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My Final Feedback: Goodbye for Good ToS

Dude, it says BETA. It really says Open and means no wipe out, but still BETA. We’re still in test it means many things still needs to be re-worked before stabilizing. At this phase random updates for changes will occur both announced and not . It may not delete your characters but severely the gameplay can be modified anytime soon depending how reliable it is. Judging from feedbacks the game is having currently, changes will come in all of sudden before the real F2P release.

You guys should already realized that we paid to see this problems and test them.

Idk why there are still so many who believe that we’re playing a Beta. The game is in early access right now and will be fully RELEASED in about 2 weeks.
They wanted to do an OBT, but they scratched the idea.

because there is a word Beta there OBT = Open Beta TEST

We would also like to offer our sincerest apologies for changing to a Founder’s Server after announcing an Open Beta without sufficient explanation.

Anything else to contribute to the discussion or are you done spreading misinformation?


Good post @svalinn85… yes I read ALL of it :slight_smile:

I do hope IMC polishes this game further if they want the game to at least last for more than a year or two

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You don’t really read the full post aren’t you? It clearly says to test right?
In all essence was we we’re given a privilege to be Beta testers to check what are the things they need to prepare themselves. At this point its clear they already sought to see the major ones, and I will not be surprised if the OBT will be moved or even shutdown for a few weeks to another month just to fix these issues. Hopefully they won’t and able to fix all of them without any pause.

Exactly this. F2P will start and it will be a disaster… this game is far from beeing polished enough to demand money for it.

That’s the lamest attempt at making a point that I’ve seen in quite some time. Every new content needs to be tested in some way, be it on Alpha, CBT, OBT or live servers - that doesn’t magically revert the game back to an OBT state.

We’re playing the early/exclusive access on the Founder’s Server/s right now and in two weeks everyone will get to play the fully released game. So while there is still a lot of testing involved, there is no Open Beta. Period.

Ohh come on kid, read the lines even on steam it has a tag saying its still on OBT. Yup its true you can’t revert it back but you can always extend its current state. Besides the only time you can call a game a non-Beta phase once they clarified its already on Episode 1, or the server itself said we’re not in OBT anymore.

Their is a reason why its called Early Access, to me it looks like an extended CBT.

And if so you’re right, this game will be on the list of failed games within 3~6 months. Hypothetically that’s what’s going to happen, and I can see they got a lot on their hands.

And regards to that, I read some news that the full OBT release will be on July. Can you clarify this to me? Thanks

I agree with you: either there is a line saying it’s an OBT or there isn’t… man even if there was a line saying the game was officially released in it’s ultimate form… i’d still consider this an OBT… and i consider myself a tester.

A tester “job” is to try the game, give feedbacks, suggestions, etc etc… expecially since the staff members themselves asked for feedbacks and suggestions in order to improve the game.

This means that yes, i feel entitled, as a tester, to write down my feedbacks, opinions and suggestions for the devs to read.

That is what i’ve done: i’ve bought a founder access, i’ve tested out the game for as much time as i could before getting sick of it (the fact that this happened in 2 weeks is not really something good), and then i left my feedback…

So yeah saying “Kid” or “you’re quitting” makes you kind of an “epic fail” as an user since you first speak like you’re talking to someone that was playing a complete game and decide to wuit and then yourself say that this is an OBT that needs testing thus disquilifing your own statement about people complaining and quitting over game issues.

If this wasn’t enough… i’ve wrote a full feedback that contains way more than one point to it explaining quite in detail why i decided that i do not want to keep playing this game as it is now… yet you only managed to reply:

bypassing completely every single point explained in detail in my feedback post… so you’re either blind OR you just wanted to try and start a flame.

In regard to your:

Well i could say Elder Scroll Online were you pay in game gold to reset both but that is a buy to play game so i guess it doesn’t count…

But i will say tho that lots of mmos offer such items in the CS while ToS only has Skill reset.

To add something more… i’ve never said that i want it for free… the only thing i wrote down is that players that will come to the game on steam will most of the times be casual players… the hardcore ones are ALREADY playing the game… this mean that they will NOT go and google for fan made websites to plan their build in advance: they’ll get into the game, try a build out, find out they don’t like it, try to change it, find out they can’t, get upset and leave.

And since i think that players leaving the game is BAD for the game itself i pointed it out.

That would be different if we had a “plan your build” addon inside the game itself for everyone to see… as it is now the majority of players that will get into the game when it gets F2P will not even know it exists.

So yeah… think what you must i’m not here to force you to think like me… but perhaps you should have your brain work a little more into actually understanding what you’re reading and writing before posting… that’s just a suggestion of course, feel free to ignore it or get angry at it.


Let me try to explain it to you:

crafting classes… i’m going to use SQUIRE as an example, need to actually BUY items in order to repair weapons.

That means that from what they earn you have to take away the cost of such items AND 50% of the income.

That means that squires are FORCED to offer their services for about 4-5 times MORE than NPCS… resulting in very few people actually using them for repair.

So there you have the problem about the 50% tax

Calling someone a kid will not help you in getting your point across. It just makes you look like a dimwit.
And wow, simply wow… it has a tag on steam? Seriously? Like, are you absolutely certain that it has a custom, user-defined tag that pretty much anyone can add?

There’s clearly no point trying to reason with you, since even a quote from a staff member, saying that they wouldn’t do an OBT doesn’t seem to convince you otherwise. If you want to believe in your own flawed perception of things, be my guest; although you should at least try to not infect others with your stubborn ignorance.

First of all, regulating in game economy is a really bad idea in the first place. But let’s say ok as to some sort of money sink out.
But 50% makes it very low-profitable. Especially when you have to be all that time online and can provide only one type of service at time.
Adding to that lack of real crafting as it is, it’s mostly annoying feature that has almost to none positive impact on anything except moneysink.

I never knew that, I never played that game good thing I ask. Plus to me that thing is lame, lol. Sorry kid but the games i played doesn’t have all those features you said to me, In development wise Asian games are like these and only played Asian MMOs.

The game is still too early to be judged, the game has a very wide variety that could so far just haven’t been explored yet. Examples are the mobs in this games also drop misc. items and there is a possibility those materials can be farmed. Another is the game has instance dungeon and boss features, A big possibility that a monster or a boss could have an ability to destroy a weapon or armor, basically meaning the SQUIRES will be needed for those dungeons.

Because to me, the only thing i could say that the 50% tax is bad is if they weren’t thought about for some reason or they are just plain stupid. But I wanted to think IMC already thought about it as well. Maybe in the current time its useless, but who know maybe the next patch it will be next big thing.

This is really lame kid, back then when Ro first came up, I have an Agi Int Wizard, lol. Because back then we were being asked by the game to explore on our own, Add-ons like that came from other players who somehow found out that dex reduces cast time.

My point is that, you kids just can’t understand the joy of hardship.

That’s why i said that this game is not for everyone, I actually was looking forward for hardships like these. To me or to us, the challenge of outsmarting the game itself what really gives this game the thrills. And in all honesty, if the game will be dumbed down, that excitement will be lessen. Well that’s a personal opinion though.

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Well… there you are now… desperatly trying to sound like you know something after you’ve been found wrong on almost all your behavior… well then ok, if this makes you happy then i will say i’m a kid… there… happy? ohk… i’m glad you are ^^

I actually don’t understand why are you so mad about that. There is nothing wrong calling a kid a “Kid”, right?

Like i said, i don’t see the fun in making this game so easy.

Sounds kind of lame to me if everyone can earn easy money just by making some potions and scrolls.

Like really, how can you call it fun if whenever you seem to make a wrong build you will just has to drink a potion and Poof, like nothing happened?

Absolutly… i’m a kid… and you’re right on everything that you said… ^^

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Idk if my english is poor, or between you and me someone just can’t accept some reasoning.

Let’s pretend you’re correct, What will happen to us then? Let all the other free players login to game and create more chaos the server can handle?

Well for me i got a lot of things to do and avoid ToS for awhile if that happens.


How is it calling a kid, “Kid” wrong and offensive?

I’m playing a 100% support Cleric.
I’m an ■■■■■■■ so I was going to argue everything you just said.
… I can’t. Besides the respec potion part. You just hit the nail on the head harder then most. Take care OP. Many of us are probably going to be following you soon enough. :cry:


Ahm, just a quick thought, I think what the op means is that in a good-designed game we can have fun with the builds without having to prepare beforehand for future problems in the game like a chess game with the creators…We should only think about build synergy and that alone is a hell lot of trouble, and the extra problem of the scaling is really getting in the way.

He is talking about game choice of design regarding the scaling of the skills in a way that early level decisions will completely be replaced by later levels’ classes… not something an open beta after countless of closed ones in numerous regions is supposed to work on. I understand many people like a game because it’s fun to outsmart the game, but when they just design like the game will substitute classes for more of the same but stronger in the future… they should really change that you know