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NEW! Giltine’s Team Clash


The evil Giltine has descended upon Klaipeda, eager to spread chaos through the city and gather new followers into her realm. To test the new recruits, she is pitting the Kingdom’s toughest Saviors against each other in a fierce battle of monsters!


:haha: Clever I like it :3

next event in Orsha and Fedimian :blush:




“one time per day, per team” and yet it let me enter on another char in same team?
Clarification, please?


I think you only get one reward per day, per team


what about the 15 wins?

is it possible to keep on playing and get 15 wins in just one day?

@STAFF_Bob pls clarify on this ‘w’


I’ve tried it and no, the participation count only goes up if you get another reward, which you can’t since it’s once per day per team.


I’m already seeing exploiters using alts to afk. Among the rewards only the attribute points can’t be traded to the main account I think? Oh boy.

Better hurry up and do something about it cause anything remotely enjoyable about the event is ruined by afk team mates. Also the monster pathing is greatly disadvantageous to the bottom team.


participation count is the win count? i think this needs some clarification then Owo


I agree, blue team is the worse


Terrible event, because Blue team always LOSING. Mobs are taking shortest paths over many roofs, and they don’t want to walk on roads. It takes more effort to defend for blue team and if you defend you cant summon mobs. And if you try to summon, RED team can slaughter mobs walking on a single path.


So i heard about many players afk in that, didnt encounter these toxic people myself yet.
Behaviors like that are against the rules made by IMC.
I’d like to try winning and have fun, but doing that is just very rude.
Will IMC enforce the rules they made and ban these players?



Only to confirm, is mandatory win the fist attempt to get the coins or can I try again just for the coins? Only the first attempt is validly for all prizes, correct?


Red Team to Blue Team: WE HAVE THE HIGH GROUND!!!


Have won two days with blue team. Yes, red has an advantage but a lot of depends of actual classes your team have.


i have win as blue team, but yes Red team does have advantageous on how the mob take their route
however, i found class build have more impact on these event, found youself a Cryo Kino Onmyoji and your team will almost be impossible to lose


@GM_Francis clarification is kind of needed as i had cases where player will dc if they got into blue or is losing. they probably wanted the 15 wins, and they’re resorting to underhanded methods which can be unhealthy for this new event concept (which i kinna enjoy tbh)

can anyone at least clarify if it is in fact 15 wins or 15 participation?

this is giltine we’re talking about afterall, and she isn’t always as she seem owO;;;


yeh, though imagine you on blue, and you have a not so good team composition Owo;;

and rules says 15 wins. kinna brings out the worst in some peeps when winning badly matters to them Owo;;


I can assure you that even you lose, it still count but, only 1 participation per day.
(Basically every time you get the rewards, it counts. No matter if you win or lose.)


yes, i did confirm that too, but that’s participation count as opposed to the news that specifically said

which may be the reason why some people are resolving to underhanded methods to win

if using the word “victories” rather than “participation” is supposed to give players the drive to be competitive, it’s kind of getting abused by others who are going for a 15 win streak Owo;;;