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Newbie Tips v2 for iCBT2!


I made a thread previously for tips for iCBT1, a lot has changed since then, and I’ve tried to generalize this one a lot more so it works even with different rates/etc. Will probably make a video in the near future, but here it is!

  1. Don’t skip the tutorial. The lowest level mobs you’ll encounter early on if you skip the tutorial are level 6. Don’t make the mistake of using your Klaipeda warp item in your inventory to skip the tutorial, as it boosts you all the way to ~7. Once you get to the final quest in the tutorial (the guy that also gives a blue quest to kill infrorocktors) use your Klaipeda warp stone if you don’t intend to do blue quests as it’ll help you skip the long walk into town.

  2. Stamina pills. It’s more helpful for swordsman classes, if you want to sprint around. Buy 10, it’ll last you a loooooong time. You won’t use it much, but it’ll come in handy for those moments that you do need one.

  3. Never buy gear from merchants. They’re almost infinitely cheaper in the auction house, even when the servers completely fresh and new.

  4. Upgrade your weapon to +5. It’s almost always worth it, start at your level 40 weapons, and then at every interval from that (40/75/120/175+). - As an added bonus, try to get gear that has AoE atk ratio early on if you’re melee to keep up with the more AoE related classes.

  5. ATTRIBUTES. Learn them. You can visit your class master to learn them. Skills have near 0 scaling, so always learn the 1% enhancement attributes for skills you use often to make them scale! When you’re done and going back to what you were previously doing, learn the attributes that take the longest time. - As an added bonus, you can spam click the attribute you want to level up multiple times, so the “yes or cancel” notification window pops up multiple times, making it easier to just hit yes on all of them after.

  6. Repair. If your gear is under 30%, you’ll get notified. REPAIR IMMEDIATELY. Gear breaks very easily and very fast, you don’t want to be stuck with broken gear on a boss fight. Your best bet is to be in map with a goddess statue (unless your with a Dievdirbys), or run to a map with a goddess statue that’s further ahead to save your teleport point. - As an added bonus, when you finish a quest that allows you to warp back to completion, don’t warp! Warp to town using your Klaipeda warp stone, restock on pots, repair, and what not, then use the free tp back to the quest npc.

  7. Worship every statue. Some give stats, but most give you a teleport point. If you press N, you can see a statue icon on each map that has a warp statue you might have missed, stat statues are unmarked so make sure to look around!

  8. Talk to every NPC in the field. They have quests, and the early grind is MUCH faster doing quests. The late game grind is your choice.

  9. Party up. Seriously, it’s too easy to get into a party with the a party matching system, and it makes life easy. If you’re strong enough to solo, then by all means go ahead.

  10. Explore the map 100%. Don’t leave out a gray area, you’ll boost your adventure journal, and it really doesn’t take time out of your grinding. Kill every mob as well as they give the most amount of points for your adventure journal

  11. If you see a glowing mob (assuming that it’s not in Frenzy or debuffed), KILL IT. Blue glowy mobs mean massive exp! Silver means, a higher loot drop rate, and Gold means a high amount of gold.

  12. Pressing F11 starts an in-game screen record. Record bugs, or anything you’d really like!

  13. If playing a melee class, make sure to carry around different weapon types to deal maximum damage to different types of mobs. Learn the weapon swap attribute on your 2nd rank ASAP.

  14. If you’re an SP heavy class, instead of carrying tons of SP potions around, carry some bonfires. They do make you sit out of combat for a while, but they recover SP VERY fast.

  15. Do as many blue quests as you can, some give you hidden goodies like extra stat points, and potions that will permanently increase things such as your weight (that’s right! A potion to make you fat!).

  16. When the game goes on for awhile, you’ll see squires/alchemists/pardoners in town. (unless of course you are one of them!). Use squires to repair your weapons and armor for a huge boost, use alchemists to roast your gems to lower negative effects before putting them into your gear. Use pardoners to gain buffs, aspersion is quite an amazing buff to have around!

  17. Never get rid of materials, they are almost always useful for everything. There are so many recipes out there that need all kinds of mats. If you have tons of one mat that isn’t useful for you, don’t sell it! Use it to upgrade your gems as it becomes quite expensive.

  18. There is an achievement NPC in town, to the very right of the Warp Statue, talk to her to receive iCoins for adventuring and completing achievements! This can be done on all your characters separately.

  19. Party up and do 5 man dungeons. They usually give tons of EXP though you can run each one only 5 times a day. They do drop boss cards, and talt which will later be used in a special token shop so stock up!

  20. When grinding, find mobs that fit these standards for optimization:
    A, Your parties (or you) highest damage dealer does bonus damage to the mob.
    B. There are many mobs in the location you are in.
    C. When the mobs respawn, there is low travel time between each mob group.

  21. Buy a pet before spending a great deal of money on anything else! You can find the companion NPC in Klaipeda with the cheapest pet being ~120k. The earlier you buy it, the faster it’ll level!

  22. If your in need of SP at earlier levels, buy the Zalia pants recipe from the repair NPC:

  1. When buying a weapon, buy the highest one you can afford in your level bracket.

  2. YOU CAN EQUIP 2 BANGLES (although when you right click one in the
    inventory, it’ll replace the first slot…), highly recommend putting
    that crystal bangle (the +12 attack work for magic too btw) in the
    second slot because it’s not getting replaced for a long time.

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New Player tips for iCBT
Any tips or tricks for a newbie like me?
[Guild] Crimson Knights (All rounder International Guild)
What should I know going in?

Thanks for the tips ! they will surely be helpful


I would say that before learning % attributes on your first character, it is much better to save silver and buy the 120k~ pet. The sooner you start leveling him, the better!


Great guide! Thanks for posting this~


Id like to add that some of the statues that give you stats are hidden, and unmarked. Some required you to do Unmarked quests. Soo…


Great tips Fate. I will also share a few tips.

  1. Learn the longest attributes when you’re about to log off.
  2. Buy a Pet as soon as you can. They can power level your new characters.
  3. There’s an item that lets you warp to Klapedia anywhere you are. Use it!
  4. Always look at the main map to see if you missed any warp statues. Unlock all warp statues!
  5. If you are lacking in SP in the earlier levels, I recommend crafting these Zalia pants. The recipe is buyable from the repair NPC and mats are easily farmable.


@Satoru adding that bit in, thanks!
@ArecArws Thanks! I think tip 7 mentions this, I’ll add on to it :smile:
@WatchGintama I’ll add your tips in!


The blue mobs are definitely the best advice, for efficient leveling it’s very important to find and kill any blue mob, especially at the beginning dungeon. Gonna try out swordsman class for this test!


Thank you for the tips! They’ll be very helpful for those who make it into this beta.

I’m sure that I’ll have 99,9% in exploration and have to go to every single map to find the damn grey area. XD


My tips:
When buying a weapon, buy the highest one you can afford in your level bracket.

Case in point:


The difference in price will probably be less of what you’d need to spend on upgrading the lower weapon to be equal to the higher one.

Tree root crystal fully restore stamina, so for all sprint-addict swordsman out there, learn where these crystals spawn so you always have enough stamina to sprint everywhere (of course there’s learning plate mastery for extra max stamina too)

The AoE stat increases how many enemies you can hit at once in a single attack, the size of enemies does come into play for this (for example, I could hit 4 ‘medium’ enemies with ease in a single swing, but couldn’t hit 3 ‘large’ enemies at the same time)

Some notable early equipments that you might want to grind for:
Vubbe Fighter Gauntlet

YOU CAN EQUIP 2 BANGLES (although when you right click one in the inventory, it’ll replace the first slot…), highly recommend putting that crystal bangle (the +12 attack work for magic too btw) in the second slot because it’s not getting replaced for a long time.


Thank you so much for the guide :sunglasses:


True! I say carry around 10 since there are many players at earlier phases of the game so sadly you won’t always be finding root crystals.

You can hit the same amount of enemies regardless of size, the issue probably was because splash doesn’t increase the range you hit in, with larger enemies, they were probably beyond your splash range.

I’ll add the rest of your tips in! :sunny:


Thank you for these tips :blush:


Eh… my only tip is a small one but if you pick up everything that drops from mobs, and you DON’T run a STR or CON build, you’re going to have a very limited carry weight so sell all of the equipment you’re not planing on using to the NPC and as stated previously, keep all of the other random drops because they’re really useful later on.

Before NPCing your items however, look at the market place for the highest price items or items that are highly demanded and list those since I believe there is a cap of 10 items you can sell on the MP.

Kinda obvious but I’ve seen some really bad items on the MP during iCBT for around the same price as the higher damaging items with better attributes.


Hello, does cleric runs out of mana constantly?


Unless you’re aiming for hunter. I had two rat beasts last time (one was for free) and I regretted spending 120k haha


Then you did something wrong. :confused:
With little silver investment in its stats, just by getting the pet close to your level it will do more damage than you, without skills.

At level 90 my pet does 400~ damage on basic attack crit and 700~ on his considerable low cooldown skill, and both are AoE. :sunny:

In comparison, at this level my Wizard does 200~ damage for basic attacks with Fire Enchant and 500~ per hit with Fire Ball (40% attribute), and my Archer does 500~ damage with Oblique Shot crits (40% attribute, Z attacks sucks).


Yes, buy a lot of mana pots. It is worth the investment.

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Yea, thats why fireplaces and mana potions are recommended.

Its not like its hard to deal with, but it can interupt the flow when in combat.

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These tips are just the basics for ToS, that everyone discovers really quickly…
But it can be helpful for the most distracted players :wink:


valuable post ! great guide for beginners =D