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MONK DoublePunch: What the he** happened?


Chaplain + Inquisitor is kind of absurd tbh. You can build up paracletus time by hitting inquisitor’s wheel regardless of whether or not your’e attacking enemies. It really benefits from some auto attack synergy in the final slot, and the only real options here are Druid or Monk.

Now, druid offers hybrid damage, healing, crit damage and demiwolf form bonuses, which are pretty significant. Monk on the other hand offers pure physical damage filler and armor penetration courtesy of the two-handed mastery, and more physical attacks to use if you’re trying to stack up paracletus time using the hold-over trick. It also has energy blast, which has synergy with Chaplain’s Deploy Capella (though it’s questionable to use this still)

So really, what’s better? Druid or Monk? I think it’s a matter of preference. I’ve tested both and in spite of all the complaining, Monk felt -really- good on a chaplain build. Druid seemed to be a little better but I feel they’re fairly interchangeable.


Is Double Punch affected by Aspergillum? If so, Chap/Monk sounds like a perfect combination.


Double Punch is affected by all Auto-Attack buffs, so yes its affected by Aspergillum. With that said, Double Punch in Re:Build is a fake multi-hit for some reason, so Double Punch only procs 1 Aspergillum per Double Punch.

After some testing, IMO the benefits from using Monk with Chaplain is:

  1. Double Punch still has its high AoE attack ratio thing going so it still hits a lot of mobs within its range (easily fixed with Inquisitor’s Breaking Wheel, Inquisitor cooldown reset attribute allows it to be up all the time )

  2. Auto-Attacks with 2h-Mace is slower than 1h-Mace for some reason in Re:Build, Double Punch allows transforming any Auto-Attack into an Auto-Attack that hits as fast as normal Auto-Attacks, including 2h-Maces (funny part is, in the end, Auto-Attacking with dagger without any buffs, is faster than Auto-Attacking normally with Double Punch maxed out, making dagger Auto-Attack the better Auto-Attack in terms of proccing buffs)

  3. Double Punch allows the enhancing of Auto-Attacks (with that said, the amount in proportion to the overall damage of Auto Attacks is not worth at all to waste a class slot over. Also, 100 000 attribute points to max Double Punch Enhance aka 60% skill factor lel)

Double Punch has 2 delays to worry about compared to other Auto-Attacks, one being the hit delay of physical Auto-Attacks hitting anything, and the other being Double Punch’s innate skill delay (0.05 seconds, not sure if its still there after Re:Build, hard to time and check 0.05 seconds). TBH if Double Punch procs 2 lines of Auto-Attack buffs, and isn’t affected by hit delay, I can see Chaplain-Monk being a thing, but the role Monk has in the Auto-Attack equation is rather minimal at best, and is better off taking another class.

Then again, play what you feel is fun. In the end, fun is what makes a person stick with a game.


Yeah, but druid demi wolf scratches are also affected by aspergillum and also hit twice, same as Double Punch. Thing is, Double Punch has an attribute whereas demiwolf does not, and benefits mostly from the innate 10% damage increase from wolf form and the crit rate and such. With attributes, Double punch might be stronger.

It’s very easy to say ‘on you’re only taking monk for double punch so it’s not worth it’ but Chaplain is all about auto attack synergy and there are literally only 3 viable class choices to take here if you want to improve your auto attacks for Paracletus time against an Inquisitor’s wheel. Druid, Monk or Priest. Sadhu doesn’t work, I already tried it.

Monk also provides armor penetration, bleed and additional strike damage and physical skills to rotate while you’re stacking Paracletus and don’t want to auto-attack anything. It’s not like it’s completely useless. I really don’t get why people seem to think Monk and Sadhu are so terrible.


Both Druid Auto-Attack and Double Punch only procs 1 hit of Aspergillum. Thing is, the bulk of Chaplain’s Auto-Attack damage largely comes from Aspergillum, and Demi Lycan buffs both the physical Auto-Attack and Aspergillum while Double Punch attribute only affects Double Punch damage alone. In the overall picture, Demi Lycan is probably stronger at zero attribute point cost, and affects all damage skills, not just Double Punch.

IMO there’s more than 3 class choices that are viable to help out. For example:

  • Zealot is probably my recommended pick, gives a huge damage boost that affects both the physical and magic portion of Auto-Attacks, Blind Faith procced by Auto-Attack is counted into Visible Talent damage (easier to cap out Visible Talent damage), Invulnerable allows saving points from Chaplain Paracletus Time (could just go Gazing Golem cards instead) to put it into Deploy Capella, Immolation gives additional fire property damage for Auto-Attacks, and Fanatic Illusion/Emphatic Trust for fire-and-forget damage.

  • Oracle is just great in Re:Build to give damage boost via Prophecy, damage mitigation skills, Death Sentence to boost damage.

  • Krivis has fire property damage from Aukuras, Zalciai for party damage support, Melstis if you need buff extending, and Divine Stigma damage support.

In essence, Chaplain is more of a Magic class using Physical Auto-Attacks to proc its damage, and the bulk of the damage comes from Magic Attack.

While Monk provides block penetration, bleed, strike damage and physical skills, the block penetration is too little to matter (unless you’re talking about Palm Strike Hand Knife armor ignore, 7.5% is unnoticeable in damage), bleed damage is not worth talking about in terms of damage (is more about the SP drain), additional strike damage (single target) only affects the physical portion of Auto-Attacks AKA Double Punch and does not affect Aspergillum where the bulk of the damage lies, and those physical skills are a waste of slots assuming Inquisitor is taken (cooldown reset, and Chaplain Auto-Attack is sufficient bossing damage).

Monk is probably only half-decent at best, but the problem is that the other options in the Cleric tree are just that much better and has more synergy outside their respective classes, thus the opinion that Monk is terrible.


Sounds like when I tried Quicken + Assassin speed buff maxed and it made no speed change using those together. Hasisas past 1 didn’t even feel too worth it.


This is the most active and current thread about monks, so it’s why I’m posing my thoughts here. I’m seeing lots of recommendations of using Zealot and Krivis with Monk. I personally haven’t been…crazy about those 2 classes. Krivis is another 45 levels of buffing with little active skills, and Zealot is very sacrificial, and creepy LOL. I went priest 3 last time, so I should be used to another 45 levels of a class that would buff the crap out of my character with little to no attacks. But it seems like these 2 classes are how I’d get the most damage out of the main class that I WANT Monk.

I like the Inquisitors skills though so I"m thinking Krivis, Monk, Inq. The Inq/Monk combos will make me happy :slight_smile: . Whats up with Aukuras though? Does it still heal?

Edit: I’m really not feeling Zealot, but it’s starting to sound more and more like I won’t have a choice.


If you want the best physical AoE you can get, Zealot’s the choice to make (Which sucks for people like you and me who aren’t really into it).

That being said, Monk should have some synergy with Inqui since Double Punch will let you hit Breaking Wheel faster. As for the 3rd class, Krivis is just kinda meh. The main reason to have it is for extending Zealot’s Fanatic Illusion and Fanaticism via Melstis. If you decide to go Inqui instead, maybe consider Oracle. The Monk combos can be draining on your blue bar so having Arcane Energy to refill would be nice. Then, of course, there’s Death Sentence for the OP debuff.


IMC hates this class that’s what happened.


Unfortunartely this month I am in a business vacation, away from my PC, so I can’t play and test all the the builds. I don"t have much time to play, so I use the use the information on this post.

@4lkruzeth @yoshidude @pendroide @vitor.ponci
So what have you guys discovered or tested? Are you guys using Monk only tô have It, or something good came out with other classes combinations?


Always will be a Monk main.

Ironically enough, IMO Monk is still a class that requires stacking Attack Speed, though not as crazy as before. A Monk’s strengths are its high Overheats, Attack-Speed skills coupled with its CC and debuffs. Monk’s damage is lackluster though, and its use in builds is either to complement another class’s functions with CC, debuffs and as decent filler, or to take classes to boost Monk’s damage without hindering Monk skills.


Hey, you seem to really understand monks, i really wanna make one regardless of if they are deemed great or not but i cant come to a conclusion on a build. I see chaplain-zealot is an option which i dont mind but would that mean maxing double punch or not cause it seems kind of pointless since chaps ASPD buff, or would iquis-zealot be better?


If you can hit 3 Auto-Attacks per second, that will be enough Attack Speed. Any more will give returns too diminishing to bother due to a hit delay in melee Auto-Attacks, making you attack slower hitting something than hitting nothing. As long as you have enough DEX on equipment, class build, and Attack Speed to hit that fast on enemies, it’ll be alright not maxing or even adding Binatio and Double Punch.

Simply put, I do not see Chaplain-Monk-Zealot as a proper option since Inquisitor offers too much to the Auto-Attack equation via Breaking Wheel to miss out on. Monks offer too little to the Auto-Attack formula to carry the build’s damage (literally does not contribute damage unless you enhance Double Punch to lvl 100 which is like 100,000+ attribute points. Keep in mind 1 attribute point costs 1000 silver).

Inquisitor-Monk-Zealot is probably the most offensive build Monk can ever get, using Inquisitor skills as main DPS, Monk skills as filler (don’t add Energy Blast), and Zealot skills as fire-and-forget buffs. Its downside is that once you’re geared enough, you can basically cycle through only Inquisitor skills to kill mobs and have no time for Monk skills. Monk skills will only be used on bosses where Inquisitor’s cooldown reduction attribute takes a hard hit.

If you’re interested in more information, I’ve made a Monk guide somewhere in the Game Tips and Strategies section, though its a rather long read.


Thanks, and yea i found it imma give it a read


To be honest i ‘‘rebuilded’’ as cleric-monk-chap-zealot = overkill
It’s kinda cheap actually! I’m running some velcoffer and it’s quite doable. BUT… i do agree…
IMC shoud revamp all the damn monk… or move the class to sword OR open another
main as martial stuff and move nak and monk there.


Did you choose monk first?