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Gearing recommendation

This guide is not as comprehensive as many of the resources produced by the community in the past but aims to be an overview and index for any content they may choose to engage with. I will do my best to keep this up to date and correct or clarify anything that is wrong. Some information will be archived when it is no longer relevant (See Episode 11 set effects or Hunting Grounds) and marked with a spoiler tag.

I’d also like to thank the following people for their guides or assistance in the process of making this:

  • Crevox, tosneet, tosguru, tosbase, Narcissus, Palemoon, MooMooZen, Corsetti, Edoweiss, Queue3, Resource, and Mirie. I’ve linked dozens of people’s work here so I will not name them all as there work speaks for itself!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Reverie my fondest gaming memories. This guide was started as a project to help all of the new friends we recruited and will continue to act as such. For a long time this was sheltered on our guild recruitment thread but I felt I could reach more people by moving it to the main forums. Despite this move I want to shoutout my guild and welcome all new saviors who may find a home with us. Reverie recruitment thread

Team: Azusagi
Server: [NA] Kalipeda

(2nd post)

Token + Tips

  • Trading Restrictions

Class Selection/Synergy
Leveling Up

  • Challenge Mode
  • Dungeons
  • Quests


Gearing Guide

  • Gear Progression
  • Refinement
  • Transcendence
  • Socketing/Gems
  • Enchanting
  • Awakening
  • Ichoring
  • Weapon Appearance


(3rd post)

Casual Content

  • Hunting Grounds
  • Uphill Defense
  • Card Parties
  • Assister Cards
    • Assister Dungeon
    • Equipping Cards
      *Assister Challenge Mode
  • Collections


  • Unique Raids
  • Legend Raids

Endgame Systems

  • Legend Cards
  • Dysnai Ichoring


(4th post)

  • Set Effects

    • Episode 11
    • Episode 12
  • Seals

    • Seal Enhancement
  • Skill Gems

    • Snapshotting

Endgame Content

  • Dimensional Collapse Point
  • Weekly Boss Raid
  • Sole Hunt
  • Division Singularity
    • Goddess and Demon Armors
  • Vaivora Weapons
    • Vaivora Leveling


(5th post)

  • Arks
  • Enhancing Arks
  • Alchemist Master
  • Legend Accessories
    • Drakonas
    • Moringponia
    • Karaliene
    • Luciferie


Gearing Recommendation (Updated 1/19/21)

After you’ve completed Episode 12 you will have a load of silver and decision to make on where to invest it to best progress your character. This is not the certified best route but is the route I’ve seen new players in my own guild succeeding with and makes sense for a long term investment. This section assumes you are starting with 400 legend equipment.

Funding this endeavor will be your daily/weekly CM/DCP/WBR/Singu. Buy your resets daily from the mercenary badge shop and hope you luck out on an Arch Stone Fragment or something equally valuable.

Class that can dip into support (Hunter/Corsair/Thaumaturge/Cryomancer/Templar) may have an easier time finding parties and thus gearing as a result.

Galimive Dysnai Ichors

  • These armors can be purchased as a full set for 10,000 Mercenary Badges and offer fundamental stats that will benefit you greatly. These are a fine ichor until you grab more build specific ones.

Savinose Dysnai Armor

  • Great armor for party content which you will be doing daily/weekly for most of your money
    • +100% Damage in Challenge Mode, Field Maps, Dimensional Collapse, and Singularity
    • -50% Damage received in the previously mentioned content
    • +400 Looting Chance at all times
  • Does not require ichors for random stats so you can just focus on identifying/magnifying
    • While this means you can’t swap out random stat ichors, you shouldn’t really need to for the content you’d be using this armor for

440 Legend Weapons

  • Glacia Legenda
    • Allowing you to swap ichors out for desired content justifies the higher cost of these weapons over Savinose Dysnai
  • Savinose Dysnai
    • If your server offers a lower price with this route and you enjoy running Challenge Mode and Singularity than these weapons will be fine


  • Transcending to 5 or 7 and waiting for Burning Weekend 50% off even number transcendence can save you a heap of silver/BG as well.
  • Set Effects may best be saved for with the purchase of the Pamoka box from Popo Point Shop as you collect these passively and will allow you to focus your silver on other things

WinterLeaf New Savior Guide WinterLeaf

Token - The difference between TP Tokens and Event Tokens

Tokens are akin to a subscription. They offer a variety of bonuses for 30 days including increased exp rates and freedom from trade restrictions. Tokens further reduce market tax, increase the number of items you can list on the market, and a few other perks. One token will cover your entire team and all of its characters. Using multiple tokens will only stack the duration of the benefits.

I cannot stress enough how beneficial this item is. If you think/know Tree of Savior is for you, I highly encourage you to drop money on TP (cash shop currency) to buy a token or otherwise save your silver until you can afford to purchase one. It is priority one. For any questions about acquiring TP refer to the TP Shop page.

Trade Restrictions and You

Event Tokens (3Days / 7Days etc) do not remove 1:1 trading restrictions.

Tokens (Real ones purchased with TP or from the market) remove 1:1 trading restrictions

Pay attention to the top of the trade window when trading, loaning, or gifting items. Items traded between players with no true token or where only one party has a valid token will result in character bound items. These cannot be traded between your team or to other players ever again.


Each item has this sort of graphic with it. This tells us about the Tradeability of the item. If the rectangle is highlighted, that form of trade is available; If it is grayed out, it can no longer be traded in that fashion.

In the above example we are looking at a sword that has lost all forms of trade. If you need a more in depth guide on trading the Tree of Savior team put together a wonderful page on this topic.

| Shop         | Can sell item to NPC shops                             |
| Personal     | Can trade directly with another player                 |
| Market       | Can list the item for sale on the market               |
| Team Storage | Can store item in team storage for all your characters |


  • Player made SP potions have a separate cooldown from store bought potions
  • Parties can be linked in chat using ‘Insert Party Invite Tag’ from the party menu (F6).
  • Parties can likewise be joined by clicking the party tag displayed in chat
  • Items can be linked with ctrl+mouse1
  • Location can be linked the same way while chat and map are open
  • You can view a player’s gear/classes with ‘/memberinfo PlayerName’ in normal chat
  • Checking Weekly Boss Records (F10) can give you names/builds to research
  • ‘!! Followed by your message’ will display a message above your head.

Class Selection/Synergy

Stalking people is encouraged. View character information of everyone you see who intrigues you. You can also view their gear+classes with “/memberinfo PlayerName”. A surprising amount can be learned about classes doing this; what stats do they like, which skills do they use, which weapons work for those classes?

When picking classes it is important to select classes that can utilize the same weapons, play off each other, or have skills that amplify the effects of each other.The ToS Neet Skill Simulator allows you to play around with builds and skill point allocation. We can narrow down what classes to consider by understanding some basic differences in physical vs magical users.

Worth noting at the time of writing (5/26/20) current patch PVE/DPS meta favors 2h builds.


For my money the big decision when creating a physical attacker is knowing what weapon you want to use as it makes your options clear. The swordsman section will largely apply for Archer/Scout. Please continue reading if you have an interest in one of those base classes.

Swordsman tend to separate themselves based on their weapon selection (as do other physical attackers). Take a skill from any class (the dragoon class for our example) and see what we can take from it and use moving forward.

Take a look at the fancy icons on a few skills and break them down.
This particular skill can be used with the following:

  • 1H Spear/2H Spear
  • While Mounted
  • With a Shield/Dagger

If we take a class with skills looking like this, we can narrow down our next choices. We’ve selected to be a spear user. While their may be neutral classes we can take that don’t require a specific weapon, we know for sure that we can reliably select other classes in the same vein based on our weapon.

Looking through the other classes in the Swordman branch we can see:

| Spear Specific Classes | Hoplite  | Cataphract | Lancer   | Retiarius  |           |
| Neutral Classes        | Rodelero | Murmillo   | Peltasta | Highlander | Barbarian |

While a spear specific class might seem like the obvious choice to select next, it is not always the best option and certainly not the only option. In any event we’re down to 9 out of 15 classes to look at. If you have been leaning on 2-handed spears, now is the time to eliminate Peltasta, Murmillo, and Rodelero reducing you to 6 classes. If you want the mobility of a mounted class you can remove Retiarius, Highlander, and Barbarian leaving you with 3 classes.

Archer follows a very similar formula to swordsman. Sometimes you can pick a class and see an immediate path. If you know you want to be a Musketeer(or want to use a Musket), you can eliminate Quarrel Shooter, Cannoneer, Mergen, Fletcher, Arbalester, and Ranger bringing you down to 8 out of 14 classes to look at. Archer’s are specialists with a variety of weapon types that leave many of them taking support classes like Falconer and Pied Piper.

Scouts mostly use daggers/pistols. Much like the swordsman (spear user) example above, you can narrow down your choices by finding the classes that use the weapon you prefer.


Wizard is home to some of the greatest support in the game with classes like Alchemist, and Sage, as well as unique summoning classes and the expected lot of elemental types.

Magic users do not break down nicely by weapon choice, instead putting a higher emphasis on functionality/synergy. The right question for starting a wizard is understanding what play style you enjoy. For more detailed information on all things wizard please see the brilliant write up by icyruios.


Elemental Wizards

  • Fire - DPS
    • Pyromancer + (Pick 2 of) Taoist/Elementalist/Onmyoji
  • Ice - CC/PVP
    • Cryomancer + (Pick 2 of) Taoist/Elementalist/Onmyoji/Psychokino
  • Earth - DPS
    • Terramancer + (Pick 2 of) Elementalist/Onmyoji/Psychokino
  • Dark - DPS
    • Warlock/Shadowmancer/Bokor/Onmyoji

Summoner - DPS

  • Sorcerer/Necromancer/Featherfoot

These are hardly your only options but could give you a good starting place. Again I recommend icyruios’ guide or reaching out to an someone who mains a class you like.

Clerics in Tree of savior stand apart from their contemporaries in that they are not relegated to a support role. While Clerics certainly offer unbelievable utility in healing, resurrection, and barrier, they can also compete with the best DPS from other classes.


More so than Wizard before it, Cleric demands you to have a play style in mind before selecting classes. Locking yourself into full support is certainly an option but not necessary to find parties or retain relevancy. Clerics are unique in that they offer physical/magical DPS along side their more traditional support classes (and with class changing you can level your support cleric as a DPS and change it to a healer later).

Physical Clerics

  • Inquisitor/Zealot/Paladin/Monk/Druid

Magical Clerics

  • Chaplain/Plague Doctor/Kabbalist/Miko/Exorcist/Sadhu/Crusader/Druid

Support Clerics

  • Krivis/Dievdirbys/Priest/Oracle/Kabbalist/Miko/Pardoner/Oracle

This breakdown is super underwhelming but Cleric isn’t as simple as stacking Physical or Magical classes. Instead I will push the work off to Wurmheart who outlines the strengths/weaknesses of each in this thread and recommends builds accordingly.

Attributes and Arts

Attributes improve damage of skills or otherwise change the way they function. You can spend or extract attribute points in the skill menu (F3). When spending attribute points it might be wise to focus on a few of your highest DPS skills and balance them until their Enhance Attributes are level 70 or so rather than focusing all points in a single skill. I’d also highly encourage you to spend points on attributes that change how skills works before attributes that increase damage.

Dragon Soar: Ascension is a prime example of an attribute that changes skill function, doubling the number of hits of the Dragon Soar skill from 5 to 10 effectively doubling its damage!

attributes mystictome
Attribute points can be collected by:

  • Attending two guild raids
  • Completing quests (F5 Episode list)
  • Seasonal Events
  • Leticia Cubes

Arts are effectively more elaborate attributes and must be crafted. Collecting mystic tome pages allows players to visit their class master and exchange Mystic Tome Page x2 and Blessed Gems x5 for Mystic Tomes which can be further exchanged with your class master to select an art.
Enhancement Arts can be leveled to 30 while each classes unique art that changes fundamental parts of a skill’s use max at level 1. The skill changing arts can be toggled on/off similar to their attribute counterparts.


Leveling Up

Player Shops

Several player shops are available to facilitate a smoother leveling experience. None of these are necessary but the more readily available ones seem silly to go without.

Pardoner Shop
Offers a number of buffs to boost damage and defence

Offers a small attack bonus to your weapon/trinket for one hour

Allows you to repair equipment beyond its normal durability
Both maintenance and repair shops can have the ‘mastery’ arts offering a substantial dps/critical bonus, or physical/magical damage reduction that you should take whenever possible. This is applied automatically when repairing or maintenancing your weapon at these shops and which if any mastery art will displayed at the bottom of the window.

Base Camp + Table are set up by Squires and shared between party members but can also be left open for all of your guild members to enjoy! The AoE Attack Ratio buffing food is enough to justify it in your leveling but the increase HP/SP and Regen should not be overlooked.
basecamp refresh

Exp Tomes

While not a necessity, Exp Tomes can greatly influence leveling speed when grinding mobs. These items are available in the TP Shop but can also be obtain from different events.

Exp tomes last for 60 minutes of in-game time, only effect the character they are used on, and only grant additional exp from monsters. Thankfully this timer does not decrease in town maps. With this knowledge we can abuse Challenge Mode and Dungeons (see below) to maximize the potential exp of a single tome.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode can be accessed by killing a purple mob on a map level 100 or higher once a day. Doing so will open a Challenge Mode portal for 10 minutes.

Challenge mode offers wave after wave of increasing mob density/difficulty with a boss at the end. Clearing these in parties with XP tomes active will yield remarkably quicker leveling than standard grinding and a primary method of acquiring silver later in the game.

All experience and items obtained will be issued upon completing or ending the CM. Failure to complete a CM stage in the allotted time or dying will not consume your daily CM entry.


Players are also encouraged to complete 3 dungeon runs daily. Daily dungeons can be accessed from the Sentinel Rian NPC in the North Easter corner of Klaipedia. Dungeon queue times for anything below the 400 dungeon can be lengthy and might be best done with your guild or shouted for.

With the use of Dungeon Multiplier Tokens and Instance One Entry Vouchers it is possible to receive upwards of 30 dungeons worth of Exp in one hour (a single Exp Tome).

Revelation Quests

Revelation Quests are the main story lines for each area of Tree of Savior and offer the best leveling option and a great source of silver (5x for first completion per team. This applies to all quests). Following these will take you through a number of maps and award substantially more experience and silver than ever before. With the introduction of Episode 12 there are also a crazy amount of attribute rewards to be claimed (F5 - note: this is once per team). You will need all revelations complete to unlock your legend card slot anyway so it is recommended to complete all of these while leveling. While these quests end just shy of 390 there are quest lines for Episode 11 and 12 that are not ‘revelations’ but are worth your time!

[lvl 21][Crystal Mines 3F] ~ Mysterious Slate(1) ~ Questline starts at Klaipeda
[lvl 48][Tenet Church 2F] ~ The Hidden Sanctum’s Revelation(1) ~ Requires Crystal Mines revelation to start
[lvl 64][Kvailas Forest] ~ To Goddess Saule ~ Requires Crystal Mines and Tenet Church revelations to start
[lvl 94][Royal Mausoleum 5F] ~ The King of the Great Humans ~ Questline starts at Rukas Plateau
[lvl 100][Seir Rainforest] ~ The Goddess’ Hidden Message ~ Questline starts at Bellai Rainforest
[lvl 126][Mage Tower 5F] ~ Goddess Gabija ~ Questline starts at Fedimian
[lvl 145][Grand Corridor] ~ The Bishop’s Last Mission(2) ~ Questline Starts at Main Building
[lvl 272][Investigation Room] ~ The Revelation of Kalejimas ~ Questline starts at Kalejimas
[lvl 347][Valandis Room 91] ~ The Clown from the Closing Show ~ Questline starts at Nobreer Forest
[lvl 386][Astral Tower 21F] ~ The Final Battle(7) ~ Questline starts at Barynwell 84 Waters

PaleMoon’s guide is a fantastic resource you can rely on for best results.

Gearing Guide

Tree of Savior is nothing if not a gear based game.

Gear Progression
In order to contribute in parties and level at a practical rate, it its imperative that you keep your gear up to date! But… what should you look for in equipment?

During the leveling process you can start your early game with Kedoran Alliance Support Items. These are claimed from the Wings of Vaivora NPC in each town. At level 400 it is time to start familiarizing yourself with the nuances of gear in Tree of Savior.

| Magic | Berthas | Primus   | Legendary |
|       | (Rare)  | (Unique) |           |

Here we can see a comparison between different grades of equipment. The first three chest pieces are the Basticle Plate Armor (level 350). A set of armor that drops as unidentified gear and is given random stats upon identification. The last piece is a Velcoffer Plate (level 360); a crafted reward from the Legendary Velcoffer Raid. While these armor pieces are only separated by 10 levels we can see a substantial increase in defense as the rarity increases. This applies to the attack of weapons in the same way. While leveling, weapons are your priority. Keeping a weapon of the highest grade and level will secure you better damage.

Crafted/Identified + Lines

“Lines” are another factor to consider when choosing a weapon. Lines are what we call the stats on any piece of gear. Crafted items have predetermined lines while identified gear is randomly assigned lines.

So here we can see a Fixed Stat Staff (left) and an unidentified/Random Stat Staff (right). We can determined which is which by the presentation of the lines on each. Crafted items have their lines listed with hyphens while identified gear has colored lines.

  • Colored Lines
    • Green lines are base stats (str/con/int/spr/dex)
    • Purple line are support stats (accuracy/block/evasion/critical rate)
    • Red lines (weapon only) are attack stats (type and size damage)
    • Blue lines (armor only) are defensive stats (crit resist, type and size offset)

Identified Lines

  • 1-Handed weapons, shields, and armor generate 1-4 random lines
  • 2-Handed weapons generate 1-6 random lines
  • Trinkets generate 1-2 lines
  • The max roll(value of each line) is limited by what level of gear and type of equipment it is on and the grade of equipment (More on this in post 3 where I cover Dysnai Ichoring).

So what are better lines? For the sake of this guide we’ll focus on desirable lines found on unidentified gear and crafted items while avoiding special effects and set effects.

  • Green Lines (Con + Str/Int/Dex/Spr)
  • Purple Lines (Critical Rate, Accuracy, Block, Evasion)
  • Red Lines (Race, Armor-type, Medium Size have niche Weekly Boss and PVP use)
  • Blue Lines (Critical Resistance, Medium Offset, Armor Offset)

Con is a great stat for every class. A secondary or even tertiary green line are dependent on class. Red and Blue lines tend to fill niches for meta DPS competing in WBR or classes trying to survive in end-game content respectively. More use cases exist for these in PVP.



Unidentified items can be identified either at the Blacksmith NPC of each town or player owned Appraiser shops. Higher level appraisers are more likely to produce a higher number of lines with higher values.


Its important to know that most identified gear is garbage. Prior to 430 gear it is only worth identifying primus items or items that are potential upgrades for you. 430 gear (Dysnai) will be covered in the 3rd post of this guide.

Dismantling and Re-identification

All of the magic items and leftover junk can be dismantled (at Blacksmith NPC) or used to level gems, giving Exp equivalent to the level of the item. Dismantling will result in nucle powder (sierra for primus items) which can be used to re-identify items at the Blacksmith. Re-identification will retain the color of the lines but change the stat and value of the line.

  • 37 Con -> 25 Str
  • 12 Accuracy -> 22 SP Recovery

Dismantling berthas, primus, and legendary items has a chance of giving an Enchant Jewel (100% chance when dismantling Dysnai equipment). Legendary equipment can only be dismantled at the Alchemist NPC in Klaipeda.


Refining gear can be done by using anvils on your equipment to increase its attack/defense value at the cost of silver. This is a luck based system but will have some impact on how strong your equipment can be (please complete reading this and the socketing sections of this guide before enhancing anything).

  • Each successful refine increases the equipment enhancement level by 1.
  • Refinement is safe to +5 and capped at +40
  • Each refinement level has a decreasing success rate until +9 (+8 for armor as armor starts with 10% lower success rate) where the chance caps at 51.2%
  • Failures result in a decrease of 1 enhancement level and 1 potential
  • Items with 0 potential cannot be traded or listed on market
  • Failing a refine on equipment with 0 potential will destroy the equipment*
  • Attack/Defence bonuses are given for enhancement levels of 6, 11, 16, and 21
  • Weapons/Shields at +15 begin to shine and gain a gradually increasing red hue with each enhance

*Using golden and ruby anvils prevents destruction on failure while at 0 potential

Given the random nature of enhancement it is often the gatekeeper to a weapon’s life. For high level players heading into end game, weapons below +16 or sometimes even +21 are seen as unfit for PvP and higher competition areas. With the advent of Ruby Anvils +16 is a reasonably obtainable goal for all players. Do not get discouraged as most equipment will not hit +16 without use of golden and ruby anvils.


  • Anvil - loses level and potential on failure
  • Silver Anvil - loses level and potential on failure but is free to use
  • Gold Anvil - can only be used on 0 potential equipment. Failure results in a loss of enhancement level but does not destroy the equipment. Failures above +11 drop the equipment to 10 (12 fail -> 10). Equipment enhanced with golden anvils can fall below 10.
  • Ruby Anvil - Functions the same as a golden anvil except failures above 10 only result in a loss of 1 enhancement level to 15 (20 fail -> 15). Equipment enhanced with rubies can fall below 15.
  • Diamond Anvil - does not lose enhancement level on failure but does decrease potential by 1. These are rare event and TP package only now (formerly available in Leticia Cubes). Failing an enhancement with 0 potential using a diamond anvil will destroy the equipment.

silvergold ruby download
Meta Refinement

  • Anvil to 16 and if you have potential and diamonds handy consider reaching for +21

If you fail to +16 with normal anvils your best strategy is:

  • 12- Golden Anvils (Switch to ruby at +13)
  • 13+ Ruby Anvils (16 or 21 are your goal)


Using Blessed Gems, players can transcend their equipment up to ten times, adding 10% of its base attack/defense to the equipment with each transcendence (not factoring enhancement). This can be done at Blacksmith NPCs in each town.


This example showcases a +11 Velcoffer Pistol with Stage 5 Transcendence. This weapon has gained approximately 2300 Attack from the transcendence and 1115 Attack from the refinement.


Socketing gear is the process of adding sockets to equipment at the Blacksmith NPC. Opening a socket reduces equipment’s potential by 1 while offering a space for a gem. Golden Sockets from Leticia Cubes, Events, and Unique Raids, can be used at 0 potential to open sockets in equipment. Keep this in mind when you enhance gear as it might make sense to add sockets and switch to golden/ruby anvils!

Gems come in a variety of color and offer different stats or skills. While colored gems can be leveled by sitting down to access the gem enhancement menu, skill gems are locked at level one and increase a set skill by a single level.


In this example you can see we’ve opened 2/2 sockets and placed two gems inside, each giving a skill level increase. You may only increase a skill level by 1 with a gem so adding a second Guardian Skill Lvl + 1 gem (in this example) would be a waste.

Color Gems come with a positive and negative stat. The Negative stat can be removed with Player Gem Roasting shops in town.

|                   |      Color Gem      |      Skill Gem      |
|   Can be leveled  |         Yes         |          No         |
|   Upon removing   |      Level - 1      |      Destroyed      |
| Requires Roasting |         Yes         |          No         |
|   Multiple Stack  |         Yes         |          No         |
|      On Death     |       Dropped       |       Dropped       |


Enchanting gear requires enchant jewels obtained from dismantling gear. These jewels may only be used on equipment with a level equal to or below theirs. Jewels are consumable and offer a random Enchant line with a random value. Higher grade jewels have a higher chance of granting a higher value enchant. Below is a list of enchants and their maximum values.

EnchantJ JPG

Fret not if you receive a poor roll. You can enchant again and again, replacing the previous enchant. Alternatively you can add enchants to basic gear of the same level you intend to wear and transfer the enchant through the Alchemist Master NPC in town. Enchants can only be transferred between gear of equal market trade restriction (you can’t transfer from 0 potential items to items with potential for example).

  • Do not stack. Multiple of the same line will only grant you the enchant with the highest value
  • Can’t be transferred from higher level gear to lower level gear
  • Transferring enchants from lower to higher level gear can be done for a ludicrous price

Awakening, much like enchants, offer an additional line on your equipment. Requiring a Premium Awakening Stone + Abrasive and use of a player’s Awakening shop, awakenings offer the smallest return on investment for maximizing your gear. The values offered are generally low but worthwhile if you have some stones from Fishing or Events.

  • Transferring awakenings has the same restrictions as enchants.
  • Max values vary by equipment type (1h/2h/trinket)
  • Weapon/Armor roll different awakenings (attack only appears on weapons for example)



Ichoring is the end game system for applying stats to legend gear by extracting the stats from other equipment. This is the gatekeeper to the end game and becomes vitally important by the time you reach level 400. Here I’ve linked details on the ichor system. I will share my own thoughts on ichoring as it applies to the current patch in the 3rd post of this guide.

Weapon Appearance
It is possible to change an item’s physical appearance using the Blacksmith NPCs in town. You insert the weapon you want to use and then add a weapon you’d like to use as the appearance. This process costs 1 potential and a lot of silver. The lost potential and silver cost can be mitigated by using a Weapon Appearance Material from the TP shop (can also be purchased from another player on the market) or using a Weapon Appearance Skin (equipment from Goddess Blessed Cube from the TP shop).


SpringLeaf Adept Savior Guide SpringLeaf

Casual Content

Hunting Grounds (HG) were designed to be farmed for hours but have seen a substantial drop in popularity with the removal of sliver drops from field mobs. Unlike raids, HG have no entry requirement/limit. The unidentified gear drop are more common than field maps. In addition to the more common gear drops is a unique loot table I linked below. Hunting grounds also do not suffer from an over leveled exp penalty. As long as you are within a range of 30 levels lower than the Hunting Ground you will never get reduced exp which means you can grind in the 370 or 400 Hunting Ground until you hit level 450!

Looting Chance is a purple line on armor and weapons that increases the drop rate of unidentified gear and planium. This does not influence any other drop rates in Tree of Savior.

Certain skills like Thaumaturge’s Swell Brain and Doppelsoeldner’s Double Pay Earn can also increase looting chance substantially and help to make these classes viable options for farming.


  • Card Albums
  • Sapphire/Topaz/Ruby/Opal
  • Mithril Ore
  • Blessed Shard
  • Golden Anvils (Untradeable)
  • Ancient Golden Coin
  • Unidentified Gear
  • Planium (Outer Wall Sewers only)

card mith gold

Hunting Grounds List

  • (Lv 100) Tavorh Cave , entrance at Seir Rainforest
  • (Lv 150) Narcon Prison , entrance at Gytis Settlement Area
  • (Lv 170) Natarh Watchtower , entrance at Dina Bee Farm
  • (Lv 190) Tatenye Prison , entrance at Ruklys Street
  • (Lv 210) Neighport Church East Building , entrance at Stogas Plateau
  • (Lv 230) Sjarejo Chamber , entrance at Woods of the Linked Bridges
  • (Lv 240) Netanmalek Mausoleum , entrance at Sjarejo Chamber
  • (Lv 280) Rancid Labyrinth , entrance at Grynas Hills
  • (Lv 300) Balaam Camp Site , entrance at Rancid Labyrinth
  • (Lv 320) Michmas Temple , entrance at Balaam Camp Site
  • (Lv 340) Nazarene Tower , entrance at Natarh Watchtower
  • (Lv 370) Baubas Cave , entrance at Mochia Forest
  • (Lv 390) Irredian Shelter , entrance at Spell Tome Town
  • (Lv 400) Outer Wall Sewers, entrance at Outer Wall District 14

Baubas Cave

Previously known for its exceptional mob density and higher than advertised silver drops, Baubas Cave remains a great leveling spot before you can efficiently grind Sewers or EP12 CMs. Farming here can be optimized by placing a Squire’s Camp down in the center portion of the map and using it as a quick teleport after clearing a branch of the map.

Irredian Shelter

Irredian Shelter is not a conventional Hunting Ground. It has the same drop table as the other maps with a gimmick that opens up two portals near the main section of the map when 200 monsters have been slain. Each portal leads to a different boss that can be killed 5 times per team per week (kill Amiss Dog as he is substantially easier). The cube it drops houses one of the following rewards.

  • Blessed Shard x5
  • Abyss Irredian Bracelet/Necklace Recipes
  • Cevisa Irredian Bracelet/Necklace Recipes
  • Irredian Seal (Swordsman/Wizard/Archer/Cleric/Scout)
  • Magic Stone
    magic seal

Irredian Shelter is generally considered a nice weekly task but a mediocre hunting ground as it has lower mob density than Baubas Cave but a boss that offers decent loot until you can kill Misrus or Tel Harsha.

Outer Wall Sewers

In my experience Sewers offers a mixed bag. Advanced Golden Anvils replace standard golden anvils and Planium drops only in this HG but the mobs are awkwardly spread out and considerably tougher than the previous two hunting grounds. I only recommend farming here from 400+ while on your way to 450.

Uphill Defense

Accessible from Saalus Covenant is the Uphill Defense mission- a party oriented tower defence instance that you can complete 4 times per week. Over 15 waves your task is to kill monsters and bosses and stop them from reaching the divine torch in the middle. Stronger parties should opt for a higher difficulty when entering the instance for increased rewards and have one party member collecting fire crystals for buffs.

Uphill Defense gives access to mercenary badges which can be exchanged for a plethora of rewards covered in the Mercenary Bade Shop section in the 3rd post of this guide.

Card Parties

Guild organized card parties are a great way to collect a massive amount of different cards and fodder cards for enhancing your desirables. Large guilds will generally hold a minimum of one card party a week where a maximum of 25 guildies will form 5 parties with a single DPS in each and have only the DPS attack, gauranteeing a card drop for every player present. This is a great opportunity to burn the card albums you collect from hunting grounds.

Assister Cards

Pokemon in Tree of Savior, assister dungeons allow players to collect a limited set of cards to be equipped for different bonuses or used as a summonable companion for solo raids and solo challenge mode. This content is introduced in the Alongside Assisters(1) Quest. Following this brief quest chain should only take a few minutes, rewarding the player with their first Assister Card Album and access to the Assister dungeon.

Assister Dungeon
The dungeon can be accessed from the dungeon menu (F10). Each week the player can run this 40 dungeon instance for a multitude of rewards, primarily more card albums. Additional runs of any 5 floor set can be done daily for a single select album. Completing the dungeon will allow you to allocate cards up to a cost of 27.

Equipping Cards
Cards, like equipment with higher rarity, offer higher stats and better bonuses for your character. Each card will have offer a stat increase such as HP Recovery or Type Damage which increases with each evolution and level. With the higher evolution and rarity you will accrue additional equip costs.


|        | * | ** | *** |
| Normal | 1 |  2 |  3  |
|  Magic | 2 |  4 |  6  |
| Unique | 3 |  6 |  9  |
| Legend | 4 |  8 |  12 |

Only the card equipped in your first slot will offer a direct stat to your character. Depending on rarity discrepancies you may be better off equipped a lower rarity higher evolution card over a high rarity low evolution card so pay attention to the values!

The other 3 slots available to you offer combination stats that are likewise improved with evolution and level. Any 2 cards with the same element, race, or rarity offer a passive bonus. Listed below are rarity bonuses. Complete list of cards/effects/bonuses

  • Magic - Increase damage in Uphill Defense and Level Dungeons
  • Unique - Increase damage in Challenge Mode and Dimensional Collapse
  • Legend - Increase damage in Raids

Assister Challenge Mode
A solo challenge mode can be entered if you are in a party by yourself. When entering a portal you will receive a prompt allowing you to enter a CM with your 4 equipped assisters. Rewards from this content are 70% of what you could expect from a normal CM in addition to a selector card album.


Collections are a min-max piece of content that demands a near absurd level of grinding to obtain items. The items collected on each map are then turned in alongside a treasure box for a small stat increase (Physical Attack +6, Stamina + 1, Magic Defence + 9).

This content can be fun or torturous depending on the player’s disposition towards farming. Many players opt to purchase their collection items which leaves you with a great place to sell fairly useless items at an exorbitant price.

Using the in-game collection list (f11) you should try to find collections that give bonuses that are; useful for all classes, damage, stamina, or useful for pvp (accuracy, evasion, block, crit resistance). Once you narrow down these collections it is time to find an expensive item within it. ToS Neet becomes your best friend for this as it will tell you which monsters drop the item, how many spawn on that map, where they spawn on that map, and how far of a wander radius they have. You are looking for anything at a 1% drop rate or lower that might be tedious to farm. For our example we’ll look at Svalphinghas Forest and Nheto Forest.

Svalphinghas Forest’s collection offers +18 Magical Attack. The collection is comprised of plenty of items with low drop rates. Items like this will sell for several hundred thousand silver.

Nheto Forest’s Collection offers +12 Physical Attack. This collection also has several rare items in it, but what makes this one appealing is that Rhodetad drops one of the items for the collection and also drops a Healing Factor Skill lvl + 1 Gem. Finding a mob that has a valuable gem and valuable collection loot is a solid place to earn decent money with the chance for greatness on the side.
collect2 rhode
There are plenty more collections with valuable items to farm so don’t stop at my examples! I’m sure these items will fluctuate in price greatly and are maybe outshone even now.


Unique Raids

The Raid interface(F10) provides warp to these instance dungeons where you will be tasked with some gimmicks similar to quests and/or clearing out a boss. Raid Portal stones are consumed upon completion of a raid and the stone cost per raid increases by one for each raid completed (this is per character and resets daily(Event weekends occasionally offer fixed entry costs or double rewards)).

Unique Raids can be run in a 5-man party mode or solo which will present itself when attempting to enter the raid. It is recommended to run some raids solo and re-roll your loot in hopes of a ‘jackpot’ of many fragments which will allow you to select which piece of equipment or recipe you desire.

Solo raids charge 9500 silver per reroll and have loot tables that include Practonium and Legend Cards. These versions of raids are also scaled down heavily to adjust for the reduced number of participants.

Rather than break down each raid I have given brief details of each, their loot, and provided a link to guides by people who have given them the attention they deserve.

Level 330
(Masinios) The First Refugee
Loot: Sierra Powder, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Laitas Cloth Armor, Ausura Plate Armor, Fietas Leather Armor, Masinios Weapons, Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer Card

Level 330
(FFL) Former Fantasy Library
Loot: Sierra Powder, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Nematoma Accessories, Nepagrista Accessories, Rangovas Accessories, Froster Lord Card, Demon Lord Froster Lord Card

Level 380
(Asio) Asiomage Testing Grounds
Loot: Spirit Fragment: Asiomage, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Asio Weapons, Asiomage Card

Level 380
(Wastrel) Magic Research Facility
Loot: Spirit Fragment: Wastrel, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Wastrel Weapons, Wastrel Card

Level 380
(Ignas) Astral Tower Closed Quarters
Loot: Spirit Fragment: Ignas, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Ignas Cloth Armor, Ignas Plate Armor, Ignas Leather Armor, Ignas Card

Level 400
(Skiaclipse) Tomb of the White Crow
Loot:Spirit Fragment: Skiaclipse, Practonium, Golden Socket Recipe, Skiaclipse Armor Sets, Skiaclipse Weapons, Skiaclipse Card

Level 420
(Moringponia) Lepidoptera Junction: Unique
Loot:Tantalizer Feelers, Moringponia Hat, Pyktis Accessories Recipes, Kantribe Accessories Recipes, Juoda Accesories Recipes, Spirit Fragment: Moringponia, Tantalizer/Moringponia Costumes and Helmet (Pyrmas/Antras variants)

Level 440
(White Witch) White Witch’s Forest: Unique
Loot:Spirit Fragment: Glacia, Glacia Armor Sets, Glacia Weapons, Glacia Card

masi nepaasio icon_item_rod_nicopolis2 ignasicon_item_sword_skiaclipse item_icon_acc_tantaliserglaciaa

Legendary Raids

Providing a chance for a mystic tome page and a 1,000 attribute point voucher with every completion makes completing all of your weekly legend raids a tantalizing choice. Being a substantial increase in difficulty from their unique counterparts brings a slew of best in slot gear for your endgame needs. As with the unique raids I will be linking to more complete guides for each piece of content (where possible). I will also include a few details on each, a recommendation on whether or not to engage in the content, and what you stand to gain from completing the content.
Legend raids can be run three times each per week with the exception of Earth Tower and Velcoffer which can only be completed once.

Level 260/310
Earth Tower (Lolopanther + Solmiki)
Loot: Essence corresponding to different 270/330 gear respectively
Recommend: Only run for mystic tome pages and weapon skins.
Reroll: No
Details: Guides are clunky and outdated but the content is easy to clear even solo for people in Savinose gear. Earth Tower is broken into Lolopanther(260) and Solmiki(310) each with 4 areas made up of 5 floors. All areas follow a similar format but rewards different essence which can be exchanged for gear.
Each area’s essence exchanges as follows

  • Area 1 - Glove/Shoe
  • Area 2 - Bottom/Bracelet
  • Area 3 - Top/Necklace
  • Area 4 - Weapon/Shield (no trinket)

Each set of 5 Floors plays through as follows

  • 1st - Kill X mobs
  • 2nd - Gimmick (varies)
  • 3rd - Kill gimmick (varies)
  • 4th - Kill X mobs
  • 5th - Boss (Kill it)

lolopantherstafflolopanthershield solmikimuusket solmikispear

Level 360
Velcoffer’s Nest
Loot: Velcoffer Spirit Fragments which can be exchanged for equipment
Recommend: Only run for mystic tome pages and ichor exchange ‘suitcases’ (every guild should have a minimum of a velcoffer armor set in shared storage for personal trading ichors). Velcoffer can’t be used as a weapon appearance.
Reroll: No
Details: Content is quick enough to clear but a party is recommended. Savinose gear is more than enough to clear the content. Some of the gimmicks make reading a guide worth your time.
velcoffertopvelcofferbottom velcofferglovevelcofferboots

Level 420
Varna Skiaclipse (Tomb of the White Crow: Legend)
Loot: Chance for Varna equipment, Unbound Skiaclipse Card, Varnaclipse Costume, Varnaclipse Helmet Costume, Skiaclipse Feathers which can be exchanged for equipment
Recommend: Definitely run this raid each week and consider running the solo (casual) variant of the raid for an additional 3 feathers per week.
Reroll: No - Varna is outdated and inexpensive on the market
Details: Reading a guide or learning from someone experienced could save you some headaches. Savinose gear can clear this raid but having some folks in varna will hasten things.
varnacostume varnafeather varnamace varnaxbow

Level 420/440 (Normal/Hard)
Lepidoptera Junction (Lepidoptera Junction: Legend)

  • Normal: Moth Powder, Moringponia Accessories, Demon Lord Tantalizer Card, Moringponia/Tantalizer Wings (Pyrmas/Antras variants), Arch Stone Fragment
  • Hard: Moth Talc Powder, Violetin Crystal, Karaliene Accessories, Arch Stone

Recommend: Definitely run this raid each week for Moth Talc Powder and Arch Stone
Reroll: Maybe - Hard Lepi offers crafted Karaliene accessories and Arch Stones
Details: Read the guide then read it again. Approach Lepi with expectations of failing and getting back up.
lepipowderlepiwings lepinecklepibrace

Level 440/450/450 (Easy/Normal/Hard)
White Witch (White Witch’s Forest: Legend)
Loot: Harder difficulties can still award lower difficulty rewards

  • East: Heart of Glacia
  • Normal: Glacia Armors, Glacia Weapons, Sorrowful Glacia Card, Arch Stone Fragment, Arch Stone
  • Hard: +11 Glacia Weapons

Recommend: Definitely run this raid each week for everything it offers
Reroll: Maybe - The reroll cost is steep but the Normal/Hard raid offer incredible loot

Legend Cards

Upon completion of the nine revelations the player will complete the ‘Unlock Legend Card Slot’ quest (this is automatically given upon reaching level 100). This process can be skipped by purchasing a Legend Card Slot Unlock Voucher which comes from Leticia Cubes and TP packages. Legend cards can be equipped for substantial bonuses.

Obtaining Legend Cards
Some of these cards will have alternative acquisition methods (TP Packages or Leticia Cubes) but will not be listed here. I have focused on the primary method and/or listed a method to avoid duplicate answers where more than one may apply (i.e. Goddess’ Grace Legend Card Envelope).
Cards denoted by * are Demon race and equippable in the Sorcerer’s grimoire.

legendcube legendcard

Demon Lord Cubes

Obtainable when opening the Demon Lord’s respective cube

|        Card       |                     Effect                     |
|     Demon Lord    |         Minimum Critical Chance [★*2]%         |
|    Marnox Card*   |                                                |
|     Demon Lord    |         Minimum Critical Chance [★*3]%         |
|     Blut Card*    |                                                |
|     Demon Lord    |            Physical Defense [★*10]%            |
|    Zaura Card*    |                                                |
|     Demon Lord    |              Magic Defense [★*10]%             |
|    Nuaele Card*   |                                                |
|     Demon Lord    |     Recover [★*20] SP per monster defeated     |
| Helgasercle Card* |                                                |
|     Demon Lord    |               Movement Speed +[★]              |
|   Rexipher Card*  |                                                |
|     Demon Lord    | Attack property penalties reduced by [★ * 10]% |
|    Mirtis Card*   |                                                |

Unique Raids

Obtainable when opening the raids respective cube

|                 Card                 |                    Effect                    |
|     Demon Lord Froster Lord Card*    |      Reduces the difference between the      |
|                                      | min. and max. attack of summons by [★ * 10]% |
| Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer Card |                Exp Gain +[★]%                |
|             Asiomage Card            |             Critical Rate +[★*15]            |
|              Wastel Card             |              Maximum HP +[★*500]             |
|              Ignas Card*             |     [★*5]% chance per critical attack of     |
|                                      |     entering stealth state for 6 seconds     |

Legend Raids

Obtainable when opening the raids respective cube

|           Card          |                       Effect                      |
|      Velcoffer Card     | Reduces damage received from monsters by [★ * 3]% |
| Unbound Skiaclipse Card |         ATK against Insect-type 750 * [★]         |
|        Demon Lord       |    Fire, Ice, Poison, Lightning, Psychokinesis,   |
|     Tantalizer Card     |     Earth, Holy: + [★ * 50] additional damage     |
|     Sorrowful Glacia    |         ATK against Mutant-type 750 * [★]         |

Special Acquisition

Obtainable from a variety of unique content from quests to guild raids

|       Card       |                       Acquisition and Effect                       |
|     Byle Card    |                 (Awarded for completing Episode 10)                |
|                  |          When team level is under 50, EXP Gain + [★ * 10]%         |
|      Heretic     |                (Defeat Pantorex (Lv 17 Guild Raid))                |
|   Pantorex Card  |       Increases damage against Beast-type monsters by [★*7]%       |
|      Enraged     |                   (Outer Wall Sewers Legend Cube)                  |
|    Misrus Card   | Additional 1,000 * [★] damage against enemies with a Shield effect |
|    Demon Lord    |                      (Legend Card Envelope II)                     |
| Moringponia Card |            Attack against Medium-sized Targets 300 * [★]           |
|    Boruta Card   |                 (Boruta Cube | Shining Boruta Cube)                |
|                  |          Increases damage against Boss monsters by [★*5]%          |
|  Tel Harsha Card |                  (Tel Harsha Sole Hunt Raid Cube)                  |
|                  |                 Attack against Plant-type 750 * [★]                |

Leveling Legend Cards

Crevox has a detailed write up on the ins and outs of the legend enhance system that you should read for a more in-depth explanation but I will cover some basics.

Belorbs, purchased from the Magic Association NPC in each town for 1,000,000 silver are required for each stage of card progression. The number of belorbs used for an enhance attempt is equal to the Card★ + 1. Additionally players will need to use other basic cards, legend cards, or legend enhancement cards. This process scales absurdly and becomes very expensive after 3★.

Initial enhancements will be quite cheap. Beyond what is listed here it will be best to reference Crevox’s guide as prices will vary and different combinations of enhancement materials will result in different success chances. Guaranteeing success is always possible but means that a 4★ legend attempt will require special materials.

  • 2★
    = 2x Belorbs
    = 4x 5★ Cards
  • 3★
    = 3x Belorbs
    = 4x 10★ Cards

Dysnai Ichoring

Dysnai, the unidentified 430 gear dropped from Episode 12 maps has unique properties that separate it from all of its predecessors:

  • Rarity does not effect max rolls
  • Primus items only roll 80-100% of the maximum possible roll
  • Line values roll substantially higher than previous sets

Complete list of Dysnai max rolls

The order of operations for creating perfect Dysnai Ichors goes as follows:

  • Mysterious/Artisan Magnifier for maximum number of lines
  • Use Sandra’s Magnifiers until you achieve desired colored lines
  • Identify at the blacksmith until you achieve the desires lines
  • Use Sandra’s Detailed Magnifiers to achieve desired value on each line

Alternative methods aren’t without merit. Fishing for 3/4 or 5/6 valuable lines with blacksmith re–identification and using Sandra’s Magnifiers to roll the final line into something desirable is worth considering. This method applies to Savi Dysnai as well though the max line values are a little bit higher.

Mysterious Magnifier

  • Rolls random assortment and number of lines

Artisan Magnifier

  • Same as previous but allows you to select which set of lines to keep new/old

Sandra’s Magnifier

  • Select desired line(s) and randomly select from all possible lines

Sandra’s Detailed Magnifier

  • Select desired line and roll a new value while retaining the stat

mysterious magnifierartisan magnifier sandras magnifier sandras detailed
Sandra’s Perfect Magnifier

  • Apply to Dysnai items/ichors with 4 or fewer lines and rolls maximum values

Sandra’s Ultimate Magnifier

  • Apply to Dysnai items/ichors with 6 or fewer lines and rolls maximum values

item_icon_premium_sandra_glass_max_4line item_icon_premium_sandra_glass_max_6line


SummerLeaf Seasoned Savior Guide SummerLeaf

Set Effects

With your Dysnai Savinose or Glacia Legenda equipment crafted you can look to apply a set effect with scaling benefits based on the number of pieces. Set effects vary in usefulness and can pigeonhole you or otherwise limit your success in certain content. This step in gearing separates the PVE from the PVP and in some instances places you in a niche role within that content but that has been softened but the inherent effects associated with the the latest legend armors.

Starting your set effect will begin with visiting the Alchemist Master Abelu in Klaipeda. Hear you can purchase empty Pamoka Solution which can be activated and will collect experience from monsters and challenge modes. Pamoka Solutions can be used to apply set effects.

Velcoffer and Savinose are not able to have the full range of set effects applied but are not viable for endgame and so I will not delve further into that. Moringponia Crowns and Misrus Chains can be used to apply effects to Varna equipment which lost its relevancy but was part of an earlier version of this guide and so I will hide it in the Episode 11 tag below.

Episode 11 Set Effects (Lv400)



  • 3 Set Effects
    = CON 42
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Movement Speed 3
    = Stamina 30
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Grace of Rykuma (Active/Lensterseum)
    = Grants immunity to debuffs that require advanced removal for 25 seconds
    = All damage received -20%
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Increases grace of Rykuma duration by 25 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = STR 32
    = INT 32
  • 4 Set Effect
    = AoE Attack Ratio 3
    = Stamina 30
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Korup’s Decay (Active/Riperium)
    = Reduce maximum HP by 30%
    = Increase the damage dealt to the enemy by 30% for each debuff the target is under (15 second duration, maximum of 240% increase)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Increases Physical, Poison damage by 10%
    = Increases Critical Rate for for Magic and Curse attacks by 20%
    = Increases duration by 10 seconds
    = Decrease in maximum HP loosened to 10%


  • 3 Set Effects
    = Movement Speed 2
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Physical DEF 650
    = Magical DEF 650
    = Stamina 30
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Apsauga’s Reinforcement (Active)
    = Increase the DEF of allies within 500 range by 50% of the player’s defense (Duration 30 seconds)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Increases duration by 30 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = Healing 350
  • 4 Set Effect
    = SPR 40
    = CON 40
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Bendrinti’s’s Benevolence (Active)
    = The skill ‘Heal’ Heals allies within 80 range for 35% of the amount healed when using skill (Duration: 30 seconds)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Increases duration by 20 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = CON 40
  • 4 Set Effect
    = SPR 40
    = HP 6000
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Goduma’s Barrier (Active)
    = Reduces damage by 1/5 of consumed HP%(Maximum of 20%, continuous effect)
    = Damage reduction buff on caster and allies
    = Buff stack increases with caster’s maximum HP
    = 1% damage reduction per stack and stack decreases every 0.5 second
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Maximum damage reduction increased to 80%
    = Stack decrease interval changes to 1 second


  • 3 Set Effects
    = Healing 450
  • 4 Set Effect
    = SPR 57
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Gymas’ Conviction (Active)
    = Healing +40%, SP consumption for all skills: -50% (Duration: 40 seconds)
    = Gymas’ Protection (Active)
    = Damage received reduced by 10% for all allies when used (Duration: 20 seconds)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Damage received with Gymas’ Protection reduced by 10% additionally
    = Duration of Gymas’ Protection increased by 20 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = STR 37
    = INT 37
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Physical Attack 572
    = Magical Attack 572
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Smugis’ Counterattack (Active)
    = Increases damage dealt in proportion to enemy’s current HP value (Enemy’s current HP / Enemy’s max HP) x 200% (min 180% - max 240%)
    = Fixed damage equal to 1% of enemy’s max HP (maximum: 10,000, Damage cycle: 0.5 second, Duration: 25 seconds)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Duration increases by 25 seconds

Moringponia Crowns

moringponiacrown Aqkrova image Atagal


  • 3 Set Effects
    = SPR 35
    = CON 52
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Healing 357
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Aqkrova (Active)
    = Creates a red magic circle. Increases the damage of allies within the range of the circle by +60% and recovers their HP in amounts equal to 0.1% of their attack (cannot be stacked, Duration: 10 seconds)
    = Reduces damage received by caster by -50% (Duration: 100 seconds, cannot be removed)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Duration of magic circle increases by 10 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = Physical Attack 257
    = Magical Attack 257
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Attack against Medium-sized Targets 571
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Skidas (Passive)
    = Continuous effect. Applies a shield around the caster when an enemy is defeated
    = Shield amount: 60% of enemy’s max HP (Duration: 10 seconds, Cooldown: 17 seconds)
    = Effect not applied during other set bonus skills’ cooldown
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Shield strength increases by 100% of the enemy’s HP
    = Duration increased by 5 second


  • 3 Set Effects
    = Physical Defence 1300
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Magical Defence 1300
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Atagal (Active)
    = Take 10% reduced damage and deliver 4 physical attackes based on the shield Defense on skill use (Duration: 50 seconds, Cooldown: 100 seconds) Effect not stackable
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Physical damage increased to 200% of shield’s DEF value

Misrus Chains

misruschainataka Proverbs Liris


  • 3 Set Effects
    = DEX 37
    = SPR 37
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Physical Critical Attack 1072
    = Magical Critical Attack 1072
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Ataka (Passive)
    = Passive effect: Deals equal damage split between the number of enemies nearby within a range of 60 on landed critical hit. (Max 10 enemies, Cooldown: 1 second)
    = Effect not applied during other set bonus skills’ cooldown
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Increases the damage effect by 100%


  • 3 Set Effects
    = STR 37
    = INT 37
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Critical Rate 52
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Proverbs (Passive)
    = Increases Max damage cap by 1,000,000
    = Deals 30% additional damage upon hit if the attack dealt 999,999 (20% of your HP in PvP areas) or more damage
    = Cooldown: 2 seconds
    = Effect not applied during other set bonus skills’ cooldown
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Cooldown -1 second
    = The Max damage cap increase effect is not stackable


  • 3 Set Effects
    = SPR 65
  • 4 Set Effect
    = SPR 72
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Liris (Active)
    = Grants a Liris buff on summons
    = Liris buff provides additional damage equal to damage from the summon’s attack (Duration: 30 seconds, Cooldown: 100 seconds)
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Cooldown -1 second
    = Duration increases by 30 seconds

Pamoka Solutions


  • 3 Set Effects
    = STR 140
    = INT 140
  • 4 Set Effect
    = CON 80
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Physical Attack 580
    = Magical Attack 580
    -6 Set Effect - Roar of Sauk
    = Damages the enemy around you and knocks the enemy out for a second.
    = After that, increases the damage you give by 150% for 5 seconds.
    = Skill Attack: 10660%
    = Cooldown: 20 Seconds
    = AoE Attack Ration: 30
    -Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Damage increase effect duration: +3 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = CON 80
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Critical Resistance 445
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Decreases damage received in PVP by 10%
  • 6 Set Effect - Essera’s Composure
    = Immediately nullifies [Slow], [Immobility], and [Arrest] debuffs on use, resists in every debuff that required advanced removal for 25 seconds.
    = Gets [Essera’s Will] buff ever time debuff resist effect is activated.
    = Cooldown 100 seconds
  • 6 Set Effect - Essera’s Will
    = Increases damage by 20% per stack
    = Increases Healing by 20% per stack
    = Up to 5 stacks
    = Shares Composure duration
  • Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Duration: + 10 seconds


  • 3 Set Effects
    = STR 140
    = INT 140
  • 4 Set Effect
    = CON 80
  • 5 Set Effect
    = HP Recovery 520
    -6 Set Effect - Balinta’s Offering
    = Increases damage by 175% for 30 seconds when skill is used.
    = Recovers HP by 20% of HP Recovery rate when attacking with Slash-type, Strike-type, Pierce-type skill, recovers 10% of HP Recovery rate when attacking with other property skill and basic attack.
    = (Healing effect cooldown: 1 second)
    -Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Changes Damage increase effect by 250%


  • 3 Set Effects
    = STR 140
    = INT 140
  • 4 Set Effect
    = CON 80
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Accuracy 445
    = Block Penetration 445
    -6 Set Effect - Charist’s Excitement
    = Immediately recovers 20% of maximum HP and increases damage given by 100% for 30 second, Movement Speed by 5 when skill is used.
    = Resets the cooldown when defeating the character while the duration.
    = Cooldown 120 seconds
    -Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Changes Damage increase effect by 150%


  • 3 Set Effects
    = CON 95
  • 4 Set Effect
    = AoE Defense Ratio 10
    = Block 445
  • 5 Set Effect
    = Decrease damage from Boss Monster by 10%
    -6 Set Effect - Severty’s Challenge
    = [Available: Channeling/Move]
    = Forcible threat the monster nearby during the duration, and instead of increasing [Physical] damage received by 30%, the damage given by the nearby party member increases by 100%.
    = Maximum duration 20 seconds.
    = Increases Movement Speed of threatened target
    = Decreases Movement Speed by 15
    = Increases maximum number of Threat while duration.
    -Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Changes party member damage increase effect by 150%


  • 3 Set Effects
    = SPR 140
  • 4 Set Effect
    = Movement Speed 3
  • 5 Set Effect
    = SP Recovery 520
    = Maximum SP 1930
    = Healing 1200
    -6 Set Effect - Rideti’s Salvation
    = Move selected party member to your place and recover when skill is used.
    = Can be used to the targets unable to move.
    = Only recovery effect applies when casted to yourself.
    = Cooldown 40 seconds
    = Heal Factor 1200%
    = Distance limit: 300
    -Dragon Strength Lv 1 Effects
    = Decreases cooldown by 10 seconds


Seals are an equipment seal not utilized prior to level 360 at which point you will have access to the quest, Boruta. This brief quest will introduce you one of the most influential pieces of tree of savior content and reward you with a Kaze Seal, the weakest of the three Seal sets and the only that cannot be enhanced.

Kaze Seals
These seals are underwhelming and should only be used until you can upgrade to its successors.

Irredian Seals
A fine stand in while you work towards your Boruta Seal. Enhancing these seals is possible but not recommended as the bonuses do not justify the material cost. Irredian Shelter Boss Cubes (excluding Tel Harsh) have a chance of dropping Irredian Seals.

Boruta Seals
Truly endgame, Boruta Seals are the envy of every player without the Stage 3 that grants the incredibly powerful, set effect boosting, Dragon Strength. These are obtained from the Level 15 Guild Raid Sulvinas Lair/Ancient Being, Kedoran Merchant Alliance’s Mysterious Cube, Dimensional Collapse Point, Tel Harsha Sole Hunt Raid Cube, Boruta Pouch, and the Weekly Boss Cube. 10 Boruta Seal Fragments can be collected from the Fedimian Tavern Lottery and combined to create a full seal.

Seal Enhancement

Upgrading Seals requires use of two Seals of equal success rate. The success chance of seal enhancement is consistent for Irredian and Boruta Seals and can be increased by using magic stones with each once increasing success chance to a maximum that will often result in less than a guarantee. Failure will result in a destruction of all materials used.

| Stage |  Base Rate |  Max Rate  | Magic Stones |
|       | of Success | of Success | for Max Rate |
|   2   |     50%    |    100%    |       7      |
|   3   |     35%    |     70%    |      13      |
|   4   |     25%    |     50%    |      28      |
|   5   |     18%    |     36%    |      58      |

Skill Gems and Snapshotting

Trying hard doesn’t begin until you are swapping gears in your rotation for specific skill use. The soft introduction to this comes with buff skills, many of which last for 30 minutes and do not need to be cast constantly. Utilizing an item that boosts skills (buff stick) we can raise a buff skill’s level and get a stronger buff. Skill gems can often be paired with the buff stick to increase a skill further. Snapshotting is the act of recording the increased skill level- if we boost Gung Ho from level 5 to level 9 with Divine Might, Skill Gem, and Durandal, we can retain the stronger buff when we swap back to our primary gear. Some skills, Gung Ho included, will retain the buffed level even if cast over so you can abuse [Overload Raid] effect without swapping gear every 30 seconds.

Durandal is widely endorsed by swordsman for its impressive +2 Swordsman Skills.
Savage Bow is used for its +2 Hunter Skills as it boosts Hounding’s Loot Chance buff.

Dimensional Collapse Point

The weekly field activity available on any Episode 12 map for characters above level 440. Monsters will spawn across the entire map and you will be faced with environmental effects similar to those seen in WBR. Completing a set of 4 runs can be at once by having the party leader burn multiplier token after clearing the DCP run.

While Stage 11 has very powerful monsters, this content can currently be cheesed on Vienibe Shelter using Turn Undead scrolls. A full party utilizing these scrolls can clear Stage 11 in under 5 minutes.



|         Item        |    Quantity    |
|     Nucle Powder    | 1,000 - 10,000 |
|   Mercenary Badges  |  1,000 - 8,000 |
|   Weekly Boss Raid  |        1       |
|  One Entry Voucher  |                |
|   Mystic Tome Page  |        1       |
|  Recipe - Sandra's  |        1       |
|  Perfect Magnifier  |                |
|  Recipe - Sandra's  |        1       |
|  Ultimate Magnifier |                |
|    Skill Gem Cube   |        1       |
| Arch Stone Fragment |        1       |


Weekly Boss Raid

Weekly Boss Raid is a DPS competition between everyone in a class tree against a random boss each week- the randomness covers which boss, armor type, race, attribute, and arena the raid takes place in. Due to the random nature of the weekly raid you may find your build at a serious (dis)advantage. Further difficulty can be found in the mechanics as you will be faced with ice walls, sandstorms, overcharge, and other environmental hazards that are sure to keep you on your toes.

Loot is split into two categories: Rank Reward and Total Damage Reward. This split is to ensure the content is worth doing even for newer players or those whose build is disadvantaged. The Total Damage Rewards are for cumulative damage in runs whereas Rank is a competition for DPS in a single run.

Rank Reward

|   Rank 1  |  [Gold Trophy]  |   Unique  |   Unique   |
|           |                 | Boss Item | Boss Title |
|           |    Boss Name    |           |            |
|  Rank 2-5 | [Silver Trophy] |   Unique  |            |
|           |                 | Boss Item |            |
|           |    Boss Name    |           |            |
| Rank 6-10 | [Bronze Trophy] |           |            |
|           |                 |           |            |
|           |    Boss Name    |           |            |

Total Damage Reward
= Mercenary Badge
= Magic Stone
= Medal of Honor: Boruta
= Shining Demon Lord Cube Box
= Mystic Tome Page
= Weekly Boss Raid Cube
WBR cube

Sole Hunt Raid (Tel Harsha)

Returning to Irredian Shelter we can face the candle wielder in a solo raid. Much like Misrus before, you will have 20 minutes to kill Tel Harsha. Before the fight you have the option to lower the difficulty by disabling mechanics- doing so will yield fewer rewards. The Mercenary Badge Shop sells one entry voucher each week and is worth collecting if you have not yet completed your Luciferie set.

Loot: Scorched Valuable of Tel Harsha, Boruta Seal, Practonium, Magic Stone, Arch Stone Fragment, Tel Harsha Card


Division Singularity

Division Singularity often referred to as ‘Singu’ is a kill or bust CM with varying stage of difficulty though there is no reason to run anything below stage 5 as you will receive smaller amounts of loot.

Singu distinguishes itself from CM by being one continuous wave of monsters and bosses with set spawn timers that takes about 4 minutes. When all the mobs are dead the Singu ends and you awarded a random amount of loot and a substantially higher chance at a Vaivora weapon as all the monsters are elite. Depending on prices it may be advisable to only run Singularities using vouchers from the mercenary badge shop and events. Additional vouchers can be crafted by combining
3 Challenge Mode Vouchers and a recipe purchased from the Sage near the Sajunga Road goddess statue. Vouchers can be used to stack up an indefinite amount of runs in advance and do not reset daily/weekly.


=Number of shards can vary drastically with reports of 0-40
=Multiple Vaivoras can drop to a party in the same run*
~2.4M Silver is awarded after each clear

|            Item            |   Quantity  |
|        Blessed Shard       | Average ~12 |
| [Lv2] Vaivora Transmutator |     1-2     |
|     Brikynite Fragment     |     2-4     |
|         Practonium         |      1      |
|      Mystic Tome Page      |      1      |
|         Magic Stone        |      1      |
|        Dark Red Soul       |      1      |
|       Stone Fragment       |             |
|        Dark Red Soul       |      1      |
|         Stone Piece        |             |
|       Stone Debris of      |     1-2     |
|     Divine Power (map)     |             |
|     Arch Stone Fragment    |      1      |

Goddess and Demon Armors
Combining materials from Singularity can be used to create recipes for new unique armors with powerful effects that target a niche. Some of these effects include:

  • Channeling skill damage boost
  • Shield skill damage boost
  • Basic attack damage boost
  • Casting skill damage boost
  • Healing increase
  • Skill cooldown reduction
  • Damage % increase on x skill use
  • Damage % increase per summon
  • Damage % increase per installation

Stone Debris (one from each map) can be combined to form a Goddess Armor Piece. Exchanging two of these complete pieces will yield a recipe of your choice which can be crafted with Archenium (see Alchemist Special Materials below).

Dark Red Soul Stone Fragment (10) can be combined to form a Dark Red Soul Stone Piece. When two are exchanged you are able to select a desired demon armor recipe which can be crafted with Archenium as well.

Vaivora Weapons

Dropping from Challenge Modes, Split Singularity, and field farming on Episode 12 maps, Vaivora weapons are the top tier of fixed ichors and can be leveled to increase stats or add an effect. Vaivora weapons typically target a specific class (i.e. Pyromancer, Retiarius, Tiger Hunter) but may have a broader effect like the Coordination Shield, Trinket, Dagger, and Sword.

General Vaivora

icon_item_shield_vibora kq_recipe_hethran_material_3_7icon_item_dagger_viboraicon_item_sword_vibora

Swordsman Vaivora


Wizard Vaivora

icon_item_rod_vibora icon_item_staff_vibora

Archer Vaivora


Cleric Vaivora


Scout Vaivora

icon_item_dagger_vibora icon_item_pistol_vibora


AutumnLeaf Veteran Savior Guide AutumnLeaf


Introduced with Episode 12, Arks occupy the aptly named Ark slot and provide additional bonuses to your character. Currently there exists two sets of Arks which offer increased damage and effects.

Basic Arks
By completing the ‘Message of the Goddesses’ quest during the latter half of Episode 12 the player will be rewarded with their choice of the 4 basic stat Arks. These are a fantastic introduction to the Ark system and the experience can be transferred between each of them or to an Arch Stone Ark later at a cost of 1,000,000 silver/stage. Stage bonuses are reapplied each time a multiple of that stage is hit.

Ark - STR

  • Stage 1: STR ^ 16
  • Stage 3: Physical Defense ^ 500
  • Stage 5: Physical Attack ^ 700

Ark - INT

  • Stage 1: INT ^ 16
  • Stage 3: Magical Defense ^ 500
  • Stage 5: Magical Attack ^ 700

Ark - DEX

  • Stage 1: DEX ^ 16
  • Stage 3: Evasion 300
  • Stage 5: Critical Attack ^ 1400

Ark - SPR

  • Stage 1: SPR ^ 16 (increases per stage)
  • Stage 3: Healing ^ 420, Summon Damage ^ 2.1%
  • Stage 5: Magical Critical Attack ^ 1400

arkstr arkintarkdex arkspr

Arch Stone Arks
This advanced set of Arks can be crafted using two specific Arch Stones and a single Thierrynium to provide a powerful unique effect. Below is the acquisition method for these new materials, arch stones requires for each Ark, and its effects.

Thierrynium - crafted at the Alchemist Master in Klaipeda or found in Wonderous Cubes

  • Mystic Tome Page x10
  • Sierra Stone x50
  • Goddess’ Blessed Gem x50
  • Practonium x30
  • 10,000,000 Silver

Arch Stones - obtained from: Goddess’ Grace Event, Weekly Boss Raid Cube, Lepidoptera (Hard), White Witch (Normal/Hard). Combining 10 Fragments will generate a random Arch Stone. Each stone can be exchanged at the Alchemist Master for a different stone for 10 Mystic Tome Pages*
Fragment - obtained from: Dimensional Collapse Point (Stage 10+), Weekly Boss Raid Cube, Lepidoptera (Normal/Hard), White Witch (Normal/Hard), Divisional Singularity

archenth archcirc archjust archharm

Ark - Swift - Enthusiasm + Circulation

  • Stage 1: STR, DEX, INT ^ 20 per level
  • Stage 3: Basic Attack Damage 100% (+20% every 3 levels)
  • Stage 5: Swift Activate Chance 10% (+5% every 5 levels)

Ark - Thunder - Justice + Harmony

  • Stage 1: STR, INT ^ 20 per level
  • Stage 3: Thunderbolt Max. Activate Chance 15% (+2% every 3 levels)
    • Thunderbolt Factor 3500%
  • Stage 5: Thunderbolt Factor (+700% every 5 levels)

Ark - Storm - Circulation + Justice

  • Stage 1: STR, INT ^ 20 per level
  • Stage 3: Storm Max. Activate Chance 15% (+2% every 3 levels)
    • Storm Factor 2400%
  • Stage 5: Storm Factor (+250% every 5 levels)

arkswift arkthunder arkstorm

Ark - Divine Retribution - Justice + Harmony

  • Stage 1: STR, INT ^ 20 per level
  • Stage 3: Max. Wrath of God Active Chance 30% (+2% every 3 levels)
    • Wrath of God Attack Factor 70%
  • Stage 5: Wrath of God Attack Factor (+5% every 5 levels)

Ark - Disperse - Enthusiasm + Justice

  • Stage 1: CON ^ 20 per level
  • Stage 3: Disperse Damage 25% over 5 Seconds (+1 Second every 3 levels)
  • Stage 5: Damage Received Dispersion Rate (+5% every 5 levels)

Ark - Suppress - Circulation + Justice

  • Stage 1: STR, INT ^ 20 per level
  • Stage 3: Accuracy, Block Penetration 200 (+100 every 3 levels)
    • Overdue Interest Rate 10%
  • Stage 5 Overdue Interest Rate (+4% every 5 levels)

icon_item_ark_purple01 icon_item_ark_green01 icon_item_ark_black01

Enhancing Arks

These costs apply equally to all Arks. Experience can be transferred to another Ark at a cost of 1,000,000 silver/stage

| Level |   Mystic  |   Nucle   | Sierra | Blessed |
|       | Tome Page |   Powder  |  Stone |   Gems  |
|   2   |     1     |   16,000  |    1   |    1    |
|   3   |     4     |   54,000  |    1   |    12   |
|   4   |     16    |  128,000  |    4   |    48   |
|   5   |     35    |  250,000  |   10   |   100   |
|   6   |     39    |  288,000  |   11   |   112   |
|   7   |     50    |  392,000  |   14   |   144   |
|   8   |     67    |  512,000  |   19   |   192   |
|   9   |     89    |  648,000  |   25   |   200   |
|   10  |    112    |  800,000  |   35   |   200   |
| Total |    413    | 3,088,000 |   120  |  1,009  |

Alchemist Master

Alchemist Special Materials can be crafted with the aid of Professional Alchemist Abelu in Klaipeda. Materials here are relating to set effects, legend equipment, and arks. Aside from the the craftables listed below, the master also allows you to transfer Awakening/Enchantment between gear and convert Arch Stones. His shop is home to Pamoka Solution, Exp Essence, and Dark Steel.

  • Violettin Crystal
    = 22 Moth Talc Powder
    = 30 Magic Stone
    = 70 Goddesses’ Blessed Gem
    = 100 Sierra Stone
    = 1 Arch Stone
    = 10,000,000 Silver
  • Violettin Crystal Fragment
    = 11 Moth Talc Powder
    = 15 Magic Stone
    = 35 Goddesses’ Blessed Gem
    = 50 Sierra Stone
    = 5 Arch Stone Fragment
    = 5,000,000 Silver
  • Thierrynium
    = 10 Mystic Tome Page
    = 50 Sierra Stone
    = 50 Goddeses’ Blessed Gem
    = 30 Practonium
    = 10,000,000 Silver
  • Arquenium
    = 20 Mystic Tome Page
    = 20 Goddesses’ Blessed Gem
    = 10 Practonium
    = 1 Arch Stone Fragment
    = 10,000,000 Silver
  • Lupeprium
    = 25 Dark Steel
    = 10 Goddesses’ Blessed Gem
    = 11 Moth Talc Powder
    = 30 Sierra Stone
    = 10 Magic Stone

Drakonas, Moringponia, Karaliene, and Luciferie Accessories

Drakonas Accessories follow a recipe path that starts with magic/blue rarity accessories which are upgraded to rare and then unique recipes acquired from World Boss Raid Cubes or cubes from Demon Lords summoned from Black/Ominous Albums. Ominous Spirit materials are also used in each stage and are acquired the same way. Secondary accessories dropped from field mobs are used as well and will culminate in the creation of a base unique component: Lynnki Sit, Kite Moor, Pasiutes, or Frieno. These can be further combined with magic stones and a 2nd unique accessory including Akro Galia and Nepagrista to create powerful Drakonas. Recipes for the legend set are purchased from Templar Master Uska in Klaipeda using Medal of Honor: Boruta or acquired from Boruta Cubes/Pouches.

item_bracelet02_1item_necklace03_3item_bracelet04_4item_icon_petaarc icon_item_bracelet05_2

Moringponia Accessories are crafted using a combination of Moth Powder from normal Lepidoptera Junction Legend, accessories from the unique Lepidoptera Raid and accessories from the Uphill Defense store. Simply visit Teliavelis in Fedimian with the materials in hand.

icon_item_necklace_moth_03icon_item_uphill_neck03icon_item_necklace_moth_05icon_item_necklace_queens_02 icon_item_necklace_telharsha_02

Karaliene and Luciferie
If you’ve gotten this far in the crafting chain you probably know where to go and what to expect. Starting with Incomplete Karaliene you will be visiting the Professional Alchemist with all manner of materials and the previously mentioned legend accessories to start work on your Luciferie. The new crafting component required here is Scorched Valuable of Tel Harsha from Sole Hunt and Luperium from the alchemist master.


Very nice guide. Some slightly outdated parts: for example, Irredian Shelter now has portals always open, Misrus doesn’t drop Arch Stones Fragments anymore, Thierrynium can be dropped from Singu.

Can you do something like that:

  • things to do daily before reset
  • things to do weekly before reset
    I’ve had a hard time remembering everything I can/need to do since I came back
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I’ll update the Irredian to mention always open portals. Thank you.

I am operating on this patch note for the information on arch stone drops and singu (nd my own experience for the latter).

I think I could find a spot to list all daily/weekly and which content is reset- just noticed I also never mentioned server reset time or maintenance which would be nice for new players to know.


I just came back to the game this week after many years, and seeing a post like this is surely a help to understand everything that is new.

But, as also someone who just came back, the amount of items is quite overwhelming and took me a while to figure out how the progression should be. A gear progression mini-guide with what kind of content the player will be able to do would help since you basically get stuck in a huge wall once reaching ep11 and savinose set.

It follows like this:
Do every main quest, get set and weapon at ep11 and sit there because you have no silver or gear to do any of the contents mentioned above, except the outdated ones that give no reward whatsoever.

What I’ve been doing those last 3 or whatever days since I came back is farming some CMs, outerwall in specific, and so far I only managed to buy some ignas ichor for my savinose set. From here, the gap is so huge that there’s no telling on where someone should go, (although, I figured out already by looking at the items list).

Basically what I’m saying is that 3/4 of the things you mentioned there are just going to cause confusion to people when there’s nothing telling them if it matters if they do the content or not, or what they should do. Although, thanks for the guide

Here’s my mini-guide for a new player:

  • do every main quest up to episode 10
  • as you do them and starting from level 100 maps, do one CM every day – lower level maps still can yield a lot of silver once cumulated, plus you never know when you’ll get a valuable skill gem (for example: getting Meteor gem on Sanctuary map = easy 50 mil silver)
  • if you’re not bored, do the sidequests (blue ones – don’t bother with the green repetitive ones, they’re too tedious and unrewarding)
  • get every Kedorian set at level 40-75-120-170-220-270-315 (I think you can skip the 350 one since the 315 set is based off old unique items that have huge boosts) and then the Pajauta set (380) and the Neringa set (400)
  • complete episode 11, get the EP11 savinose set, use the event regular magnifiers and some nucle to get decent stats (at least a line of CON or STR/INT, even if it’s a small boost it’s better than useless blue or red line)
  • do every content that give mercenary badges, at least Bernice and Uphill
  • get Galimitive armor set from the mercenary badge shop – spare your silver for your weapon, ichor them, equip the ichors on your armor
  • buy a decent ichor for your weapon(s) from the market, no need for something fancy – Moringponia, Misrus, Skiaclipse… will do and will not be too expensive
  • complete episode 12, ask for help if you can’t kill the last boss as it can be tricky

At this point, if you have done one CM per day, you should be standing on 100-200 mil silver, enough mercenary badges to buy accessories (Carnas), Master cards and CM vouchers daily from the shop (plus things like enchant jewels), enough nucle to enhance your free Ark, AP and mystic pages up the wazoo from events to improve your attributes. Your Savinose equipment along with those boosts is good enough to start working on the next tier.

this game much easier if u have fix party to play , it is hard play with random people or Solo for future progress

That’s with any mmorpg with endgame raids to be honest. The problem with ToS, though, is that they basically throw you into the endgame with nothing but a basic gear, with progression time-gated, and there’s nothing else besides endgame raids and CM. So there’s no option other than waiting day by day or hope you can find a good soul to carry you through content.

The post above mentions CM, but CMs for a new player are far from a walk in the park if you’re farming for silver and going to cm7, they take quite a while each run and you have to drink potions like a madman. Also, market isn’t open for 7 days -even for me after coming back- so you don’t have potions either, besides the ones from login which are 20 or so. CM also requires entries which requires merc badges, which requires uphill, which you can’t do unless you’re getting carried. So, realistically you’re doing 1 run per day, maybe 2 with what you farm from field.

I’m not complaining though, I’m just trying to give a more realistic view to people, because doing any content besides the outdated ones unless you’re getting carried, is not realistic at all, and that’s for a while. The first weeks are just a waiting game, making new characters or whatever to not get bored.

I’m taking this feedback seriously and want to address it in the initial post with a rough guide to gear progression. First step is going to be making a new team and seeing what silver can be accumulated by the time Episode 12 drops you in the real world.

You aren’t wrong. The game is in an awkward place until Episode 12 rewards are given (Savi Dysnai gear at low trans/enhance). The question is something like- do I make Varna and set effect it so I’m not worthless in content or make a build that can get by on lower gear in CM spam like Hunter/Falc/App. I don’t think the latter is a reasonable solution but I’m not confident the first will set anyone up for success either.

Anyway, in the near future you can expect some kind of suggested path for post questing based on the experience of a player going through the quests with nothing but Kedoran gear. I know people are tired of being told by everyone with 8 Arch Stones under their belt how they should manage in Savi.

EDIT: Added Assister Cards/Dungeon/CM info and reorganized Index. Some information has been shifted down a post due to exceeded post size limit


This needs to be stickied.

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Initial post has been updated with a gearing recommendation. @Yukise I did not end up running through the Episodes again to accumulate silver for a base as returning players would not necessarily have this silver handy and even new players may blow silver on their way to Episode 12.

The answer isn’t a miracle and it aint sexy but I have guildies showing me how it is done without my direction so I know it works.

Joint Strike info and more detailed descriptions for each Ark’s effect coming in the near future.

Good luck out there saviors!