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Machine Gun Musketeer

Than this is really OP and worth using even vs 1 target?

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Mistake, I meant QS. Was just thinking about SR back then.

Regarding SR, the first team I know of that conquered ET level 10 had SR2 in it. So you can think if it’s useful or not.

Sure, it was already confirmed that it can crit. I’ve just shared information I’ve heard from various sources before, maybe ot was all misinformation or maybe they were just mistaken. Sure you can’t really take random persons words as an ultimate truth, you can only believe your friends who tested something themselves, but you can consider the opinion of people at forums. If it’s incorrect, it’d be corrected pretty fast by other players. I never speak lies, if I say something, than I believe it myself and would be glad to be corrected if I’m wrong, so no need to be angry and impolite.

It may be a bad translation just as well.

You can use pistols with any archer class, as I know. So you do have access to pistol attribute as musketeer. But anyway it’s nearly useless attribute so even if it won’t work with rifles it won’t matter too much.

Btw, flatflat modifier is applied before % modifier, so it’s even more damage.

I’d like to see the list of misinform I’ve put up, from a person who never posted a single bit of useful information on this forums and trying to instigate me basing on his personal grudges.

I do confirm most of the things I say there, but sometimes I just repost the info I’ve learned from the forums. It’s not really my fault that people post a false onfo here, if you are uncertain about some of my words you can ask about confirmation or disproof them. But being impolite and rude won’t make you a better person for sure.

So question. With Snipe being able to cap our at max dmg. How many lvs of the snipe dmg attribute do you think would be needed to just be at that point? As in I’d hate to pay more money attribute wise when there is no more pay out.

I don’t think getting more than 50 level early on is wise, and you probably won’t get 100k damage w/o really good rifle/other buffs even with very good DPS. Levelling past 50 is simply not cost effective IMO.

Use this to calculate how much damage will you get with your current equipment.

Like unless musk c2 is amazing I really dont see a point in taking it. 25 lvs is 440k + 50 will be 2mill +.Im trying to best see how to spend what gold I ave gear and attribute wise to better prepfor et. Seeing as I am not camping wb yet I lack a continual supply of silver. just side note at lv 1 snipe 0 attributes im doing 25k crits

Then not to mention covering fire and headshot on top of that need to be lved… rip wallet.dg per cost ratio do you feeling that lving up multishot would be more benifical. My real problem is as an aa build d I focus on str for my autos and consitent dmg or do I focus on dex for heavy hitting skills and more turret based rs kneeling dmg ? At 230 with a 120 str 220 dex split atm my rs ks dmg is critting consitently for 4k on truffles atm.I am trying to really brake down all the dex str post to see how I want to restat. Being aa is to be consitent dmg. Do I strenghten this fact with str or go dex based andjust pray ET wise my group has a linker to give me str from someone else… dex does work I know but I need a good wep to carry dmg. As of now im still running +10 gc so im lacking in dmg. Need to hit 240 and pray for dgc.

On a side note do any mus have any info on where diffrent rifle recipies drop. I know about finisher and fire musket that is it

Is it easy to get DGC from mission? Or its just a dream?

I have seen 2 and i mean 2 qs archer with it… it is a pipe dream as you only get 2 runs a day and you have to get it yourself becuase its bop. People that dont need it get it

Machine gun Musket here
Don’t go Archer C3 for musketeer. Kneel Lv5 is enough. You don’t use much kneel in solo grind and party play.
Pick Falcon or Scout or what ever you want for utility.

Also, all musketeer doesn’t use rifle as main RS weapon. It less damage than xbow+off hand. Only use for shoot skill.

FINALLY, thanks for the answer. no use for me anymore though XD

So I have no video of this but players in Ktos did a test useing their ranger buff of steady with snipe the dmg of 99,999 is a hard cap and not just a visual one.

Kinda thorn by that. I’m lvling an alt, currently A2-QS3, enjoying it, and honestly i really wanted to go A3 for maxing Kneeling. Thins is, i don’t have another character slot for Falcon(I already got another slot for TP just to create this alt), and i don’t somehow like falcon as a class, and i also enhoy turreting from kneeling. As Snipe’s reticle got nerfed, i heard its kinda hard to pull of AOEing with it only with circling. And if i need linker to be effective in doing damage to more targets, i’ve kinda decided to go A3. Going scout is a waste for PvE concerns isn’t it ?

indeed it is, i went a3, 16 shots of MS its godly for RS downtime, i rarely use Musketeer skills, as it has a delay while switching wpns

you don’t need to switch just put it in swap icon.
you can charge cover fire while holding xbow.

It depend on you to choose.

I like to cloak and doing quest and sneak explore high lv map. So I choose scout.
Snipe LV1 do 28k damage at cri for me, so sad that it single target.

Yep, it’s indeed a hard cap, I hope they’ll fix it soon.

Archer3 is mainly for bigger attack range. But sure you can go Scout and Falconer just as well, it’s more of a personal preference and playstyle. I’d most likely go Falconer as it has great synergy with Musketer and is extremely good support class.

Scout is not a waste for PvE in any way, it’s all about safety. With Scout you will be able to use cloack or barrel in any dungerous cituations to come out alive. Flare shot will also get bonus damage from your kneeling shot, so it’s also a good synergy.

As for Falconer, it will buff your Multishot and Musketeer skills, especially when you are partying with Linker or any AoE class, it will be extremely useful. But archer3 is also fine, and it’s potential use is extremely good as it provides you with highest attack range possible, which can be utilized very well in massive PvP/GvG battles and also helps you to be more safe in PvE. All 3 choices are quite good so just pick what you like more.

hi was wondering if fletcher1 would be good as a circle filler if i do not want take either A3/ Sc1 or Falc1… if its bad mind listing why is it so?? thanks

@ifpz92 IMO if you wanna get fletcher, you wanna get F2 for magic arrow.