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Official Client Shutdown Information Gathering Thread


change your steam install directory, make sure it’s where your system is installed, for some reason ToS only works in system directory, it won’t work in any other for me


is there any fix for white world map and warp statue crash issue?:sunglasses: really hard to buy material from class npc outside klaipeda… :sweat: have to depend on sage portal and walk to the npc map


you got simple warp addon? it’s broken that could be your issue


no …but i used muteki 2 but already uninstall all addon and delete all folder related to addon … still get vga error

the crash start happen after 30th October server maintenance when there was bug at new inventory u.i … and even after the inventory fixed the crash still happen

is there any way to know that which map folder/data is broken?


I pressed interact button to use Vakarine statue and this happens most of the time. Its so often it is pointless to start doing anything in the game.


did you try swapping your steam install folder into system directory? as in where your OS is installed (same drive/partition)


I got no addons and verified file option and did everything and I still get an error.

What’s stupid is that IMC doesn’t even announce this error/bug in their patch even though they haven’t found a solution.

Shows how IMC doesn’t give a rat ass about us.And you got a staff member that is replying here with no clue what’s going on with IMC on this matter…poor soul.

The COMPENSATION better be legendary or I am quitting TOS ,1 month without playing TOS fine but weeks not giving us any update on the patch for a long time is ridiculous.


Why would anybody touch Steam files? Do you think the problem causing VGA errors is in Steam? Anyway, yes, i did reinstall ToS to a different location on my HDD and nothing changed, than did it again, but this time i installed it to my SSD (only had 11 GB free space after that) and the same thing happened. Sorry but i dont think simply reinstalling stuff would make that much difference, even though some people did claim their game is working after that. Its the same with verification. How many times “Verifiy integrity of game files” with Steam helped to resolve any bug in the game which always brought us new bugs with every patch?

I’m starting to get tired of this actually.


how long u can be in game not doing anything w/o crash


If i dont use portals and statues, all day. Thats what i’ve been doing since a month now just to get enough pp so i can buy a voucher -_- Rarely i get VGA error when using market or just fishing and browsing through inventory.


Unfortunately it has only gave me few hours of hope. Now I’m back in the VGA slumber. Good thing I put 3 of my char in salaaus. Mostly got VGA by using the statue portal and going back from any mission.


go on client (tos) click with button direct property compatibility mode check run this program in compatibility mode (windons xp service pack 3) now from an apply and an ok then start game log in your character, and close the game and go back to properties box uncheck compatibility mode start again game will hang a little more is just wait


more FPS


get a good pc with good cpu and gpu and you can get good fps, fps has nothing to do with the vga error man, your fps is bad because you’re running in windows xp pack 3, and your computer is probably low asfk, I have like 70fps


hmmm same situation with me :tired:



I had no problems with logging in - but I had a strange bug which showed some of my characters twice in different lodges. I followd the steps and it also solved my problem :slight_smile:



I’ll just keep sending tickets… EVERYDAY!


my pc is not bad my radeon r7 350 video card,processor: intel ® core ™ i3-3210 cpu @ 3.20GHZ Memory Installed: (RAM) 8,00GB System type: 64-bit windons 8.1 pro


your problems: i3 3k (pretty old already) windows 8.1? you do realise windows 8 is bad right? get windows 10


@andreranziel431 are you playing on a notebook?