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NEW! The Ultimate Monster Tamer: Round 2

Which is still great for hardcore players, but also reasonable. GG

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I invested massively for a red 315 weapon so I could use at +5 all diamond anvils from the event, I lost my money for nothing xd and without notice from them as usual

Yeah 3 is Avery reasonable amount . The highest they have given in any event . You could spend silver to roll cubes to get extra DA but it’s rng

It is obvious their current reasoning is that they can freely promote 315-330 weapons and upgrades for these right now, as they expect to release 350 update soon. You can also deduct, that the update will probably come after most of the current event anvils have expired - probably as a Christmas present.
I would like to have some more mechanisms to not completely outdate older gears with new levels of gears. I think the route should to go should be to specialize newer gears to certain character builds, and give a broad range of these specializations.

New gears are not that more powerfull dmg wise but they bring special buffs builit into them (like +dmg -def after number of crits on two handed sword or stacking spr bonus on rod)
For raw dmg RNG Orange 350 can potentionaly surpass static Practo weapons or Solmiky weapons but will lack those special abilities.
If they would limit refine to +16 that would finaly give definitive numbers to work with and balance content around. Atm contentis balanced with +6 in mind. So its demolished by those who have enough time/resources to reach 16+ trans 10.

can I have 2 same pokemon ?

Can you tell us where it is mentioned anywhere that its “english speaking forum”.
if its on numbers then according to active player base, BR have highest in entire itos.

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500 pieces - Diamond Anvil (14 Days) EDIT: [Can only be obtained up to 3 times per team.]

Very nice IMC. Very nice. You indeed kill the fun. Now, i have to skip this **** out. :tired:

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i got an event talt and i dont have a guild but i cant get rid of it ; w ; pls help ; w ;

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Ah yes, god forbid you are actually rewarded for exploiting.

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Yes because completely breaking the game balance and shitting on the people who bought DLC for 1 diamond anvil sure is ‘fun’.

Enjoy your endless stream of event 315 weapons.


Here, in the forum rules

Welcome to the Official Tree of Savior English Forum!

You can check it here Tree of Savior Forum – Please Read
Also, here: Tree of Savior – Guidelines (my emphasis).

Although this is the official English forum, Conduct Guideline violations in any language will be subject to review.

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Regardless of the limit for diamond anvil, if you invest in energies and obtain many (10+) of the 315 weapons, you can effectively try to upgrade them all to +15 with regular anvils without worrying about a loss.

@STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Amy

How about putting in the notebook of meetings:

Let’s go before creating an event with “interesting” awards, ask the players what they think, because they will discover a some problem (since we do not understand the game).

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Finally They cap the DA!, This focuses players to get other item in event shop rather than solely getting that DA. Goodjob imc! :two_hearts:

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Let’s make money then?

Nothing against the player but please IMC, What do you want to do with your game by making events like these? It’s good to receive free itens but this is going to ruin the game.


pls translate that picture

He’s going to carry you 3 entry if you pay to him: 30 blessed shard or 350 talts or 70 energy monster.
Boss level 3500.

i dont talk portuguese but basically says, you have to be in Klaipedia Ch11, boss lvl 3500, you get 1050 fragments in your full 3 runs. you can pay with: 30 shards, 350 talts or 70 energy orbs.

with 1050 fragments you can get 52 boxes and you have to PM Hatreds if you want to be carried.

All those pract weapons will worth nothing in some weeks when more levels and weapons are added like catacombs weapons before them for example, so why not use what are now good weapons to attract more people to the event since in some weeks everybody would forget about them?