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Transfer from Fedimian to Telsiai

There seems to be a misunderstanding. My statement above meant players cannot transfer from new servers to the older ones (or between the old servers, for that matter).

Transfers from the first 2 servers to the newer ones are allowed, of course.

Hope that cleared up any confusion you had.


Thanks for Clearing it up Julie!!
Love you!

Um where can we request the transfer from Older server to the New ones(Telsiai/Fedimian)?

That made my day as well! Thanks for clarifying that Julie!

Like what stanley said, are you already accepting those transfers? should we just send a support ticket for the transfer?

I’m itching to open up my founder’s items haha

ok but…how can we transfer from orsha to fedimian? we must send a ticket to support? give any notices please :frowning:

Question: Im going to transfer my Orsha team to Telsiai, but what if I already made a separate/different team in Telsiai…and this is in one steam account…

will there be an option in which i can switch to either of them from time to time?

If it’s the same as for those who created another team on Femidian and plan to transfer there when it’s possible, then the previous team will be deleted completely. You can have only one team per server.

hmmm…is it?

another question: my friend bought a server pack…and he wants to play with me in Orsha…but later on imma transfer

given the date, can he still transfer too?

Nope, he can’t. That is clearly stated by Staff_Julie on the opening post of this thread in case you forgot already.

that is quite a lot of replies on this thread…can i ask for a favor and link it to your next reply? please?

Erm, I meant the very first post on this thread. I’ll quote the part where it says so in that rather short message:

“Prior” is the keyword here. Meaning if you create your team after Telsiai was opened, they won’t allow you to transfer it there from other servers.

And i can’t transfer one character from Klaipedia to EU server? :cry:

I was in the opening of the mains servers… i losted the DLC pack on Klaipedia in the first hour, and now i can’t use it on EU server… i’m mad because this… please i need help.

Me too . I need Ticket Transfer From Klapeida to Fedimian !!!

@waken22jrb @massari993
You can transfer to Fedimian. What happens is that your entire team transfers over, erasing the team already existing on Fedimian if you’ve made any. Naturally, the DLC pack you collected on your character will also transfer because characters and items are tied to the team.

@silentloud @Nyyppa
Sorry, what I meant by “prior” is that players who started playing “before their knowledge” of Telsiai server opening can freely transfer to it, even if they’re on Fedimian.

Hope there isn’t any more confusion on this matter.


Not is possible to erase my team on Klaipedia and give me another DLC pack for EU? Because i wasted many hours on level up my team in EU…
I opened the pack i think on Klai at the start, but i didn’t waste items, you can check it. Almost if you can’t transfer my character from Klai to EU, if you almost can give me another pack… will be great, i’m sorry about my problem. I will wait an answer. Thank you.

(And i can’t buy the dlc now if i want because i opened in the wrong server)

Dear Julie,

Thanks for clearing it up again, but we really need a procedure we can follow for this transfer you are telling us.

As me and my separated friends really really wish to play in one server with better ping! <3!

We are from Orsha trying to get to Telsiai. We all started from day one and opened the Exclusive Packs… T_T.

Looking forward to your “Direct Instructions” Julie!! <3!


Have you filed a support ticket on your particular issue? If so, please PM me the information you used to file your ticket so I can locate it and take care of it for you. If not, you can just PM me instead of sending in a support ticket.

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Thanks for the fast answer, i will PM you with the details of my problem.

Oh, thanks for clearing that one up. It seems misunderstood and interpreted it too literally then :slight_smile:

Now I have to hunt down that other thread where I claimed this concerns only those who created their teams exactly before Telsiai was opened/announced :confounded:

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I’m sorry for the mishap. I really appreciate all the help you’re providing us around here. :slight_smile:

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