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Mob resistances

Not sure if it is the right section but oh well…

It seem that ever since one of the last intended patches (the ones from Tuesday), all the mob resistance have increased considerable, or, PD got some weird nerf on it’s skills.

I tried to make some tests in different areas (sorry, i haven’t took any video or screen shots yet), and even kepas (yes, the Lv 1 mob) resist Hexing and when they are hexed they still resist Incineration.

Can anyone else confirm this with other classes/skills?

PS: I will make some videos and post here later. That is, if the forum don’t blow up again.


Yes, my rodelero can get 3 “resisted” straight out of its debuffs.

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So i guess the mob got buffed behind our backs lol.

there’s also this that can be seen only with the show hidden buff addon

they probably don’t want us to find it via tosdatabases that were datamined, so they put hidden buffs instead of directly buffing evasion lol


Wouldn’t be surprise if they change it without even advertising the changes, hopefully they havent killed bokor-pd combo.

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They sure did, i have a Bokor 3 Miko Pd 2 and i get resisted lots of times, not to count the terrible desync lately with the heavy lag.

I saw 5x already my Incineration being resisted in a poisoned or hexed mob.

I keep seeing resisted text popping out of the mob head constantly in different ones when you are luring a batch.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Debuffs from Peltasta and Hoplite was being resisted by mobs/bosses yesterday, it never happened to me, but at that moment I thought I missed the attack, but looks like it wasn’t the case.

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I don’t think that’s so bad, but resistance on the damage of Heal and Cure sure feels odd and sad because you can’t do anything about it…

Clerics take the heaviest hit by this,especially if their Heal&Cure lvl is lower than 15…

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I just saw something really “nice”, i am at Workshop farming gems with a friend, she is a Cryo3>Linker3 and she deployed Ice Pillar, a monster close to it spammed Resisted status, it stayed like that for around 10 resists till it gave up and got pulled.

Also on a side note, the drop rate for common items and silver has been considerable lowered, I used to get around 40k silver from a red mob in the same map, now i barely get 10k.

Gems also rarely drop, same for material.

Ohh so that’s why Priest Exorcism get “resisted” (by Demon type mob lulz).

Did we just got IMCed? It’s hue time isn’t it?



On a sidenote, can mobs actually be IMC’ed?

Pretty much lol.

Why IMC would IMCed their own employers (Mobs)? LOL

Enough of being IMCed, I’m out.


while in DP5 earlier hohens are resisting my evening star runes too much lol

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So not only swordies are having a hard time.
Kinda weird those silent balances.
I have a clue for what is happening but I need to test before spread some info.

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The drop rate adjustment is because the Free Dungeons/Hunting Grounds/whatever they are called here next tuesday will drop more silver, so to make people go to farm there the drops of everywhere else (maybe only the dungeons like Demon Prison are affected by this “nerf”) are adjusted.

This is to shift the attention of people to the new gimmick of the game while preventing an inflation of silver if too many people farm simultaneously.

However, I fear that those free dungeons will become the new Demon Prison/Dina Bee Farm for those botters and afk-scumbags who ruin the gameplay experience for everyone else.
I hope IMC will change its terms of service accordingly to make afk farming/botting inside the Free Dungeons/Hunting Grounds a punishable crime and delete the characters that do so (ban is stupid because it helps not against rude players anyway, only against bots)…

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In all honesty, I can’t tell if it is intended or simple mess in the patch deploying.

I do believe they have multiple clients with different issues, and sometimes they simple mess up what they are applying by put one of these testing clients.

Ah, so they are adding that next week? I didn’t know, but they could had kept the drop rates as it is before applying the patch and change it when applied.

I mean, we don’t have the hunting grounds yet lol.

After the Def/Mdef rank buff, new maps turned almost as easy as r7 content.
Maybe those buffs is to keep the challenging status.

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I think there are better ways to do that, but since the game is nowhere nearly completion, i will face it as testing for future plans and updates.