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🍄 Archer builds/ Skill synergies / Mechanics etc Megathread! 🍄

Cloaking gets broken by jumping ^^.

Being rude won’t help.

When it says ‘50% additional physical attack damage’ I thought 50% of your atk would be added to the formula, and since 400% is already based on your physical attack damage…

If the final damage is actually increased by 50% that’s some fierce skill to take into account.

In any case, thanks.

No, it only adds up 50% of your physical damage to your damage. If you have 400, it’ll add 200. Atleast that’s how it worked with Smite’s attribute(the description is basically the same) @Anarth
Ps: The descrpition says ADDS 50% physical damage… So it just sums 50% of your physical damage after the skill damage

Hmm, just to be clear, it modifies your physical attack ( before it gets calculated into the damage ). It’s still really good, working similar to how doppel’s deeds of valor would work with 5 stacks up. So if you had 400 physical attack, your next attack while cloaking would be as if you had 400+200=600 physical attack.

@greenfoxy21 says that the 50% multiplies the whole formula: (400% atk + skill atk)*1,5

@iago_l says that the extra 50% is added as an extra damage, after the formula: (400% atk + skill atk) + 50% attack

@zhouyu47 says that the extra 50% multiplies the atk % of the formula: ((400%)*1,5 + skill atk)

oh boy.

Search for ‘Scout’ under ‘Attack Modifiers’

I’m not exactly saying it’s multiplying the atk % ( though it looks like the result would be the same ), but that it’s making your physical attack be 50% more before any other calculation occurs.

It’s most likely how @zhouyu47 said it worked. It definely doesn’t multiply your whole damage by 1.5.

on ‘Attack Modifiers’ section it says that the bonus interacts with the base damage in some way…

Vendetta (Rogue) doesnt have an Attack % on its formula though it does get its damage increased by Scout’s Cloaking attribute.

Thank you for clarifying that! But the question still remains! Is it worth it going for Scout+Musketeer? :stuck_out_tongue:


@zhouyu47 well…adding 50% to something is actually multiplying it by 1.5 :\

What’s your opinions this build:

How you like this?

Probably the most used nuker build atm.

But wtf. Anchor shot xD.
You need spiral shot and barrage maxed.

Anchor shot is rather… bad.
Multi hit skills prevail dps wise. And the damage from anchorshot isnt even halfbaked.

High Anchoring in my opinion is good at Lv.3 if you don’t have anything to put that points (well, there are better options). On Lv.3 most of skills that needs charging like Full Draw and High Anchoring can be used almost instantly.

It’s good situaional.

But it isn’t even a true aoe, you might hit 10 small mobs or 5 medium mobs (when you have another 4 aoe atk ratio on you, level 1.).

Bounce shot is about the same (without extra aoe atk) in atk counts, but that is an non charger and +100% atk on bounced atks.

When you add mroe levels you get 1 aoe atk ratio per level. Which is nice, but be truhtful. In which situations would one need 20 aoe atk ratio on it. Except earth tower (where the damage from it would actually be usefull, still 10 medium enemys only or 20 small.)

The only real use for my High Anchoring is to reduce monsters critical resistance xD

Ohh … i forgot that xD.

But that is the krivis job xD!

I actually like the high anchoring spell as i find it fun to use.
Also the spells from first ranks won’t matter when you use Musket (except for buffs), hence why i decided to pick what i like using. High anchoring also seems to hit further then my basic hits even so that something useful too - can hit for example magic monsters before they aggro on me. Just aiming is tricky, but yeah with the blue light this spell give when you “charge it but not release it” i don’t mind it being worse option. Still thanks for the honest feedback.

I just think that spiral shot is not looking special at all, and with multi shot its not even needed.

I’d say to take care with opinions on builds, some might not be correct or may not apply to everyone. Spiral Arrow is really good, so don’t trust blindly if someone said it’s bad or won’t worth it.

Spiral Arrow hits on lv~210 iirc (part of a combo tho):

Without the combo but on a lower level:

How many krivis do you expect to see with the buff cap increase lol?


Krivis rank 1 is good enough. But people really tend to go “best build for atm what i am doing”.
Not “what i would be doing later on”.

Sure having krivis sounds stupid a bit when buff limits gets increased, and theres not that much buffs to juggle.
But with 7 ranks … and many buff combinations to be had. A krivis is something you can always use in a party.

Or spam daino scrolls, and make some pardoners happy.

This is my plan on my cleric why waste a rank on something i can carry in my pocket