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New Vaivora Bow:Mergen and updated Vaivora Bow:Fletcher

Vaivora Bow:Mergen

AOE attack ratio +3
STR +218
Attack against Plant-type Targets 1480
Attack against Mutant-type Targets 1480
-Arrow Sprinkle skill level +2
-Arrow Sprinkle skill dmg +100%
-Arrow Sprinkle CD reduced by 20 second

-Orbital Arrow
-Arrow sprinkle range increased, duration changed to 5 seconds
-Changed the arrow sprinkle to drop arrows every 0.5 seconds to damage 20 enemies in range
Arrow Sprinkle ART disabled

Vaivora bow:Fletcher

AOE attack ratio +3
DEX 218
Critical rate 730
-Barbed Arrow skill level +3
-Bodkin Point skill level +3
Reduced the cooldown of Bodkin Points by 10 seconds

-Reinforced Bowstring
-Barbed Arrow ignores the opponent’s armor type and applies it with 5 hits


Wow, they really went and made a Vaivora that is literally the same as the Arts, but not trash.
Why does the mergen Arts even exist anymore? IMC fcking pls.

vaivora mergen is no good for boss, i mean normal arrow sprinkle + aiming is stronger than vaivora vs boss , bodkin reduce cooldown is a good buff for fletcher

vaivora bow: mergen demo

i count total 10 hit
arrow sprinkle lv 12
450+ lv 100 enhance attribute= 720%
720 +100%dmg from vaivora= 1440%
1440% x10 hit…
14400% /20sec, DPS=720%
feels underwhelming

But its subject to change because still on ktest

yeah, i hope they make spread shoot have triple arrow attribute , it is so stupid arrow sprinkle has to many gimmick from weapon, attribute and art

Underwhelming is pretty good way to put it.

  1. Why not have an effect like triple arrow explosions don’t do reduced dmg anymore?

  2. Make Homing Arrow dmg explode to nearby enemies. Or eleminate the charging time.

  3. Reduce zenith cd, or change it so you don’t need to be basically on top of someone for it to be effective solo.

  4. Make sprinkle arrow better. More dmg, less cd.

  5. Make Downfall better. More dmg. Don’t let it stop doing doing dmg if you’re too far away.

Or combine Downfall and sprinkle, they are a bit similar feels redundant. You can do this by basically making it a debuff (like Downfall), expand its range of broaden (Downfall attribute, so it hits like sprinkle), eliminate the close distance requirement.

There’s so many ways they could have made a cool mergen bow, and they decide to basically make it like a crappier Skiaclipse bow.

Here’s hoping they make a cool ranger or falconer bow (like pre emp no longer has dmg penalty on ss and pheasant) … Not really optimistic at this point.


Why Pyro one is so op yet other one like this is so limited is beyond me.
IMC always treat Scout/ Archer class harshly for some reason.

vaivora bow mergen vs mob demo

i think developer want to enforce the mindset of vaivora bow mergen for mobbing and vaivora bow fletcher for bossing

maybe this is the idea of ​​giving some “identity” to the class as some commented on another topic? will it be that whoever plays with the class will accept that it may not be made to do everything with the greatest damage or as quickly as possible? or that perhaps it has some specific niche … we will see.
and I agree that IMC is overly biased with pyro.




useless skill, broom trap look more powerfull , okay mergen is a forgotten class, because joke art and vaivora , other have two exclusive weapon class, Crossbow : Arbalester + QS
Canon : Cannoner + Matros, Rifle : Musket + Tiger Hunter , next hope is new bow class for archer

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I like your idea the most. Come to think of it, bow users got Ranger but it is a buff class that other classes can take.

We need another exclusive bow red circle IMC!

I’m hoping the buff to ranger class will make it round out ranger/mergen/x

They needa do something about mergen skills too. It has completely fallen off compared to other classes and even within our own class.

Let’s not even talk about the new vv bow either, which is a completely disaster. It hasn’t been released yet and already needs a rework.

mergen is a forgotten class?
mergen skills fallen off within archer own tree?

why i dont feel both of them

It feels really outclassed compared to:

and ranger/fletch/hunter is better than it now.

It’s still a good spec, but it feels outdated in a way. I think the only content its good at is cms, compared to the others. But then again, even those other ones are good/great/better at it.

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i cant comment on cannon/musket because i dont play them, but ranger/fletcher/hunter? it is bossing specialist, which is outclassed by mergen for mobbing content like uphill/CM/DCP.
And mergen initially introduced as AOE DPS clearing role too, so i dont think it is appropriate to judge fish by how fast its climbing a tree, each has their own trait where they excels at.

I think Mergen more of the neutral class, so to speak…

This is almost as bad as Jolly Roger Art .

I get where you’re coming from.

So the content you listed, muskets and cannoners do just as good as Mergens now, if not better. And add in the fact they are absolutely crushing wrb and Bernice, at least for our server.

So an aoe specialist role, but is lacking single target is how you’re describing mergen. But the other classes are doing great in both. That’s the issue I’m having. If we were way ahead in aoe specializing then I’d be ok with how it is currently. But we’re not even close. Let’s not even bring in classes like bb, Jesus.

I’m trying more to think how to bring it back in line with the others. I don’t think it’s just an sfr thing.

they update other class with brain but for mergen is lets forget other skill and remake this arrow sprinkle but epic fail again , i mean looks how many times arrow sprinkle has gimmick but always fail