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Monster Spawning. Need higher rate?

One thing I’ve noticed after a couple hours of play is the amount of time that I had to wait for up to 30 minutes in an area to complete a quest. This is because whenever monster spawned they would all be killed instantly by other people around me, only leaving a few for myself. the problem is then made worst by the fact that I have to wait around 2 - 3 minutes until the next spawn arrives. I don’t know if this is as big a problem as I think it is, but I really don’t want to spend my time in-game, waiting for monsters.

for clarification, I am playing a cleric. So that may contribute to this problem too.


This is true… lots of areas (starting at level 20) have really low spawn rates. Its annoying and makes grinding on mobs (yes, I know we should not grind mobs at that level range) really annoying. :frowning:

Glizardons are the worst. they must have like a 5min spawn time. people need them for quests and for mats, so its hard as hell to kill one.


True ah :(( mob spawn like 4~5min but got ks so much due to too much player :frowning:

Monsters should spawn at least twice as fast.
And those heavy quest related monsters should have instant spawn, Even if server is not crowded

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I dont think you being a cleric is a problem no, the spawn rates need to be higher since mobs just spawn to slow atm. I felt the spawn rate was way higher during CBT

and the density was also lowered compared to icbt~

I was gonna mention that too, but i didn’t know if was because of the lower spawn rates of if the density was actually lowered. But good to know!

  • Tenet chapel underground
  • entire room spawns
  • +8 people
  • ded

Holy… for 1 hour, i was trying to find ANY training spot, but i ultimatically gave up after burning a few seedminias outside.

Also, I literally have not seen ONE vubbe fighter in 20 minutes in the mines and the only glizardos i have ever seen was killed instantly.


I think it was because in CBT, the spawn was by groups, now it’s just individual spawns.

Feels slower in any case, which is bad for grinding. :<

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Though I agree spawn rates should be better, I have to admit I felt better once the quest was completed, cause all that suffering was over xD DAMN YOU GLIZARDON

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It is a problem. I just skip side quests that take too long though.

Actually on CBT the spawn was completely individual per mob.

So if there are 3 glizardons in a room and you kill one, that one would respawn exactly, say, 15 seconds later. So if you manage to kill one of them each 5 seconds, you would be able to always have one of them around.

Now they put all the glizardons (and everything else of the room) on the same respawn timer… so, like, from 2 to 2 minutes all the room respawn.

And that’s ridiculous! That’s NOT how respawns should work. Please bring back CBT respawn style!


Yes! Exactly. In iCBT it was fine. Yeah, sure, many pleases could have needed more mobs, but at least the respawn felt “natural” …right now it is really bad… mob spawning in waves…wave killed within 10 seconds…now you wait on that area for 1m 50s …it sucks

Yes, the spawn rate (style?) is atrocious. Messes up the grinding pace and slows down some of my quests.

I wonder why they changed the style though. Easier on the server?

this need some attention particularly some quest monster. i just spend an hour in tenet church waittng for 2 monster to spawn.

I hope the spawn rates gets upped again soon, its horrible to quest and grind atm. The rates where fine in the iCBT so why have it been changed, the pace was much better.

That quest were I had to attach a holy bomb to a monster (Forgot the name) was horrible. It may not be the same as yours, but I feel ya.

Yes Please, mob rate need to be 2~3x faster, on top of that increase the Glizardon count by 10.