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My opinion about the game state after years without playing it

First of all this just a player opinion don’t get salt if you don’t like it, opinion is like butt everyone has one so don’t come and talk trash don’t lose your time.
The game became very immersion breaking, wings, bunny suit, butler, maid and swimmer outfit for example breaks the fantasy immersion that I had at the beginning of the game.
Another complaint that I have with the game is that the game became too easy like a mobile game, the feeling I have is that the game was designed to be a pc game at the time I played and now became a mobile game. You one shot everything, bosses are very easy in the past you had to cooperate with other players to win a dungeon the tank tanked, the healer healed, the dps dealt damage. Now everyone randomly kills brainlessly the potatoes that the mobs have been turned. People ran dungeons to level up now the early game dungeons are empty and everyone only level ups doing Challenge mode.
Other than that I like the new class system and the game feels and runs better and is more polished.
Sorry about my grammar errors.


hard content is now in raid… not that hard actually, just a recital dance where failing a mechanic can one shot kills you.

So you’re complaining the tutorial mode is too easy?

that’s a revelation to me…! :rofl: :rofl:

if u consider every level,dungeon,quest and sides ultil you hit +400 a tutorial than I am. and even +400 is not hard u just need to have gear.


I know and that’s why I don’t like the non existence of progression in what u have to rush to high level to play a recital dance :grinning:

I get what you’re trying to say.

I remember prior to re:build and somewhere around rank 7/8, when I was HL I had to crosscut skyliner monsters to kill them, Or as Barb, seism cleave.

Now I just AA or throw one random skill and then overkill. You experience this kind of easy until you hit the grind wall before you can start doing end-game raids.

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sad to say leveling from 1-440 is not progression.not anymore.
gearing yourself from 430 onward is

1-440 indeed piece of cake. they also sell the cake so you can easily 1 click and voila, 440. even without the cake you can reach 440 in a day with proper knowledge, time and in game resource.

its indeed suck situation especially when you are new to the game or expecting ancient mmo style game
but even game like monster hunter world for example provide you with guardian armor set so you can quickly boost to main game. ff xiv have one heros journey and so on
the dev/publisher wont you spend so much time leveling in early level as very tiny amount of people do old contents as they are outdated and provide less reward
also the game been exist quite a while and majority are in endgame already

most importantly the game has turned into instance style game where the main dishes are challenge mode, division singularities and raids.

still you can always try challenge mode in maps 100+, try stage 4 above as solo
its still not gonna be easy especially stage 5+. even party one is tough.
if you indeed try, fail and think its its possible. i did (and probably some others did as well)solo it a lot to farm skill gem, which still worth some silver, in stage 7 of old maps with super geared build (cleric *cough)

Power rangers, task force police, astronaut costumes… Even Christmas or Halloween events makes no sense in a game like ToS, but you have them.

RE:Build made every class available from start, so instead of having your best skills at level 300 you have them at level 30. New players can “rush” the whole story in days now, and yes it turns all Demon Lords into clowns, at least during story time. Who was saying that it’s the journey that is more important and not the destination? In ToS it’s the opposite. And all pre-level 400 content is outdated. Once you reach the endgame, the difficulty starts: you will need endless grinding or making your way via TP/packages. Episode 12 was a good step in the right direction with the final boss being somewhat challenging, but you complete the story in a few hours and after that you’re left is going back to the mindless grind. They added endgame raids, but unless you like dumb mechanisms that require meta builds and precise execution to not make your entire run fail you will skip those.

That’s a good one. Instead of having episode 1… episode 12 they should rename them as “prologue - act 1”… “prologue - act 12” :wink:

I leveled up a lancer recently, now at episode 12, and the only equipment I used is the free Kedorian stuff. Feels stupid when every boss you fight up to episode 11 dies to a single Rhongomiant level 1…

I remember when I reached Valandis room the first time with my level 330 wizard and getting almost oneshotted by those Crowasias clowns and CM in Sausys 9 was a nightmare at that time. At least it was fun… Now everything either do zero damage to you or has dumb oneshotting mechanisms.

Oh yeah totally forgot about those TP packages… Easy to spot when you see someone with a level 420 character applying to your guild… but with “none” as AJ rank.

Yes this is fun. Especially when your Varna using Elementalist gets an armor upgrade and you need to get ANOTHER Meteor gem because you cannot get the one you have on your current armor back :tired:
New char -> level up to 145 -> Sanctuary map -> CM-a-thon
Now imagine you have a swordie and you need another Gung Ho or Bear gem…

Tree of Savior isn’t easy at all. Sure getting to endgame is easy (but you can reach it in 2 weeks these days), but if you cut that out in my opinion Tree of Savior is one of the hardest MMORPGs there is. The number and complexity of mechanics you need to learn to beat the raids is higher than in any other game I saw.

You can complain about many things in Tree of Savior like open world gameplay being dead and Challenge Mode being boring.

But complaining it’s too easy just shows that you haven’t really played the game in its current state enough to even make a good judgement.

Have you actually played a raid in any other mmo?

ToS raids aren’t hard, they are just bug-infested ■■■■-shows and cheap 1 shot mechanics cuz they ran out of code to copy-pasta. Dragoons could 1 shot group legends skiaclipse when it was first released and still do today. Not even gonna tell you the number of bugs on white witch.

Imagine thinking anything in IToS was hard. It is a soft boiled egg of the already soft Ktos.
Take your helmet and training wheels off son.
Nvm you are probably safer here if you think “Tree of Savior is one of the hardest MMORPGs” lol

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Play FFXIV if you want to experience an actual raid.

Lepi H doesn’t even compare to harder raids in it.

What makes this game hard is unfortunately, RNG, so it’s not hard for everyone specially for a certain someone in telsiai that gets archstone in goddess grace every other day

I don’t know guys, I can’t imagine a game being harder than ToS because ToS is basically unbeatable even on Easy difficulty unless you party up with an overgeared player. There’s also so many mechanics to mess up that are instant death like in Skia when you destroy prison before ultimate attack. Even if you got down the mechanics there’s always one person in the group that messes up resulting in a full party wipe.

Lepi is so complex I still don’t understand what’s going on it, I just get teleported around, transformed, blinded and raised to the sky and dropped down to the ground and then I take 6320000 damage and am dead. With revive, revive trigger, then I get teleported next to the boss and get instant killed by that attack. I hardly can even move or use any skills.

Glacia Easy takes like 30 minutes or longer unless you go in with carry, it’s a bit easier to understand and master, but it’s so incredibly exhaustening.

Glacia Normal/Hard people won’t even take you with them if you don’t have top-end gear like full flaw ichor set.

I admit I haven’t played FFXIV, but all the Korean MMORPGs I’ve played before weren’t this hard, at least not this complex.

There seems to be a disconnect between active players and new/returnee players that makes the active players dismiss an important aspect of games as a whole.

A fundamental aspect of games is player progression, a blend of knowledge and mechanical progressions. It’s not the same as character progression, nor equipment progression, nor plot/storyline progression. The player progression is something that the is ingrained and becomes part of the player, it is related to the game but it isn’t a part of the game. When new/returnee players say the game is too easy, what they are saying is that the game isn’t demanding them to improve their knowledge about the game and/or to improve their mechanical performance (and no, skill rotations don’t fit into it).

Then, there are players that defend that the game “difficulty” is locked on endgame content and you just have to level faster to enjoy the game experience. If i were to put into simple terms, it is the same as going through middle school just to have your teacher asking you to build a full flying commercial plane using only the what you learned on school and your allowance.

There’s an abyss between the early-midgame and the endgame, and the only things that act as a bridge are outdated content that you would have to solo since no one wants/needs to do them anymore and they still don’t teach you the gimmicks used on the endgame content.

I also dislike these, but they’re “harmless fun” for people that enjoy them.

Lemme try to put it on different words.

The so called challenges and difficulty on ToS is binary and only takes in consideration stats and positioning. (with few exceptions). In the same Skia example, the game asks you to wait and not break the prision, if you don’t you die. This pattern repeats in different forms but the structure is mostly the same, do X and live, don’t do X and die instantly. It gets worse when you add stage skipping as IMC keeps pushing the power ceiling further, the game either is too generous or too late on informing what you need to to next, so when you skip a stage by 0.1% difference you just get sucker punched. If all that wasn’t enough, IMC focus all the raid attention to the boss fight and leaves the other segments to be boring and/or repetitive, which i believe they just gave up bothering with it.

  • Failing because your equipment isn’t good enough doesn’t make a raid hard.
  • Missed the time/position and being IK doesn’t make a raid hard.
  • Be stuck into a 20+ minute boss fight doesn’t make a raid hard.
  • Having to memorize 10+ boss phases don’t make a raid hard.
  • Combining multiple of these elements also don’t make a raid hard.

The foundation of difficulty is the balance between decision making and task execution (except games that can only have one of them), IMC just ignores the first element and threats it like a glorified rhythm game.

If you could make a TOS Private Server what would you do?

I disagree, all 5 points you mentioned are the reason why the game is hard.

But yes, it’s a “glorified rhythm game”.

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I’ll just add a bit more depth to these two points.

The best comparison i have for this is if you had to capture a landscape, you could learn how to draw and paint, improve your skills over a long period of time and execute it with simpler tools or just buy a cellphone/camera and take a picture, the merit of the latter isn’t on your achievement but on the tool power. It is reasonable for content to not be beaten if your gear is leagues beyond the average, but when we have so many multiplications in the systems being one or two tier behind in equipment can be enough to prevent you from doing X content. Equipment has to provide value, but it shouldn’t act like a gate.

This is more about cheap IK mechanics that will always 100-0 you. It is important for games to punish players for their mistakes but not in a binary state, specially because mistakes occur on degrees. It is way more interesting and engaging to be drained over and have to correct yourself to avoid it on long fight than being kicked out of it instantly. After all, there’s no need to think if you want to take X or not if you know X will kill you every single time no matter what.

Not sure if you’re asking me that but sure… I’d start by restructure the core elements of the game, which are classes and monster combat (not bosses).

First thing is to reorganize classes into 6 categories - offensive, support and control, with a combination of two of each (O+S, O+C, S+C) - in a close to equal distribution, depending on the base class with a minimum of one class per category (reminder, there’s only one tank class in 80 or so). Then redesign classes to have a specific gameplay identity and not be completely locked to X weapon, this make sure they can avoid overlap with other options on their same tree and provide unique value. Skills would also shift towards more tool value than raw damage/damage boost.

On the combat side, try to improve the monsters aiming to make sure they can hit you and add some conditional effects that can be triggered by player actions. A simple example being a “rotten kepa” (rip Orsha) that splash gas whenever it receives melee damage, but that buff can be removed if it receives X fire property damage. This small addition makes it more harmful to melee characters and punish bad positioning/teamwork, easy to handle by ranged characters and a way to make Pyromancer have support value (even being a full offensive class) on an isolated fight, not to mention it also allows players to use a specific type of equipment to disable the splash. Every monster should have some sort of trait to make certain classes more or less valuable on the fight, but never being exclusive.

Only after these that i’d move towards the instance content redesign, using those changes. I’ll leave an old event suggestion here in case you want, but it is a lot of text (there are more monster trait examples there too).

good write up

too bad imc doesnt care



I’m agree with you. I think a mmo need a leveling progression experience this is part of what makes a mmo good, and tos already have it they just made the old content useless. tos need new player without a leveling progression the new player will reach high level in one day and stop playing the game after 3 or 4 days. They need to revamp it
One example of what I mean imagine leveling in ffxiv and u can oneshot every monster in every, dungeon,trial, quest and etc.
And u can only have a ''experience" from the level 70 onwards.

Yeah and I think people will misinterpret me because they didn’t play the game like he used to be (2016 until rebuild) Thinking that I’m that show off kid who says every game is easy while I’m just saying I prefer the old leveling.
The game was much more similar to ragnarok. Now is a istanced based game.