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Is Krivis(3) Paladin(3) still viable ingame?

I’m curently trying to build a semi-offtank physical/magical hybrid Cleric (magic without INT, just by magic attack via gems and weapon; main focus on patk with Vienerazis Mace later on).

It’s working quite well actually, better than I expected it previously, however, having 3 Ranks in Sadhu is not everyones thing.

This is the build I’m currently running:

You could exchange Sadhu for 1-2 Ranks in Krivis and 1 Rank in Paladin to increase the overtime healing value as this build doesn’t really offer this ability.
However, it can heal well, tank well, disable well, mitigate damage well and it even can deal viable amounts of damage.
The main point of this build still needs Rank 9 update as it’s currently impossible without Dievdirbys in the build to have 100% upkeep of Ein Sof, which is required to make Guardian Saint work well enough.

Here’s the main pluspoints for each Class compilated:

Cleric C3:

  • 15 healing tiles (+2 with Hanaming Gem and Divine Might) healing up to 75% of a players health without calculating the additional healing amount;
    There are 30+ of the every 22 seconds
  • Cure lvl 15 allows to cure many lvl 1 status ailments or deal massive damage during its duration
  • Guardian Saint allows you to take damage for someone else ( the tanking Swordsman or a weak Wizard in your party e.g.) and increases survival rate

Sadhu C3:

  • Out of Body lvl 15 allows you to quickly scout your surroundings and collect a lot of monsters in a short period of time

  • Possession lvl 10 allows you to disable up to 14 monsters for up to 10 seconds within the AoE while dealing passable damage and has a CD time of only 20 seconds

  • Praktiri lvl 1 with attribute allows you to recover your own HP by up to 15% at any time with just 15 seconds CD

  • Transmit Prana can give up to 60% of your stats to other players, e.g. STR or CON or INT or DEX or even SPR if its needed; has a high CD time so only works for ±1 player (no idea about the lasting time actually)

Kabbalist C2/3:

  • Ein Sof allows you to either refresh your SP if you spent too many or triple-quadruple your own HP; with the help of the new attribute, it also increases the amount of healing you recieve by Heal and Mass Heal by 100%, making those skills twice as effective on the buffed player (good when taking damage for someone in combination with Guardian Saint or when actively tanking/collecting monsters)

  • Reduce Level allows you to decrease the damage you take for a short amount of time by reducing the level of monsters that attack you

  • Double Chance increases the amount of damage dealt for the next hit (still confused if it just counts for autoattacks or not) by multiplying the hit by the number calculated by Gemmatria and/or Notarikon

  • Merkabah is the main attraction of Kabbalist; It draws the aggro of monsters around the place where its summoned, and from Kabbalist C2 onwards it can take lots of hits while moving slowly across the battlefield, protecting people walking besides it from damage, proving extra damage and extra magic defence while also damaging monsters it comes in contact with;
    Thanks to the amount of chariots scaling with skilllevel, 6 chariots can pull way more monsters at once than a Swordsman ever could dream of; combined with the Kabbalist, it’s possible to pull 57= 35 monsters at once, while in dungeons up to 97= 63 monsters will follow you to become slaughtered…

That’s basically how it works, and depending on what comes with the final Circle of the Kabbalist , it might become even more amazing.
The cons are that you don’t have many buffs, and the amount of useful attacks is also currently very limited with many of them having a high CD time…

looks pretty good but hows the stat distribution?

I’m running DEX and CON, ~ 2:1 (currently impossible, but I want to hit 200 base CON so there are only 1,5 times points left for DEX currently; will increase as soon as the level limit increases).

The main point of running DEX and CON is to stack block rate and HP as well as dodge rate for Out of Body and physical attacks. The build will be able to give away 60% of its DEX and CON without suffering greater losses if required, which is about 120 CON and ~180 DEX (I’m going to equip Elleaganos cards e.g.) with equip values at max level.

I currently don’t know if the values added through Monstrance can also be shared via Praktiri, but if that’s possible, an even bigger amount of Dex could be given as a buff if required to clear ET e.g.

The downside is that the build doesn’t have Ressurection included, but if the players are clever enough they shouldn’t die anyway…

You could also run any other combination of stats, like SPR and CON or SPR and INT or INT and CON if you exchange the Sadhu, because it’s not required to stay on the path of dodging and physically attacking.

However, you could even go full CON for high HP and block rate and add Priest C3 to the build to become unkillable with Revive, Ein Sof and Stone Skin… It’s all preferance actually.

It definitely wouldn’t be a meta build and would be hard to level maybe but I think a Cleric-Krivis3-Paladin3-Taoist could maybe work…with INT-SPR most likely. (Also I don’t think that’s what you want because it is less tanky I guess)

Conviction would strenghten your Zaibas a bit and also Resist Elements can reduce some MDEF of monsters.

So something like this:

I dunno if Aukuras-Restoration would be worth it…but other options are not that good either… Most likely maxed Smite and lvl 3 Restoration would have been better…X)

I think lvl 2 Turn undead is good to have.

For Aukuras… I think that’s not bad at max level because of the Accuracy reduction…but you could get more Daino… Zalciai is not rly worth more levels…especially not in this build imo…

…and at the end Tao to strengthen your Zaibas…don’t know what other skills are good from it…X)

So like this?:
(Cleric > Cleric > Cleric > Priest > Priest > Priest > Krivis > Paladin)
and the stat distribution is only 2 like 2 - 1 con dex and focus on those 2 alone? wont mana be an issue? and is str really that useless?

dang so krivis and pal really a bad combination huh?

It is always cleric 2 then whatever class you want to theorycraft. IDK why people are so adamant not taking cleric 2 but oh well. Good luck

explain cleric 2 please?

could this work?
(Cleric > Cleric > Priest > Priest > Paladin > Paladin > Inquisitor)
as there is no stat reset so im stuck with my old stat distribution the only thing i can do now is to reset the class rank…

Not sure if you like them but 2 classic build you can do are.

Kriv3>diev3>Taoist (Mostly good mono target damage because of zaibas+storm
But also Diev3 Immunity + Meltis make you quite usefull for late game content (Meltis also keep up the regain from potion and buff from card like chap card if somone get 8x10* of those… you keep the 80% matk bonus 100% up insted of 4sec…)
(Earth tower / WorldBoss)
You just need the team to assit.

Diev3>PlagueDoc2 (Great dps based on the amount of debuff you do. Boosted by agny. Diev3 offer some support.
-Bokor give more debuff
-Cleric 2 can be take.
-Open to be change a bit.

Also Inqui is pretty strong in pvp (probably outside of pvp too) but honestly I don’t know much about their class choice (Inqui is almost 100% physical except 1 spell.)

well, everything works if you spend time on it to enhance the damage attributes and get better equip. Your build looks a little mixed up, but since we don’t really know what’s going to come, it could be fine.

Inquisitor is always a solid choice for Rank 8+ since you’ll get damage from it (something that’s missing in your previous ranks). The question is what Priest and Paladin C2 can do for you. Btw, what’s with only 7 Ranks? There are 8 Ranks currently, so you can pick 1 more class rank, either Paladin or Priest, before going Inquisitor.

Paldin would help you to prepare more damage while Priest will help to become more bulky and a better support. With the current stat-distribution of Con:DEX = 2:1, I’d go for Paladin C3 because it helps your damage a lot while you can max Resist Elements and get Barrier to become protected against melee attacks in case your equipment/dodge rate is insufficient to provide survival vs stronger monsters.

@momory32 :
According to the latest changes with mobs having higher resistance against status ailments like Incineration, Bokors and Plague Doctors will be having a harder time to be decent damagedealers.
Look here e.g.: Mob resistances

so focus on con and dex? smite has no scaling right?

Smite is a normal attack skill, so the formula simplified is patk+skillbaseattack; STR and DEX have no direct influence on the damage, just indirectly via critattack and patk increement.

dang so i have to start a new char then as there’s no stat reset…
what can i do with a build like this!?

People usualy focus on 2 statt

Con-Dex : for physical DD because weapon(transcendence and all…) and high base damage make a crit better than a few more damage point.

Str: some skill can’t crit (Dot/poison…) Pretty much the only reason you could whant Str over Dex… and still.

Con-Int : for mage.

Spr is… pretty much pointless except maybe for priest but that all (Better to invest in con and buy mana potion in player market)

-Looks in thread to see suggested Paladin or Sadhu builds-

If you look at the Paladin thread you can see people having done Krivis/Paladin INT builds before. The one benefit I can see coming from this is you will always have a bright future in being a Melstis bot no matter how bad it performs. In theory using Zaibas with Conviction/Resist Elements as Taoist this might work.

I’m actually curious about Aukuras+Restoration now that we got Miko(Miko+Krivis seems to hold alone,Pally ends being just a complement)

It sounds way better than Heal 15 for extended fights

In theory yes, in reality the HP recovery rate is also dependent on the max HP of the people you want to heal up doing the recovery over time and their characters inherent HP recovery value.

Let’s say we have a guy with 20k base HP and a basic HP recovery rate of 300. If he gets buffed with max level Restoration (lvl 16), his HP recovery rate will become 300+454= 754 in total. Now we add Aukuras on top, at lvl 17 (Zignuts gem + Divine Might) to make it interesting. This adds 192 HP recovery on top of the 754, the total will be 946 HP now. The HP recovery tick is reduced to 4 seconds while near Aukuras, which means it would take [20000/946]*4= 84,6 seconds to get fully healed.

If we compare Heal, we’d have an amount of 5% per Heal tile. lvl 15 Heal provides 30 Heal tiles per 22 seconds, which would be 150% HP recovery + some additional heal value. Let’s say the additional Heal value from INT and lvl bonus is just ~400 (on a no INT build). This means one Heal tile heals 5% of 20k [= 1000 HP] +400 additional HP, a total of 7% of the players max HP. It would take 14,3 Heal tiles to fully recover the player.

However, this would use up 50% of the Heal tiles in 22 seconds, leaving only 15 more tiles for the other players. Here comes the strengh of the heal over time buff, as it provides HP recovery for the whole party and for quite a long time with 100% uptime basically. The problem is that it’s quite stationary, so the party would have to alternately use Aukuras scrolls to cover the travelled area with the effect/keep the effect running while on the move.

As you can see, low HP builds with high base HP recovery would greatly profit from HP recovery over time as their HP would be recovered rapidly and continuously (I mean noone loses all his HP in 1-2 hits anyway unless he’s underleveled or undergeared). So it’s viable, but mostly in connection with Aukuras scrolls, as 3 circles in Krivis makes the build very bad until you hit Rank 9 to get Taoist C1…

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What if we add Squire Food?

Isn’t that only per person, and only available if a Squire is in your party?
I wouldn’t take that into consideration for the calculation.

Aukuras scrolls are available for everyone and Paladin build is the theme of the topic so it’s best we calculate with things that are available to everyone easily.