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Necrosorc card choice



I made full SPR Pyro3/Sorc2/Necro3 build yesterday (yes, I know the meta is to go Cryo3, but dang, I made it from lv 1-200 solo in one day which is a record for me :smiley: ).

Now I’m kinda stuck on card choices, and I’d like to ask for help on that matter. So far my choices are:

Red: 3x Chapparition Card (Magic attack +[★]% for 6 seconds when using SP potions)
Blue: 3x Nuaele (Magic Defense +[★]%)
Green: 3 x Linkroller card (SPR +[★])
Purple: 3x Gazing Golem ([★]% chance of using Lv1 Pain Barrier upon being hit)
Legendary: Demon Lord Nuaele Card (Magic Defense +[★ * 10]%)

Grimoire: Netherbovine > Froster Lord > Marnox
Shoggoth: Gray Golem

My main in Grimoire is a 10* Netherbovine which I morph into Gorkas, amazing for farming. BUT… If talking about Morph, which would be the best stat card? Morphing Marnox into Marnox? Or is there a better stat card?

Grimoire and Green are set, problem is Red, Purple & Legendary slots as well as Shoggoth slot. Since I’m full SPR I’m not entirely sure I need Chapparition cards, and 3x GG is a bit of an overkill. I tried reading other builds and I found some other choices:

Reaverpede Card - Increases [★/2]% damage against medium size target
Centaurus Card - AOE Attack ratio +[★/5]
Froster Lord Card - When attacking has [★/2]% to freeze the enemy for 4 seconds (this would’ve been better if I went Cryo but eh)

3x Zaura as alternative for Nuaele, I don’t know which is better for this build, Pdef or Mdef.

1x Gazing Golem +
2x Canceril Card - [★]% chance of recovering 2% HP when hit by Medium-sized monsters

Velcoffer - Damage received by monsters reduced by [★ * 3]% (if that card is implemented in iToS now, that is)

Shoggoth: Is Gray Golem still the best or one of these is a better option?
(legendary) Kugheri Balzermancer Card

Sorcerer Info Megathread

My two cents (from a Cryo1/Linker2/Sorc2/Necro3, so I might be very off because of my different playstyle):

  • You are a Necro, you shouldn’t get hit much, so Canceril Card is too useless. 3x Gazing Golem is, in my eyes, still the best, as knockdowns are still an issue from bosses (at least for me). Generally, bosses should give you the most trouble as a lot have knockback/knockdown, which will weaken your damage a lot since your Skeletons, Shoggoth and Salamion will stop attacking. In farming, you shouldn’t get hit much. Hence, no need for middle monster HP recovery.

  • Velcoffer is not in the game yet, but will be in a week. Good luck getting its card. It’s probably the best indeed. Alternatives could be Nuaele, Zaura or Rexipher for you, depending on your playstyle. I see legendary Nuaele and Zaura offered sometimes in chat (on Klaipeda server) already. Just be ready to pay big bucks if you cannot farm for them yourself - I paid over 500mil for the legendary card I have (Helgasercle).

  • Zaura or Nuaele doesn’t make that much of a difference. My personal preference is picking two cards of the defense type I have less stats in (so depending on if I’m wearing more cloth or plate) and one for the other. Not sure about your equipment, but I have more cloth (Laitas Spr equipment), so two Zauras and one Nuaele.

  • Red is… eh. Chapparition is, for me, useless - at least I never run out of SP, not even close - but I had no idea what else to pick, so my slots are still empty. Froster Lord should not be needed (again, you’re a Necro and in no danger of getting hit a lot), so I would vote for Centaurus. I’m not sure how much damage you deal as full Spr (I deal close to nothing…) so Reaverpede seems also useless to me. As I suspect you might struggle the most with bosses, I would rather go for Tomb Lord. Not that it makes much difference. Heck, even go Helgasercle for the minimal boost - that’s what I went for (I have a bunch of unleveled Helga cards right now, as they were cheap lately), as it helps more than the % because my damage is just THAT low lol.

  • Regarding Shoggoth: Gray Golem for more HP, Kubas for attack. Depends on what you want more. I prefer Gray Golem. Legendary Kugheri beats, as far as I know, both of them without even being leveled. I’m not gonna swear on that, though; just read it here somewhere.

  • As for Morph… I personally don’t like morphing one card into its copy to reset cooldowns. I find jumping down, morphing and jumping up way too awkward and taking up valuable time, making me susceptible to getting hit. That’s the only thing I can contribute here - I don’t like using Netherbovine or Gorkas, so I’m definitely not good enough of an expect with these summons to recommend anything there.

Necromancer & Sorcerer

Chap is useless for this build because as full SPR I never run out of MP (heck, I don’t even carry SP potions), and the bonus to Matk doesn’t matter since my matk is abysmal anyway. Centaurus seems like the most logical choice. But Froster lord - doesn’t that card add a chance of freezing the enemy when you attack, rather being attacked? It’s description is: “When attacking has [★/2]% to freeze the enemy for 4 seconds”. But again, that card would be better for Cryos.

Same here. I find the whole idea a bit redundant. I’m only using Netherbovine because it’s my best lv10 card for stats, and I Morph Gorkas because all he has are AoE skills, which are awesome for farming, at least for now. In the future, if I get one, then I’m going to use Marnox for everything and for 2nd slot maybe something else (I read somewhere that Pyroego is good for CM or Uphill).

I went with Pyro because of it’s crazy levelling speed, but in later maps all it’s skill will probably be obsolete, but I hear there’s going to be a reset event in the future so I’ll probably switch to Cryo. If I do, then:

  • I’ll use Froster lord as Red rather than Centaurus. (PS do Centa/FL effect apply to summons attacks?)
  • Cryo has an attribute for Rod + Shield, which is more useful than Pyro’s Staff attribute, because I can use 2 equipment slots to boost my SPR (PS2 I saw some video where someone summoned when equipped with R+S, and after summoning switched to Staff, is that more efficient?)

Anyways here’s my build if anyone wants to check it out:

EDIT: I just hit Necro and in the Necronomicon there are 4 card slots O.o Does that mean I need 4 Gray Golems to maximize Shoggoth’s potential?


No. Just the one on the first slot.

We all feel this. An option is Hydra if u go Cryo (increased damage against frozen enemies). I like the Tomb Lord card, but can be a little wierd to make it worthy.
Other options are:
Purple: Necroventer (almost all your damage is dark property) or Succubus (lower provocation so your minions may aggro).

There is a ratio for each SPR and magic attack from the main weapon that increases the minions’s stats. Yeah, having shield helps a lot, but a higher MATK may be better if you want more damage on the minions.
I hope I helped :slight_smile: