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New Servers - Character transfer

Hello. I created a character on Orsha today. I heard that on the game release (when it becomes f2p) the players from Orsha will be able to do a free character transfer to the EU server Klaipeda, is this true? If yes, is it for free or will it cost some TP?

If you just started today why not just create on the server that will be moved to the EU? Which btw is Fedimian not Klaipeda.

Currently all the servers are east coast but Fredimain will be moved to EU.

Otherwise to answer the other part of your question there will be a 1 time free team transfer between servers around when the FTP starts.

per this announcement Current Plans Regarding the Transition to F2P - UPDATED March 28th

“We will be offering 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access.
Only 1 Team transfer per Steam account will be allowed regardless of the number of products purchased.”

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yes, I meant the Fredimain :smiley: thank you

That particular team transfer is about transferring onto possible new servers that are created later though. The transfer from the first two servers to Femidian are only allowed to those who created their teams before that server was opened and it is completely separate transfer.

And ernbart is obviously trolling so I flagged this thread. He should at least put some effort on it as entry level stuff isn’t even funny :expressionless:

why do you think Im trolling? :no_mouth:

Good catch, missed that language in there.

although once again mixed info, according to this post even if you create now you can transfer to the EU/SEA servers.

although i still dont see why you wouldnt just roll on the EU server, unless like this case your friends are already on Orsha.

Slight correction: I just read this reply from Staff_Julie, apparently it’s not limited to only those who created their teams before the opening of EU or SEA servers exactly but for those who created their teams before knowing that there’s that separate server for those regions:

I still wouldn’t risk it and create account on NA servers if I was planning on playing on EU or SEA server later on though. Now those servers have that pretty obvious (EU) or (SEA) tag after the server names and there’s many announcements made concerning those servers. I wouldn’t be too surprised if you wouldn’t be able to claim not knowing all this if you were to create team now.

But you’re right, that other Staff member’s reply tells kind of opposite of what other Staff members have given info on this matter. I’d trust Julie more since she’s been giving the most replies concerning this topic :grin: