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New Server Pre-Registration Event

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘New Server Pre-Registration Event’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

so need new steam account if i already have a team?

yea i understand its cool for new players, but for older players wanting to make new char? . we need another steam accountto make a char.

i can already tell these new servers may become a " blessed shard collector" account for old players with new account

blessed shard * 10 than normal.
farm thousands and wait till MAY to be merged?
the coin/ candy event in original servers was better… the savi equip for all servers… was better…

does that mean new server will always have all benefits while original server have potato and fishing and seed, statue events only?


uuuh guys… would you wanna rethink what’ going to happen with this? ‘w’;;

especially the shard part

maybe instead of shards, make them expirable trans scrolls?


Why every time you create something it is abusable … why don’t think before you start something. These new servers are the door open to all possible abuse … It is obvious that there will be almost no one on it, the only people that there will be there are people who will abuse because you put brokens rewards, all to inflate the main player account. Shard x5000000 here we come?


The new growth sever is meant for fresh new account (who never played TOS before) because if you used your current account (which already has a team name on original server), there would be a conflict of team name when transfering data from growth server to original server. Not even mention you have to use a new team name for each server==> old players adopt more team names ==> new players cannot get the team name they want ==> the recent team name clearing action is useless

we have a history of people transferring valuables to a different account though Owo

it doesn’t matter wheather they can or can’t merge it to their original account as long as the items will be transfered to the server where they belong

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Don’t know why but they did it.

That temporary sever is ready for huge shards abuse.

Thank you.

This is a VERY bad idea. First of all, you can’t even address the issues with players using illegal cheating software such as multibox (which some people in Telsiai are even aware of two certain guilds who has players using said software). Now imagine said cheaters farming 3 bs x 10 from bonus x 3 runs x 5 characters. That’s 450 BS per day per character with very, very little effort.
If you want to promote the game to new players, then just give them the needed buffs and benefits without ones that can be exploitable.

Increase item obtain rate to help new players…


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if its for new players , but have a very short pre registration time,
jan28-feb11 2020, are they expecting hundreds of thousands of new registration??? in 10 days?? cmon whats the point…

maybe 100-200 new players max for new server and 300-400 old players with new account to farm blessed shard and trade back to main when merge…

no point of new server… or may be just forcing old players to start again…

NEW SERVER - blessed shard farmer slave

well played IMC

imho, this campaign is to help TH players since TH TOS is just shut down.

i guess that has a point too, but i think they should use trans scrolls instead of shards Owo;;;

Not sure how to react to this. This would’ve been fun if we didn’t have to make new steam accounts just to play. I’d go on the new server to derp a bit, then go to my original server and do the usual. Get rewarded by playing in the relaunch with team storage only shards/gems(special recipe), free char slots that’ll combine with my original server, obviously with the same team name as my original server as well.

Right now there’s really no reason for old players to play here, except to possibly transfer shards to their main accounts later or crash the market. :hey:


Frankly with the triviality of the game till level 400 and all the spoonfed items you get as a new player on the normal server, those growth servers are totally unnecessary. If those were test servers for patches like kTest (getting iToS patches one week in advance to playtest everything for a week to avoid the huge botches – like the 2020 Event Coin abuse – we get almost each time that piss off the whole community) I would totally encourage people to make a new Steam account… but these pfft.

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Nobody who created a ToS account 2 years ago to give the game a try is going to create a new Steam account just to give it a second try on these servers. Good idea, terrible execution.

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This is the worst news that i have ever saw here. Old players are nothing for imc, we are just a bunch of nothing to them. There id already an fixed event for new players, and this games has no difficult at all. Ee are expecting new contents, and they spend our money and time waiting, for making a bot server for new player. Jesus christ, this is so wrong!!
Why you guys do bot listen to your own community??? The new players will not stay for so long, cause this game has so many problems that you do not care, that only old players cannot quit from here.
Shame on you imc, you deserve nothing from us too.


I’m guessing all Pre-Reg rewards are “Account Bound” otherwise you’d just be able to create multiple accounts and get tons more rewards.

You can search top 10 MMO or any shitty overused title upon Youtube. And none of them has tree of savior in it, no one give a ■■■■ about this game because there are always better food on the table. Its about the game but everyone is getting tired of these cash grap korean games. Is there any good korean MMO games?


The only people on these new servers will be the unsavory type who were banned previously–returning players won’t (and won’t even know, probably) make a new Steam account. So all you’re going to do is foster a cancerous server for all your “new” people that will almost inevitably be merged back into the real servers, and create a massive, unprecedented problem when everything gets funneled back into the old server economy.

Or did your shareholders finally catch on that the bulk of the CCUs were afk people farming popo points and you needed new servers as a weak attempt to look good? This is absolutely the dumbest thing you have ever done–and I was here when you banned people for farming when drops were bugged.