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Nakmuay Quest_ Cannot find Asana's friends (or whoever know her)

Hi guys, it seems that i cannot find the right NPCs to talk about Asana, from Fedemian to Fede Suburbs, Escanciu, Ancient Garden, Stele Road.

It seems that not all of the NPCs would talk about Asana and merchant/class masters wouldn’t talk about her, too.

Back to the problem, I cannot find anyone saying that “Asana chan is in Tenant farm”, should i talk to objects or anything interact-able ? I’ve been running through the maps nearly 10 times and i feel like Asana-chan has long gone.

Also, there are 3 NPCs at Escanciu Village that I cannot start conversation, I wonder if they can say anything about her

Has anyone had the same problem as me? or is there any requirement to let NPCs talk about her ?

Please help TwT I’ve done all of the tedious tasks and this (supposedly the easiest) is the one i’m struggling ( U m Ụ )

Necromancer Drasius at Goddess’ Ancient Garden too?

he said he doesnt know :^(

[Fedemian Suburbs]: 4 NPCs but only 1 talk about Asana, he said he doesn’t know

[Fedemian]: many NPCs but only these guys talk about Asana:
1.Security Guard:

2.Fedemian Resident:

3.Guard Leaper:


5.Old man:

6.Klaipeda Peddler:

[Escanciu Village]: 7NPCs but only 3 talk about her:

  1. Old man Moses:
  1. Villager Cahill:

3.Lumberjack Luoval:

[Goddess Ancient Garden]: 5 NPCs and 2 talk about her
1.Hunter Talus:

  1. Necromancer Drasius:
    ( already attached above )

[Stele Road]: 5 NPCs and only Treaser Hunter talk about Asana:

Does anyone complete the mission with any other NPCs ? If you do, please tell me too, i’m kinda losing hope right noww :cry: :cry: :cry:

Hello, I hope this guide is still somewhat accurate it’s a bit outdated tho :3
Some stuff might have changed but can’t exactly tell you what …

If it’s not helping I’m sorry :persevere:

@Rizbo Hi there !

Sadly that was the guide i’m using and i can see that noone in there meets the same problem as me :cry:

Thanks for your help ^^

Fletcher Master and Monk Master?

@Ishida none of the masters talks about Asana :frowning:
Fletcher doesn’t give options about Asana and Monk just saying sth about his class