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MONK DoublePunch: What the he** happened?


I always liked Monk class. I Had always chosen at least 1 rank just for monk.
Today I was very happy to test my new monk, but it woth nothing more, wtf

I tested many weapons, only got low low damage on monster, nothing compared to my previous build.

Lots of people complaining, so Is Monk really dead? What I got wrong??

Share your re: build experiences

ignore double punch invest in other skills.


have you tested it? do you agree with me?


They’ve changed it to a simple basic attack modifier, without any bonus damage.


its just an ASPD boost, it doesn’t credibly increase damage, don’t put points in it.


so you agree it is useless now :frowning_face:


Also don’t forget that they balance the skill scaling so the damage look less than it did before re:build, but still serve the same purpose as monster’s HP is also decreased.


it appear none of you have even tested it.


iron skin, double punch and energy blast is even more useless that it was before… everything else is fine not perfect but fine


Tried Monk. The Attack Speed buff is nice but just a bit faster than Demi Wolf Form. I really wanted to try Monk on my second char but it was so bad that I went for Druid instead. No regrets.


It was Re built lol, nothing to be amazed of, now you can have the double attack added to the basic attack without spending mana, try combining it with other things.

Thats the fun part discovering new builds


I play Monk on my main. It’s different but in a good way. DP was never supposed to be the class’ primary damage source and it definitely isn’t now that it’s an Atk. Speed buff and basic attack modifier. For that you should be using the other skills (Except Energy Blast. Cool as it looks, it’s just not justifiable to put points into).


Anyone here knows if you can get Golden Bell Shield past level 5 with Divine Might?
I was wondering what would happen with it if you stack suncus maul’s +2 to monk skills, DM, Henge Stone, and Black liver wort gem.


Another person that sugest things without have even tested it. .

That is the problem, I never thought on giving up on Monk.

Really, that is interesting. Well, my previous monk mainly skill was double punch.
But lets go to the point: I really don’t see how the other skills are worth it. They have a terrific delay to be actioned. Any other class of the Cleric tree could do more damage with more benefits. The problem is that I simple liked monk a lot.


I crapped on Monk problems in Re:Build in another thread:

But yeah, no matter how scaled down damage is supposed to be, 50% x 2 (or 100% since its now fake multihit) skill factor for Double Punch is a joke. Double Punch is now a skill only for Chaplain Monks who can’t get enough DEX or want to save points from Chaplain Attack Speed buff.

With regards to Double Punch, in the first place, Auto Attack builds with melee is kinda counter-productive now. No matter how fast you hit, you still get a hit delay so in the end you can’t do any much faster than 2.5 - 3 Double Punch per second (keep in mind each Double Punch is only 100% unless you plan to spend 100,000 attribute points to make that 100% into 160%). Because of that, Attack Speed for Auto Attacks become redundant at some point.

Investing in DEX from equipment and class build stat allocation is enough to get decent DEX to spam Double Punch. Double Punch also does not offer much damage in the equation of damage for Auto Attack builds compared to Chaplains where the huge bulk of Auto Attack damage comes from, and other classes have more worth in such builds compared to a minor increase in Auto Attack damage (not like its hard to cap Visible Talent without Double Punch anyways). Basically, Double Punch is a dead skill that’s worth 0 or only 1 point max, or if you lack DEX from class build stat allocation and still want to Double Punch (lel).

The bulk of Monk’s damage now comes from Monk’s other skills like Palm Strike, Hand Knife and Energy Blast. Double Punch is held back by too many things (Attack Speed capped by hit delay, lack of damage, essentially just an auto attack reskin, probably won’t use Double Punch a lot since you have more skills to spam, including 11+ seconds of charging and channeling Energy Blast etc), and is not the same skill it once was. Leave it at 0 or 1.


They’re not too bad. One of the problems with Monk is that it’s dependent on attack speed. Outside Korea, the server delay means there’s a softcap on how much you can have before it’s just irrelevant. It seems like IMC tried to compensate for that by making the skills hit harder and adding overheats so you don’t have to be reliant on Double Punching at light speed to keep your DPS up.

All that being said, the damage is still a little lackluster without some sort of outside buff. In my case, I use Velnia cards since the PD/Druid combo means I always have a means of poisoning an enemy on deck to activate the extra 30% damage.


Did some testing in the past couple of days and you dont see me complaining about it, having fun failing and trying again like any other person that came back for the RE:Build.

If you cant handle it, use another character, most people have at least 2 or 3 characters.

Magic seems to be doing OK so far, if you are impatient and cant wait until they fix physical dmg, go that route.


Don’t put points in double Punch, Iron Skin or, Energy Blast as a default.

If you’re putting points into any of those skills it is for a specific reason.
E.G. because you are doing the Divine Stigma combo so you pick up Eblast or want another Knockback.

You are playing a defensive Paladin and want extra mitigation so you grab Iron Skin.

You have Chaplain for some reason so you grab some double punch.

Other then that Max out the other skills and of the 4 points remaining you can put into Double Punch/Eblast or both… Double Punch’s “value” will just be occasional AA filler.

Double Punch is basically in the same spot as Sadhu’s OoB attack, more or less. ASPD in general is a poor stat in Itos.


^^This. This right here^^


Now double punch should work just as an autoattack filler through your line of Monk Skills. It won’t be primary attack anymore. The skills are actually a very fun gameplay, but I hope they implement some attritbutes so the monster don’t get knocked down, it is really annoying.