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Is it worth coming back?

Its been a whole year since I last played, how’s the latency of the server? would I still end up bashing my head against the wall whenever I run an instance or guild war?

As for catching up on gear, how difficult would it be for me to catch up on the latest gear? (current gear full skia set wiz)

what’s the current market price for Arts materials?

what else do I need to know and catch up on since june 2020?

Hey there! Now that the client has 64bit option, the latency on most places and contents is minimized, however we still have the lagfest and channel instability in GTW.

As for gear, I think it’s becoming easier since prices of materials are going down. For now we use Glacia Legenda set (gives damage bonus/damage reduction to certain contents) and Savinose Dysnai set (same as previous but for fields, CMs and singus). Maybe in 2 or 3 months we’ll receive the Goddess patch, which will introduce new gear (not hard to farm) and will lessen costs of Ark, Karaliene/Luciferie accessories by a lot.

I don’t know which server, but for Klaipeda (July 13th), Mystic Tome pages are 450k/ea and BGs are 440k/ea, but IMC often gives mystic tomes in events so you can save up your resources a bit.

If you join a guild I’m sure people will also help you gearing and getting acquainted to the recent updates. We have auto CMs and auto singus. They have gear requirements; CM3 doesn’t require you a Vaivora weapon to enter, only 440 gear (the ones I mentioned in this post) and lv3 ark, which can be the one you receive from the main quest. I’d gear myself enough to be able to enter those and farm your silver/resources to be even more geared.

That’s my 2 cents, if you have any question feel free to ask!

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Lot of stuffs changed over the years! Make sure to check out New/Return updated savior guide by Azusagi!

The game received 64-Bit update a while ago, and everything is pretty smooth now. Much better compared to previous 32-bit system. Less lag + optimized system.

It’s not difficult to catch up at the moment since you can get end-game equipment for free from episode 12 quest line and upgrade it with Event Enhance scrolls.

Video Example:

Moreover, the market prices are shifting down right now as everyone is preparing for Goddess Patch Update. Most of end-game equipment/upgrade will reduces by 1/4 by the time we get the patch. More merits for new/return players with cheap items on the market.


Also, check this guide for to-do list by PaleMoon


No FPS drops/stutter with 64bit client.
Latency depends on your internet connection.

Gearing is easier with new episode rewards and event items that allow for ichoring vaivora.

Materials that were once expensive (Archstones) are getting the same treatment as 2018 items. Prices are dropping in otherwords.

You can play and enjoy game. Just don’t expect to compete against whales and top leaderboards.

You will hit a wall. That is okay. Enjoy the game, just don’t have high expectations to be “best”.

When you feel like you have to grind 24/7 on this game that is when you call it quits.


if you want short euphoric nostalgic moment wait for another year
they might sell the new catch up pack with goddess gear inside, and all you may need for like 20 bucks. and its keep getting better to seduce not only newcomer but also veteran who cant have enough alts. also things would probably cheaper. you wouldve waste grinding weeks, months for ark stone which now like 1/10 the price or for another new ark stone alike. big new patch is coming so you just gon waste your time catch up and by the time you got there things are cheaper or affordable with less effort or money.
so if i were you, or its up to me, no. nothing is so appealing to me to try.

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thanks for the replies guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: last question… ive been seeing alot of new vaivora stuff through videos, but last I checked vaivora is extremely hard to drop? is there a new mechanic that ensures we get one? is vaivora affordable? because honestly they seem to be the only appealing reason for me to come back considering how unique they can make playing a class is :thinking:

btw im on telsiai server

Vaivora prices are much cheaper than before. They are more affordable if you don’t drop one you need in field CM/Singu or auto CM3/Singu (which is kinda hard because of the VV pool we have) so if you don’t drop the VV you need, you can gather silver and buy it from market/someone.

If you like to do BORING activities, then you’ve come to the right game. Every week, you’ll do the same routine, the same predictable raids. It’s like getting hired into a corporate job because of how monotonous things are. There is no euphoria in this game. Nobody ever logs in because “omg I had so much fun, let’s play the game again”, it more like people login because “omg those vouchers are going to expire, better use them now” kind of situation. You want to catch up? Go buy the package, then after buying the package, you’ll find out, that you’ll still be mediocre and then you’ll realize you’re going to be stuck in the same rat race as everyone else.


I’ve made one of the 4 tabs in team storage for expirable items. Today I have a truckload of items about to expire: anvils, golden ichor extractors, magnifiers… and nothing to use them on. Of course, once I get something to use them on, I will not have any. This is absurd. The worst of all is the Shabby Transcendance scroll, which you can only use on 0 pot item. Now what if you have +11 armor part with 4 pot left and you use 4 anvils which all fail? Now you armor is ruined, which prevents your character from doing any automatch content since you need +8 or +10 in all of them…


just play some cute sim game where you dress your cute characters. its what this game all about anyway.
the euphoric moment is the same and its less stressing.

you pick the right solution, an honest one rather than sugarcoated one, and as for the flag knight, sheesh, mod asking for personal opinion and it doesnt have to be objective dude, why you so insecured about the fact that the game is just bland and boring.

ive been hiatus for 6 months+, reading updates but not a single incoming thing excites me, not that new contents, not the new gears, just some cute costumes or pets


no, unless you’re rich and have nowhere else to spend your money

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no, play new world

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unless you are jebaited by having that false needs of those limited pets, costume or sale
this game journey adventurous aspect is almost as low as nihil
its sad that its true if what make people back sometime most of times are just limited pet or costume, not some real exciting stuff, just boring braindead grindworks
thats why just get tos mobile mobile dressing pet game lmao

the gap between newbie/returnee and veteran is far… Unless you are lucky in RNG… Im so depress when my +18 trinket is now +9… so sad

It’s all goes down to RNG, but even then… isn’t that what most MMORPG is all about? Even in World of Warcraft, i had to wait for like 5-6 months for 1 single item like mageblade for my warlock…

I know most people would shatters their thought on Tree of Savior, but the game isn’t much different compared to other game. Just several restricts to prevent botters/RMT.

Yeah… no…
You might be wondering, why i keep commenting when i could just play another game. Well… true.

What could i say? It is such an appealing game, the art, lightning falls on monsters, monsters destroyed to bits when killed, the sound of multiple hit skills, high numbers flailing out at the screen, its a brain dead activity that is quite satisfying to watch.

Now before we get down to business, yeah i believe tos is just like any other mmorpg, atleast those who becomes popular for awhile. But hey, it is a changing world, nothing lasts forever, even wow has been dethroned as the #1 mmo for more than a decade.

But comparing it to those like wow or ffxiv, hmm.
Yea i know those are completely different game it is a tab targetting combat open world

but i believe we can still see what sets it apart from you know… “those”

Let’s see, First is, wow or ffxiv is a subscription based games. In other words, the company/developers main monetization is through playing the game itself. It means the devs can focus on contents rather than thinking and designing what else could they sell on cash shops/leticia cubes to make money.

People may argue, that token is just like a form of subscription in tos, the only problem is you can sell the token in exchange for in-game currency, that alone could already give an advantage to “some” players.

Next is, achivements and collections, in wow or ffxiv people actually try to complete those because, some not only get a title, but a mount and/or a companion which is really nice, as i’m not really a title person, but I know that’s on personal preference.

Next one is, exploration probably? I don’t know about you guys, but for me one aspect of an “mmo” is the exploration, you see what monsters are there, feeling the ambiance, the weather, role playing like an isekai’d adventurer. Tos could have that potential but, they decided to make a one-way map to endgame.

Now raiding, well you know, not most people do raids, as it requires yea… a team and socialization, as most people are kirito wannabes. But if you are a hardcore mmo player, i think you spend most of your time doing this as it gives you a real sense of accomplishment every time you beat it(and you get your high end gears here).

Not much difference in wow i think, the only difference would be it is more… massive, and the levels, stats and gear adjust when doing low level raids. So it’s just as hard as when you finally beat it with your max at the time. It’s quite refreshing as a raider. In tos, no one dare touch those unique raids. But hey, we are getting a goddess patch, so who knows, no more unique raids.

Farming is out of the question, as it is time-gated

Now an integral part of any mmo, is of course fashion. Players care about how cool or cute their character looks, as the genre say, (role-playing game) I’d say it’s just about right in tos, or probably the only thing right… for now i think… I’m not a costume hoarder so I wouldn’t know, but i do look at them from time to time. Though I think those who likes to collect tons of them, even using hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get them is just plain stupid, but it’s their money anyway so… who am i to judge.

So in short,

Yeah play it from time to time it’s good to pass time or a side game, but investing this as like your main game, if you plan to invest thousand hours? no.

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“it more like people login because “omg those vouchers are going to expire, better use them now” kind of situation”,

Wtf bro so accurate

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That’s not an argument you can use. It’s technically neither wrong or right and can lead to a whole can of worms… I’ll add some context to it just in case.

RNG is just another tool of game design, and a rather old one that (in RPGs) comes from the dice roll. The whole idea behind it is to add an unpredictable element to the game, and spice things up, instead of being linear all the way, which works to generate tension and/or excitement. RNG can also act as a sort of mechanism to create some dynamic between time and effort to get anything. These are the reasons why RNG is so common in RPGs, but also why is present in games from other genre as well. You can’t put the fault on the tool (i assume you aren’t, but the phrasing doesn’t make it sound like), as all the value is defined by the one using it.

Even then there are things that can be used to manipulate the RNG values in order to provide a better experience to the player. A common one people bring up (and will be added for the new equipment tier) is the failure recovery stacking, increasing your success chance based on how many times you failed in a row. They even tried something different with DPK but that flopped as it wasn’t intuitive and (somehow) felt worst than regular RNG.

What we have to look for is the role of RNG in each place it’s used and how these elements interact and/or core systems. The enhancement complain is simple to get into because you get a small reward for success, yet that aspect was made mandatory for players to engage in content, and a huge penalty upon failure, to the point your progress can be completely undone. This sort of design isn’t particularly bad, but it doesn’t work when the equipment itself is hard to obtain. The design team has to chose between “fail faster” and “colossal craft” so the player doesn’t take the short stick on both ends.

The key difference here is that the RNG, combined with other elements, is being used to trick players into wasting a lot of time and resources just so they can play the game, or push them into dropping their wallets to mitigate the downside (when it should be tied to direct self set objective or exciting surprise). It just happens that the defining factor lies on the RNG outcome (which goes from 100 to 0 in a blink) and people perceive it as the issue when the real culprit(s) is someone else.


In other RPGs, RNG doesn’t prevent you from doing content. Here you have +10 0 pot item you can’t do X because it’s not +11. If you try to make that +11, the RNG can go the other way and you end up +9, meaning not only you still can’t do X, but now you also can’t do Y anymore. And what’s absurd is, +9 or +11 doesn’t matter at all…

Myself I prefer “buy to play” model. Diablo and similar. You pay for a “full” game (and eventually some DLCs), you play and progress at your own pace, you enjoy for a few years until the game becomes obsolete and is replaced by a 2.0 version which you also enjoy fully.

And fashion should be coherent with the theme of your RPG. In ToS, they throw everything including the kitchen sink to milk more money: halloween, christmas, the police, the frigging space, the bloody power rangers…

Unfortunately you just have to compare with Genshin Impact and the recent release of Inazuma patch. The thing is just gorgeous (story, music, art, exploration, puzzles…) and allows you to play hours and hours without getting bored. While in ToS the only thing you’re left to do is the same CM over and over with the only char you have that meets the requirements to enter it…


this game is dead aready.

  1. 99% pve afk boss cm monster
  2. no premium item can make trader profit
  3. P2W
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