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Official Client Shutdown Information Gathering Thread


join the club, we’re gonna reach the 1 month w/o toss cause of errors


oh yaaa… 1 month anniversary of no TOS bc of the error message.


i uninstall the game due to sucks re:build coming and now the error solved.


Are you sure that’s a good friend to do that? will have maintenance now and have not said anything about our problem what happened even ??


4 weeks is long time IMC and still no fix seems the only solution is remove game cuz dont try fix or give eni info better say IMC dont care you have a nice game but a very bad custommer service


I think I discovered the cause of crashing in the game so I’m doing the test here.


Nothing mention on the patch notes about fixing this problem.



go in the folder release look for client to put in property la voce boot compatibility XP(service pack 3 )then goes in the folder patch clicks cousin to start game my here windons 8 takes a look at and friend see if it works for you


  1. step goes into the patch folder and clicks to start game


Did that worked for you lol?Because I don’t understand anything you just wrote down lol.


no one understands what you saying bruh


I think what’s he’s trying to say is make it run as window xp pack 3 compatibility Idk trying it out won’t hurt

Scheduled Maintenance for November 20, 2018

What I’m saying is that the cause of the crash in the game is because FPS crashes when you do some action in the game so crashing happens. when I did this left as it shows the image up it gains more FPS and the game stopped to give crash


bruh, it’s because you’re telling the game your pc is XP and it makes the game try to make up for your trash pc and lags because it can’t it’s too heavy


anyway @STAFF_Yuri
running compatibility mode Vista the game runs alright smooth, lasts a bit longer (about 30seconds more) but still crashes with a different error tho

vista service pack 2 doesn’t even get in the game

windows 8 compatibility same issue, @STAFF_Yuri any news on fixing this issue? it’s about a month soon, and still no news on anything and w’ere missing on everything in the game :confused:


I was try your solution but did not work for me :frowning:


Does not work at all


xp (service)pack3

is to stay like this then you go patch folder and start the game by the application (tos)it worked out with me


You guys better give us 50 mil Silver and 4 Level cards to max lv 4 characters TO 390 because a month of missing farming,events,leveling does deserve a hugeeeeeeeeeee compensate and NO BULLSHIAT TIMED ITEMS…SOME PERMANENT COMPENSATION AND SOMETHING HUGE.


Does not work dude…sorry


1k TP should be a good compensation tbh, they’ll probably just smack us with a lot of free tokens and exp things and resets like back when there was the HG cube drop mistake