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New Enhancement System Proposal




Proposal Added


Raised Cost Values
Added +22…+40 Velcoffer 1h Costs to the table
Changed Catalysts Materials to not in-game ones

Zara's Studies - The Lore

Costs and Examples

Enhance Level and Catalysts

Enhance Chance

Potential, Milestones and Gem Extraction

Skills 1

Let's work together!

Skills 1

Does this game still lack of Enchanting/item upgrade cap and insane farm for blessed shard to transcendence gear?

This is the math guy - @cbartiechen
All questions about the table should be asked him!

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Or you can keep the RNG system. Tos is already a very easy game, the only thing that makes it hard is the rng.


But the idea is not to make it easier. You’ll have to grind. 168 diamonds, for example, are not easy to grind. And it’s just for one enhancement level


Too cheap
+21 weapon will cost less than 100M assuming this cost table when today the cost of +21 velcoffer weapon is almost 2bi, IMC would be laughing at the face of who already made their +21 weaps if they implement this.


We can change prices. But they are just examples. The idea is to gather information for balancing measures.
Maybe if the price gets multiplied from +11 and above?

1- Just remember Sierra/diamond/peridot prices would raise and diamonds/peridots are hard to get.


100% method should not be cheaper than RNG based system
Just check the cost of current weapons and enhancement and convert this to current material prices, assuming the price of the materials will raise then it will cost more with 100% method, which is fair. I don’t think completely removing the RNG system is a good idea, I would like to see both systems so maybe keep the old one and add this new system for people who don’t like RNG.

Not that hard to get Diamond, just spam CM, I have like 2.000 of these items stocked because they are useless now and I didn’t wanted to sell to NPC like most people do, maybe create a new item to prevent people who already have many of them stocked like me, as much as I would like to see some use for this currently useless items :confused:

Edit: I think your table should contain all 40 enhancement levels


I think we should not mantain the old system. The thruth is: We can’t please everyone, as much as I want to.
About the price: We will wait more feedback before changing it. We’ve got some mixed feelings about it, until now, and we need more forum feedback!

About new itens: The ideal situation is to create another material. We’ve used those as example because, as you said, they are useless now. But I think new itens would be a better option. New metals would be perfect.

Yeah, I’ll talk about expanding the table with my friend. If we show only +21, some people might get confused.


Almost forgot: Thanks for the reply! It’s very important for us


There are many who defend this system the way it is.
Check this post How to Let my weapom +15?
I don’t see how it will change EVEN if with the right proposal.

Edited¹: Word “even” included in the sentence.


Oh, I know there are many who defend the current system. But it’s only a suggestion, a proposal. If most playes don’t like it, there is really nothing we can do

But I’ll try!


@therhay hey
My friend made another table showing velc +40 prices and applying the same system transcend has - less material, less sucess chance.
Thia way people could still get the RNG and the “sure” ways
I’ll share it here as soon as I can-

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IMC : hmmmm interesting

3 month ago

IMC : sell Enhance chance Voucher 100 % 99TP



You know, I actually laughed a little about this post, because it is kind of a naïve attempt of making IMC changing a p2w mechanic. But even thinking that, I liked it, because it was a show of effort, a demonstration that there are people that care for having effort as a difficulty factor and not rng. But then, you see posts of people defending rng. And then comes my wish of killing myself (this is a hyperbole).

And you know what, all of you have the right to do so.

And I use such right that to hate it. And also like you, I have my reasons. I’m not going to talk about it, because everybody else is doing that already for me. But I will talk about another thing.

This might be my 5th comeback to the game, and I would say that, for my tastes, most of the problems that I had and that which made be wait to get better are solved. Rebuild actually was what make me spent hundreds of hours again.

So, what’s my problem?

I hate RNG.I don’t ■■■■■■■ undestand why there are people who defend it. And I understand even less when they defend it on a effort centered game genre. And I don’t ■■■■■■■ care for what they have to say anymore.

ToS was like, the last MMORPG that actually grasped all my aesthetic tastes. It is a perfect game besides its mechanics, which are with the time getting better and this is fine and good.

I don’t know how long I will stand it and keep playing this. Not because of the devs not doing something they should have done. But because there are people that are, in my opinion, dumb enough to defend RNG. I blame you for being the recurrent type that makes every single mmorpg a shithole.

You are the ones who help those departments on koeran dev and publishing companies create more means of putting a cow mask on you. Moo for me, motherfucker.

Therefore, @mambojango4good I actually am happy for what you and your friend did, but I don’t think it will succeed, even if I want to. You literally have IMC, whales and RNG white knights against you. I still hope that I’m wrong and your deeds actually change something.

But that’s enough for me. GLHF


Thanks for the reply. I understand you. ToS is the only MMO I like to play, nowadays. I can’t really explain why. I respect players opinions about RNG and yeah, I don’t think my post will go anywhere beyond the forum, but when I saw my friend working on this I couldn’t just watch. So here I am, with a little bit of faith.

I’m really happy you like what we are doing here. Makes me keep going. Thanks!


Already had a similar idea long time ago, nice to see some ppl thinking alike, it will stay a dream but nevertheless good work!

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Updated Costs Table and Catalysts!

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