Tree of Savior

Official Client Shutdown Information Gathering Thread


I bet they will all get a timer,IMC doen’t get it that timed items are badddddddddddddddddd lol


yeah but the free tokens are legit trash cause you can’t trade by using the free tokens… anyway when they fix our ■■■■ they need to figure out what they give us that can actually compensate us a month long, I guess ET/Velc/Raid resets or something can “help” a little bit but we still lost the butler event, the big moon and all that garbage including the double drop from ET, I mean just in total a month long time gone away is sad…

and we still have no words on anything, no one knows if they’re actually working on anything…(edit)


to everyone who still has this problem,(exit steam first) please do the following delete everything in your steam library folder except steam apps, userdata and steam.exe should be like this afterwards
delete all the files and folders except common,
uninstall the games you no longer play,
delete all the files and start your game, your game will try to verify and update and all, if it went correctly you should be able to login again ToS without a problem, if the problem still persists, do all the following again and move your game folder to another directory, i.e my steam was installed in D:(hdd), I switched it to C:(sdd), you don’t have to re-install any game just delete everything upto common folder, copy your common folder (with all your games in it) go on your steam, click steam -> downloads -> steam library folders and make a new folder in another directory/partition like so, launch your steam from the new directory, verify your email, and paste your common folder in
if Tree of Savior does not appear in your library, no worries just go to store and “download it again” steam will just look for the game already installed in the steam folder and voiala! good luck saviors!

ps. spend the last 30 hours doing multiple things trying to figure out what could fix the game and I was getting tired, after doing all that I started it and just went afk and when I came back it was still running, made a small clip to prove it’s actually working for me, hope it works for everyone else who has this issue, gonna tag everyone I saw with the same problem in here

please if it worked for you share for our other comrades in peril!
small video of test run no vga problem


I tried it and it works!! :sad: Thanks a ton good sir ihaspotatoez you’re the real savior here… Now, what will IMC do with our expired tokens and items andmissed events and raids? hahaha Thanks again :satisfaction:


I solved the problem with installing win 64bits (was using win7 32bits). Now i can play without problems, no vga or randoms crashes.


You’ve actually done the same process unknowingly while reformatting your machine. Anyway Ihaspotatoez solution worked for me. Confirmed, been inside game for around 2 hours with no crashes. Portal works too, not giving white map.


I think it’s fps fall that’s causing this


It doesnt matter if i uninstall steam and than reinstall it together with ToS, still the same. Good for those who got their game working now, but its the same for most of us. :sad:

btw, is it just me or anybody else got error code 24 while updating? Had to redownload and install the game again with verification and download cache clearing.


you don’t re-install steam you just delete a few files(that could be the corrupt ones to fixes the issue) just follow it like I gave the info should honestly work, worked for all my friends so far


Thank you @ihaspotatoez , for your solution I hope many people could benefit from that, I already saw not working sorry @Heavenpiercer . We still didn’t get concrete answer from the devs. I know few updates are going on but yet its unclear if that thing will end this for good.


what about compensations tho? I mean it’s none of our faults, it all started after the maint at oct 30th so it’s a tos client problem that must’ve gone wrong during the patch either downloaded something that it shouldn’t have or it broke something that it shouldn’t have :confused:


Unless this issue is fixed I can’t plan for anything.


I reverted the virtual ram settings and also changed the windows compatibility
It works for me now


Yeah, nothing changed. Tried what @ihaspotatoez suggested two times, but honestly i dont really see how it can help. Atleast it worked for others. Anyway, i increased paging file size and reseted my GPU back to factory defaults, but after a 2 or 3 turns while hunting for field bosses, VGA error stopped me when trying to use Vakarine statue. Waiting for serious patch to come and bring us salvation or i guess i have to drop this game.


I’m still suffering from the these problems. None of the fixes mentioned have worked…
I’ve missed quite a few weeks of velcoffer runs already because of this, as well as blessed shard runs.


Thank you soooo much it work.I tried the first option and didn’t work but once I move the game folder into another Local Disk D to Local Disk C and created a Folder name “Steam” and inside created a folder name “Common” and cut and paste the “TreeOfSavior” folder and it work.I went back on steam and click on the Tree Of Savior for it to install and voila!

I wonder if we would staill get compensate and maybe lied about it still been broken lol

I follow your steps

1 - Go to another Local Disk that doesn’t have your Tree of Savior game
2 - Go on Program Files (86x)
3 - Create a Folder and name it “Steam”
4 - Inside Steam folder I created a folder and name it “Common”
5 - Cut the “TreeOfSavior” Folder from my Local Disk D (My original Tree of Savior game location)
6 - Paste it inside the “Common” folder that’s inside the Local Disk C (New location that doesn’t have the Tree of Savior game)
7 - Open Steam
8 - Click on Tree of Savior
9 - Let it install
10 - Press play


EDIT:I got an error in game but hey!!! At least I got in!!! HAHAHA I can only last for about 20 seconds walking around before I get in error.I will be transferring my game back to it’s original Local Disk because the one is in right has low memory and I am in the red zone.

And wait for IMC to fix it because instead of getting the error before the server list now I am getting in game in random times.So far I couldn’t last at least 5 minutes in the game standing still without getting the error.


sadly it was not work for me neither i still have white map + get VGA bug :frowning:


yeah I also have that issue that the location I moved it to doesn’t have enough space for games, it works but not satsifying enough, still gotta wait for imc to fix the issue


your problem and my problem is completely different, I couldn’t login the game at all cause of VGA error, your white map is most likely something broken in your client files
probably uninstall and make a nice wipe out of all ToS related thingies and try re-installing Iobit uninstaller does this nicely


I was do wipe Steam + ToS still same after i was reinstall all But when when i was reinstall ToS in Steam so i was get a warning on my antivirus there was a bug in the ToS download