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Official Client Shutdown Information Gathering Thread


I had problem with all telports , statue and VGA error , done everyting tips in forum, still not working. I used recovery system to get basic
settings. Now all problems gone :slight_smile:

PS:till next patch xD


my pc is not a normal notebook. I played good until the update of the 30 of outobro starts problem appears: :tired:


where I find this recovery system???


I need this too :hey: where u get it??


IT in yours windows settings


i see u mean the window recovery system. I almost thought steam have that recovery setting … thx and im gonna try it


This mean something was change in my windows settings after patch. That’s why reinstall tos or steam didnt help


:sad: aww man no recovery point … any other solution to change window setting?


Hmm if you dont have it, just format your windows


formatting your OS is way too far… not worth it whatsoever srsly not worth it at all, just mess around with your steam folder the issue is in there… steam can’t touch anything in your windows " settings " and there’s no such windows settings man, what you simply did is wipe steam and re-install it which is what I did and worked for me, but try switching your steam folder to your system directory if it’s in a different folder just test around resetting/reinstall os/recovery is all last resort options till we get imc to fix this for us


i also try wipe my steam , but didnt work. Recovery OS its not waste of time its around 20 min , only for my system files.


This very sad that a bug is enabling us to play the game for more than 5 minutes without getting kick off the game due to the error pop up message for a month now is kinda pathetic.


@STAFF_Yuri after testing out multiple things came to find out that ToS won’t work (vga problem) unless it’s installed in same directory as the OS, there could be a system file that ToS requires to run with and won’t work/look for it unless it’s in the same directory of the game perhaps? also no news? come on we need at least something that they’re working on it or anything, still no news no nothing, updates/events keep going and we’re still missing on a lot


Ok think I found a fix for my hp laptop to work…

I put my client on task manager I set it on high and it works now… no problem loading on klai,spelltome or any map! hope this will work for you guys :slight_smile: happy to have my hp laptop back on the game!

PS the SS I took is from my desktop but I put the settings on high on my laptop.


Did not work for me sadly…


these are the steps I did before setting it to high priority
try this one
and then deleted my steam folder on my other hard drive then I downloaded the steam files on a usb then put the tos files on it set the client into high priority and it works now perfectly. :x hope it will help. I also did this to kinda help my laptop for performance hoping for the best D: good luck!!


I am tired of doing stuff to my PC,my game worked before until the patch on October 30th.My PC and internet specs are more than capable of handling this game.I never had this problem and I been playing this game since Beta with 11034 hours.This is not a ME problem…it’s an IMC problem so I will wait until they fix their game or I’ll just quit and move on.

I REFUSE to do IMC job by fixing or attempting to hot fix their mistake.You made the bug,then do your job and fix it or a lot people will give up on TOS. Honestly, we got no choice but to leave if it’s not fix because some can’t even open the game and others can last more then 7 minutes in the game without getting kick out.

The game is unplayable…like really lol so there is nothing we can do but quit if there is no solution.At least you can tell us that you guys have 0 clue in how to fix it or that you guys aren’t fixing it so I can just give my stuff away or break them within those little time frames I have before I get the error message.


you could try a whole system reset like those other guys if you’re really that desperate, no word of imc, no one is reaching us I’m getting tired aswell they ought to tell us atleast something but the only person that comes doesn’t even know what’s going on or if they’re doing anything, tomorrow it’ll be a month probably sending a ticket could get their attention?




  • Client Crashes
  • Corrected errors suspected of causing recent client crashes. Do continue to inform us if the problem persists.


I am not desperate just common sense after 1 month is kinda pathetic and ridiculous.I was not the cause of the problem so I shouldn’t be touching anything.It’s mention that they are looking into it and that it might be repaired with this incoming patch so let see.

I also hope the Compensation is legendary bc my token is expired and missed so many events for ONE MONTH.