Official Client Shutdown Information Gathering Thread


wow! I left this game from last UI patch… and the bug is still there? This is totally non-fixable…!


yes the “bug” still up and running … hope to get fix before Re:build :tired:


for everyone who is still having problem, i’m happy to say that i’m good now, and free from crashes:), but of course i did not come here only to splash this on your faces.
now the real post:
i had problem with my computer this past 4 days that made me need to format it, after a few hours fixing my PC and in the ending formatting it i was in thirst for some TOS, so i just opened the HD and searched in the famous “windows.old” folder where my game is, and tos is installed and started steam from there and launched the game and PUFF no more crashes… using the same game, from the same HD, every file is the same with the game, the same game that last week i crashed every 30 sec as i stated before, the only difference now is that i’m using a new windows because the problems i had, so yeah the problem definitely linked someway to windows, and not the game itself but i’m still using version 1803.
So yeah, i’m not gonna say go format you windows nor anything like that, but i will just leave this here, and remember windows 10 also have a restore function to reset the windows configuration, this may solve it as well since i would say is similar thing as formatting.
good lucky everyone.


Here is another tip i would like to share hope it fix the white map problem… this white map problem was haunting me since last U.I patch.

1- Copy entire TOS folder in Steam
2- Make new folder in the same HDD/SSD (not inside steam folder)
3 paste to this new folder
4- run TOS from this folder >Release>Patch>TOS

it work for me… and thank you to my savior that show me this tip.


do not let the automatic update of tree of savior by steam.para avoids possible update problem do manually every Tuesday. (stay the tip):thinking:

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unfortunately, still getting issues.


Indeed. While my PC doesn’t quite have the stats to run the game well, I’ve never had issues with crashing this often since the early months of ToS. I don’t know what went wrong, but I’m fairly certain the issues began after the update to the inventory UI.

I’m really looking forward to Re:Build, but all these great changes and additions will be for nothing if I’ll have to constantly log off and on just to move between maps without the game either having an error message or just suddenly closing on its own. Hopefully it will also be the update that fixes these issues.


Re:Build is in full effect… but crash issues STILL HAPPEN.