Newbie friendly classes


First of all I do not have the answers but I think it is a topic that needs discussion.

Yesterday this person was crying for help in Klaipeda because they wanted to know how Sorcerer worked and that it was his first character and first class advance.
Geez… cards are expansive for beginners. From the very start we struggle to get a simple town teleport scroll.

Inspired by this case i wanted to start this discussion. What do you guys think? What are the best classes to start the game for each base class?

Newbie need skill build : Highlander>Barbarian>Doppel
New to game trying wizard as 1st class
Newibe friendly starting class
New player build

In my opinion newbies should avoid classes that need resource to use most of it’s skills:
Sapper, Wugushi, Inquisitor, Sorcerer, Retiarius, Chrono, Onmyoji, Enchanter, Taoist and Dievdirbys. (i’ve never played some classes like chaplain or fletcher so i won’t talk about them). The cost to use these are very high and it is better if they are your second or third class choice when you can afford it $$$.

Full support classes are not very good at the beginning neither: Kabbalist, Oracle, Alchemist, Chrono, Squire, Thaumaturge and Enchanter. They have no damage skill at all, very bad ones or trick ones to use. If you don’t mind relying on auto attack or your base class skills, you might want to start with these.

Also Exorcist is very dependent on atributes and you can only unlock them at high levels. So newbies might want to avoid this one too. I’m using one at level 180 and damage is awful.

Hidden classes can’t be the first class option so we skip them

Classes with Pet: if you have a pet/can afford one go for it but if you don’t: stay away. They won’t work without a pet. That includes: Cataphract, Lancer, Hackapell, Schwarzer Reiter, Hunter and Falconer.


In regards to newbie friendly classes, here are some that I can think of:

Highlander, Cryo, Pyro, Diev, Barbarian, Hoplite, Thauma, Paladin, Doppel, Fencer, Mergen, Scout.

Diev isn’t that costly. You can literally buy 1,500 Sculpting Wood for 18,000 silver (just sell 4 talts and you got 20,000 silver).

Thauma is fine at beginning considering it’s under the Scout tree now. Besides, monsters from lv130 and below doesn’t pose much threat. By lv130, you should have advanced to a new class.


Pretty much everything in the scout tree with a red class icon. Assasin, outlaw, corsair, BM and SR are all good choices.

Rogue and shinobi are also fine, if you like their playstyle.

The whole Scout tree will soon even get further buffs for all classes, so the tree as a whole is very newbie friendly.


try linker
joint penalty-hangman knot-electric shock


I find a little weird to begin with Diev. Warp is awesome, but you dont need to reduce SP cost, CD and silence this early in the game. So it end up being 4 (including Statue of Goddess Zemyna) out of 7 skills you are not using until mid-to-late game.
Diev as the second class has more purpose, you have more skills to use, you might be doing content in groups…


You seem to be forgetting about Carve Owl. It has decent AoE damage, low CD, and can aggro fairly. Besides, it doesn’t matter if you pick Diev as your first class. Leveling is easy up to lv130 (whether by grinding or doing quests).

By picking Diev as your first class, you fully unlock it by the time you get your second class; making you more valuable in parties.


I believe that ± no Cleric is Beginner-friendly.

The reason I say this is because Clerics for the most part rely on maces (which are the weakest weapons) and have a rather complicated gameplay.

There’s also the problem that most of their good attributes are only unlocked from level 300+ onwards, making even Classes like Exorcist weak in the beginning.

I’d say Wizards and Archers are the most beginner-friendly Class trees, as you have range and decent attack power from early on to fight.
Scout can be a little tricky since it promotes focusing on a sub-weapon, which makes it ± impossible to share equipment except with other Scouts, and decreases your build option on top of it.

If we look at weapon restrictions, it becomes more grim, as Archer also takes a hit here, leaving only Wizard as beginner-friendly (which is problematic as some Wizards require resource management and/or pre-investment like monster cards for Shoggoth/Summoning or consumables like charms or paper-dolls).

If you can handle managing consumables,though, Wizard might be a good start into the game, as you get damage reduction via Magic Shield and decent AoE skills.



I just startet playing ToS two weeks ago.
My first char was a Cleric, and i had no problems leveling with 1h Mace and Shield + Smite (5/5).
Yes, the dmg output is a bit low compared to other classes like Swordsman (my 2nd char) but when you get the Buffs early (1600 Silver is not much) u can lvl really good.

Most of the Mobs in Farming spots are Demons, so as Cleric u deal +50 % Holy damage to them! especially the part from 114-202 was down in 3 hrs just with 1h Mace + Smite + Buffs

But i think if you dont read forums or guides and just start the game and want to play , it can be hard if you dont know the difference beween magic attacks and physical attacks and all the other things there is to a Cleric or other classes.

At the beginnig is just played like this xD :

Oh a new Wepon with good DPS nice ill takte that.
Few seconds later: mh why is my cure only doing 1 dmg…
And so on… then i started reading forums and guides and startet to understand the basics and finally had fun playing ToS xD

Sry long post :wink:


You can’t go wrong with Doppel > Barbarian > Highlander. It’s one of the strongest swordsman build, pretty easy and fun to play, requires only one set of weapon (a two handed), it’s good for mobbing and bosses too. It’s very newbie friendly.


I think most swordies are newbie-friendly. No resources needed (except pet for mounted classes), most skills can be used with 1H sword, no tricky/gimmick skills to use… If you want to explore other types of weapons just pay attention to class weapon restriction and make your build around skills that can be used with that weapon. If you are an experienced player then you can use weapon swap and be more creative with the build.


Imo, just go rod Exorcist. Avoid using your mace, and just nuke things.

Going DPS as your first character is difficult, because you won’t be able to find parties late game. (unless you join a guild willing to carry you)

You could also play a support Wizard, like cyro/chrono