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Mob resistances

l think those buffs is an easy way to balance things. Maybe IMC is regreting about transcedence(responsible for discrepancy in mobs attributes) and now don’t know what to do.

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Could be, but the transcendence system is more or less a testing thing too, the increase in mob mdef, hp poll and other stats, as well applying skills.

It is a good thing tho, but the transcendence system will need a limit too, i would guess 30-50% would be enough, also, i think the weapon stats need a good rework, some seem nice but others look completely garbage, and they even use expensive materials.

The SPR resist value is higher now after the tweak for mobs.

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maybe it is one way they are trying to make spirit more valuable?

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But that was applied 1 patch ago, I remember that I rarely got resists from any monster, also, there wasn’t any info anywhere in the patch notes (as usual) about that modification.

I don’t think it is a bad thing, but I think they went overboard with it.

As i said a few post above, my friend’s cryo Ice Pilar got resisted by 1 single monster in a group of 6 or 7, it spammed enough resisted stats that you could see 3-4 lines above its head.

That may be the case, but would that apply to the chars as well? I haven’t saw any change on that part tho, I may have missed it, i will have to test later.

in itos , patch note are always half done. They always take things from ktos without knowing what the shiet they are.

So we pretty much actually have “Certain elements” patch in.

get 180 spr you will start resisting heals.

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Because they’ve applied evade lv2 some patchs ago and probably many swordies complained.
Since my murmillo got access to rank 8 maps I’ve noted too many misses

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Yeah i know that, but still, something major as this to be passing by like nothing is kind irritating lol.

In a certain way, the skills that apply certain debuffs, and classes like Plague Doctor who need debuffs to deal damage are really in a bad place.

Ah so that might explain.

plague vapor :head_bandage: + max incinerate then forget about it lel.

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A few months ago i noticed that suddenly I got more often victim of blind status than before (think I never experienced it before). So of course they are balancing things behind the scenes. Expect more of this in the future. And I also do think it’s a good idea to make mobs more distinct in their behavior, to make things interesting.

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Blind is fine but perma blind from smoke grenade when you are out of range is irritating debuffs esp aoe debuff are still buggy

They are just tweaking debuff of higher tier to be more values and resistance are more valued. then just omamoris and dispellers

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True, making the mob more challenging is nice, they started with some non-linkable ones, now there is the resistance one.

But they need to readjust, it is too frequent, i mean, 10x in the spam of 5 seconds is too much.

LOL that is the freaking worse bug ever.

I call them potatoe interactions :head_bandage:


I remember doing catacombs trying to find Andesium. First boss I found was Molich and he blinded me… Did the entire mission(killed all mobs an all 6 bosses) on blind effect.

I saw Molich casting heal tiles :astonished:

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Now that would be an awesome thing to see lol.

I can imagine a boss that cast Healing Factor, and there comes the Miko to remove the buff.

Yeah, each tile was healing him about 80k hp.
I trolled Molich for about 10 minutes.
Saw him casting resist elements, heal, subzero shield and iron skin.

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Hahaha, that would be neat to have tbh, would make the fights a bit more interesting instead of the burn down practice and move away from the aoe.

I would imagine if the effect would remain if a rogue steal the tiles.

And how much damage it would apply if one where to step on it.

I did it too because I never saw a boss casting heal.
About 2.5k damage(I have 2k mdef).

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So an average mdef would had take 10K+ damage.


should be around 4k.

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