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NEW! Giltine’s Team Clash


Quite interesting event (except for the afk participant) but I have an issue where I join the event, but I don’t receive any reward (win or not). I also still can join later in the same day. This is happen thrice already… why

edit. Got the reward after the fourth. Still can join it after that (no reward tho). Also 2 times crash. whyyy


Due to leeching mentality of ToS players this event is absolutely terrible


I would actually wish that this kind of event should separate out low level range and high level range players as well (since high level players have a decent amount of advantage due to most of them having 4 circles in their class tree). It is actually impossible to kill the monsters fast unless you have high damage or decent aoe.

I was honestly upset because I thought that I could get coins when I tried again after my first round of loss, but apparently it only applies to the first attempt for the prizes :frowning:


All dmg is 1 though, so it’s more about the specific class rather than the damage


i must be really unlucky then because i have seen players killing the monsters in 1 - 3 times. (i am not sure what classes are they) :frowning:

Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:


The real problem of this event is poor design. So everyone just afk to get a box, no one cares about winning for coins.


sadly, yes :frowning:


well thank god, imagine the frustration to play an event where one team is at a severe disadvantage (blue team) because IMC can’t code their game properly, I’d surely be mad

I won as blue team too but this doesn’t mean that it’s done badly and I’m happy that losers get the main rewards too


I can win easily with a build full of low CD multi hit skills or full of deploy and forget skill
IMC try to encourage ppl to be active in this by adding winner extra reward and try to balance the gap between high level well equipped and newbie, however, the map design is favouring red team and specific build have easy mode just show how poorly they have design this event


For the first week I was doing this event with maybe 5 or 6 accounts. But then - why even bothering…


My experience in the event has been very positive and in fact I consider it easier to defend in the blue team, the key is to define the role you will take in the team since those who damage area or multi hit must defend and the rest must summon the mobs

I’m on the SA server and I have not met any AFK


you also have to consider the players’ build which gives the same gap on being on team blue

would be nice if we get the unrealized pvp soccer game that was tested before owO

well maybe not soccer, but a more ToS related sports, like blitzball for spira Owo


This is the kind of event that needed a map designed just for it. Or maybe a better selection of map instead of the usual “Hey let’s make an event, better throw it inside Klaipeda and hope for the best” kind of approach.

@kobalis You are very lucky then, out of the 12 times I entered, 10 were with an AFK on my team or both teams.


Yesterday I ran into two afk in the opposing team and the only one who gave a fight ended up giving up when it was over, maybe if the prize is only for those who win and could be repeated until you get your first victory of the day


Defending on Blue team is way easier on SR and I have won on the blue team just by killing the mobs.


Any GM can clarify the rules of the event?
because it says that if you do 15 victorys you will get the armband, it does not say anything about 1 game per day, from today there are only 12 days left until the event ends, logically it does not give me time.
if the game doesn’t respect the rules as they marked when announced the event, is totally scam to all new players and old players.


I got it yesterday and I didn’t have even 10 victory, so you don’t need to win.
I also did additional win one day and it didn’t help, I still had to wait till 15th day.


15 days played, you don’t need to win… I got a totally AFK team on the 15th day (yay) and lost, and even so, got my armband, so… you need to play 15 days (not 15 times, 2 times on the same day doesn’t count.)