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New Growth Support World Management and Unification Policy

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘New Growth Support World Management and Unification Policy’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me?


im a bi confused on what this is for ‘w’;;


This is not what anyone wanted. Try actually making new servers that are not transferrable (for at least a year) with a clean economy for players to start over on. This would attract a lot of old players, many of which were baited by the new server announcement and legitimately interested.


This is just nonsense. Imagine a new account plays 4 character, event period is 90 days. 1 day 120BS (Saluus) and that is 10800 BS after the event that gets merged into the original server. And this is only one account. You dont even need to spent the BS you get from the game cus they already give growth weapon, trans5 and +11.

Ready for a market influx after 3 months if this gets through. Be very minded we haven.t count that irredian gives 250BS on a high chance on weekly basis. You don’t have to be a market analyst or something to know this is very unhealthy for the main servers.

EDIT : Irrelevant already, POGG EP 12 RELEASE DATE LEAKED


Yeah and this will no doubt encourage cheaters from taking advantage of this.
But hey this isn’t something new with IMC making terrible decisions and ideas lmao


Are you REALLY aware that the only accounts that will be playing on these servers will be BOTS??? Instead of creating a test server (which these would have been perfect for) with local accounts you will merge and flood the normal server with tons of abused items and totally ruin the economy. Botters will have infinite supplies of Blessed Gems, +16 t10 varna items, ichors…

This is simply NOT tolerable. Please consider keeping the growth accounts local to the growth servers.


Greetings, Saviors!

What is your New Year resolution for TOS? I think I’m going to abuse the game even more!


I’m sorry for the wrong announcement.

  1. The Blessed Shards that will be affected by the New World Benefit are the Shards that will be dropped from the Hunting Ground Missions. If you happen to receive the Blessed Shards from the Hunting Ground Mission, it will be 10 times from normal. Any other Shards outside from the Hunting Ground will not be affected by the New World Benefit.

  2. The new server will be opened with Episode 12 update. This includes the new Lv.400 Level Dungeon with Saluus Content merged into.

I will correct the announcement right away and add an additional description.

Once again, I’m really sorry for the mistake.


Yeah but you earn still 2 blessed gem per elite ?

thanks for the episode 12 date release reveal @STAFF_William :satisfaction:


“As you may already know, we will be opening New Growth Support Servers for each region on February 11, 2020.”

That’s the MOST IMPORTANT bit of info there! :satisfaction:

Honestly Blessed Shard/Gems is just the tip of the Ice-berg. There are plenty of other resources as well.
Unless everything is [EVENT] :man_shrugging:

hunting ground mission = the 390 boss 5*blessed shards weekly one? thats like 250 shards a week? plus other shard drops by normal monsters

3 months = 12 week = 3000 shards max, much better than 10k i guess

not clear whether monsters from HG drop 10 shards… too
btw… about Ep12 date, hope its on feb 12 ,2020 and not on MAY 12, 2020(server unification date)

This is extremely poorly thought out. If you’ve ever played the game before, even if you just tried it for a few hours 2 years ago, and want to start again on one of these new servers, you’ll have to create a new Steam account or play in a different region? How many new players does IMC think are going to jump in just for this, having never tried the game in the past? Because it’s not going to be nearly as many as the people who don’t bother returning to the game because they don’t want to log on a second Steam account just to play ToS, or have to play overseas and deal with lag. I would actually like to see how this growth server idea went over if not for this terribly blundered implementation, but as it stands I have to agree with those saying the only people who are going to bother with a new Steam account just to play on one of these servers are going to be doing it to farm shards for their main accounts. Please fix your ■■■■, IMC.

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When I started tos on launch there wasn’t a SEA server so I was forced to play in Klaipedia. My friends and I are very happy to change to a server with better ping.

Everything sounds very confusing though… I have a team in Klaipedia (main) and a team in Telsiai. So… will both these teams merge into the new server if I pre-register or will my Telsiai account just be overwritten?

Do I legit just need to make a new team name and character on the new server and that’s it?

For your question: you cannot pre-register by using your current steam account because you already have team name on main servers (klai and telsiai). You must create new steam account or using any steam account that has not ever played TOS before to pre-register and access new server.

Bot army creates trillions of new accounts … merged to official server = trades trillions of BS and stuff … PROFIT lol XDD gmail will probably be spammed with weird email names again …

Would be great for “new” players …