hide file in my downloadfolder who are locked i can remove it with a thirt part program but im concernet for do it if remove wrong file I think that locked file do you can fix or reinstal game correctly if try do that; So my desion for now is a GoodBye to IMC and thanks for the bad exsperience you cant fix your own game :-1:


This could be one of the thing maybe, But I would like to stay clear on the “Hard Crashing Users”, It is far beyond annoying this issue is not being solved but I think it maybe there is hint with Windows Version.

Someone with facing Hard Crash issues, not once in a time crash. Like everything makes you crash, Crash
Can you also write down here about What is your Windows Version and the frequency of crash as well?


when it failed with DrawBrushes, install this addon and you can prevent error occurs.

Right click to sysmenu, and you can change extra graphic options.


for more indeeps system detail i already send ticket with crash reports and so on but now :slight_smile: Windows 10 pro version 1803
crash happen every time i’m at klapeida-orsha or trying to use teleport, walking> clicking on merchant> clicking on dungeon npc> clicking on vault npc> clicking shop> jumping> or even doing nothing just waiting for popo point to put it in pespective, i’m trying to talk with the reset helper npc now to take my daily resets so i can test builds tomorrow (did not take any before because of crash) and i’m already at 71 minutes logging in>crashing game clossing> opening game> trying to walk to npc and get reset> crashing and repeat ^^, and only got 7 resets
since you asked for frenquency of crashs, sometimes when trying to move a char out of orsha or klapeida, i crashed 11 times talking with teleport statue^^, normaly it would be 5 crashs minimun to move a char out of those cities just by talking with the statue!


Window 7 Ultimate service pack 1

also have sent ticket.

Crash usually happen when loading screen or using warp statue or open world white blank map.

frequency of crash: at the moment not every time when loading screen and it freeze at the middle before closing the client.


DrawBrushes at C

CREATE_ALL_WARP_CONTROLS at string “first_click_x = nil – 월드맵에서 드래그를 위해서 클릭할 때, 최초 좌표를 기억한다…”

CREATE_ALL_ZONE_TEXT at string “first_click_x = nil – 월드맵에서 드래그를 위해서 클릭할 때, 최초 좌표를 기억한다…”

UPDATE_WORLDMAP_CONTROLS at string “first_click_x = nil – 월드맵에서 드래그를 위해서 클릭할 때, 최초 좌표를 기억한다…”

_OPEN_WORLDMAP at string “first_click_x = nil – 월드맵에서 드래그를 위해서 클릭할 때, 최초 좌표를 기억한다…”

(null) at string “first_click_x = nil – 월드맵에서 드래그를 위해서 클릭할 때, 최초 좌표를 기억한다…”


i think nevermind wich ver. Windows we have or pc build all troubles same for all


having same problem… i think IMC need to make new script for warp :tired:


So i can tell you 1 thing STAFF_Youri i have np with other game i play its only ToS who have crash evry time i try use teleport and i get same report as this

so i have remove Steam + ToS for now until this get fix. Your custommer service are very bad on that point and its a shame you destroy your own game i was realy like it; but i have my limeted with your socall support its not usefull at all :-1: