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About Server Transfer

Hi, i have a question so my friend just bought a founder’s pack today and we are from sea. I already started long ago at klaipedia but my friend want to go klaipedia too because I’m there, If he will play at klaipedia right now he have one time transfer too or not?

@Staff_Julie @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_J @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Shawn @STAFF_John can you please answer my question?

If your Founder’s packs remain unclaimed you and your friend will most likely be eligible for a complete team transfer, but server transfers to the SEA and EU servers are still under works, so you’ll have to wait for an official announcement on that.

I’m already playing @klaipedia server before the [SEA]Telsia and [EU] server was released, for me i know that a fact that I can transfer my character other servers which you guys stated long ago. So if my friend’s founder’s packs remain unclaimed even though he will start playing in the klaipedia server right now, he can also transfer as long the founder’s pack remain unclaimed. Am I correct?

We’re assuming that will be the case, yes, but like I said: we can only be 100% sure once official news comes out.

Since this is slightly different what [Staff_Julie has said] (Transfer from Fedimian to Telsiai) about this matter, I got kind of curious about it, even though it doesn’t concern me personally :smile:

So, which way is it, are you eligible for the team transfer to those regional servers if you were to create team now, or even later during this early access, or is it only for those who created their teams before, or somewhat soon after, the opening of those regional servers?

One would imply that you could still create a team on the other server to try it out playing with the people from NA region and be able to transfer later onto your own region, and the other would imply that there’s some kind of time limit, after which no team transfer is allowed to regional servers if you made your team after it.

I playing as a Templar at Orsha. I wonder if i create a guild then transfer to SEA server is my guild got transfer too or i need to create a new one. And what happen to my old guild and all its member :expressionless:

Hi i want to transfer my char from klaipeda to SEA server…