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My opinion about the game state after years without playing it

It is, after the day they put CM challenge into the game. :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe the better word here is, hard to achieve, rather than hard to actually playing it. All the difficulty we have are mostly binary, i totally agreed with that, its either you can or cannot do it. The threshold game of tos is just too much that people might take it as “still far away”, because they don’t really able to gauge their actual progression to it.

It is discouraging if the player feels not moving in progression or doesnt have the needs to do so.

“Easy” is really just the wrong word here.

Yes, it was open world exploration before and now it’s an instance-based game, nobody is going to deny that one.

IMC just hates bots so much they rather have a crappy game without bots than a great game with bots.

some ppl just criticize better here than playing better in-game
remind me of those guys in rottentomatoes site
whatever they rate a movie, what they think missing in the movie, how they defame and belittle it, they give it a 2 i can give it 8, i dont give a fk and i will just enjoy the movie
its opinion. and not all opinion becomes fact especially when you are not proven expert of the game.just because you are here from beta doesnt mean you are expert.

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I love this game. I’d play it all day if I could, but it’s awfully addictive, and I’ve got worktime employee monitoring system installed, which means my manager won’t be happy with me gaming during work hours. Except he also feels nostalgic, too, for fascinating games, lol.

I don’t know what is your work culture, but generally no company or colleague like this.

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