Tree of Savior

Localization Fixes



Every week I spend time to try to fix errors and inconsistencies in the game’s text. Here are the localization fixes coming to the game after the maintenance this week. All of these changes were done by me.

Please let me know if you have any issues with the changes being made or if you have any issues of your own you’d like to see fixed. I will do the best I can to make things better.

(older fixes not transcribed)


When you are in a TBL queue and try to close the game, the error message that pops up says DicId something instead of a proper text.


Thanks, I’ll look into this for next week. If you can provide a screenshot of it too, that would help.


Since I had a free character slot, I’m currently running all the quest lines with it, checking for typos in the quest dialogues. I’ll report my findings once I get enough of them (currently only found one – seems the early quests have been properly checked already).




Thank you for the screenshot. This is actually a bug and not a missing translation, as we do have the English text for this message.

I’ve reported it along with technical details to IMC and it will be resolved when they have time to do so.


-Fixed an issue where the slider in the options for “Flute Volume” incorrectly referred to it as “Flute UI Size.”

Buu…but what if I wanted a bigger flute? :sad:

( Nice job :stuck_out_tongue: )


Localization Fixes (Week of 7/23/18)


Localization Fixes (Week of 7/30/18)


Localization Fixes (Week of 8/6/18)


Minor inconsistency in the F1 stat menu: Retiarius show in plural form, while other classes doesn’t. I guess “Retiarii” should be changed to “Retiarius” image


Localization Fixes (Week of 8/13/18)

Last week’s changes had not yet made it in game. However, they are now live.

I will be looking into this for next week. Thank you for the report.


Localization Fixes (Week of 8/20/18)

I won’t be able to resolve this, as it uses a string that cannot be localized. I will be providing feedback on this to IMC.


Please forgive the lack of updates for the last two weeks, as I was helping IMC with getting the rank 10 texts ready for release.

Weekly updates should resume next week.


Localization Fixes (Week of 9/17/18)

This was a very large update. If you spot any issues, please feel free to report them.


Here are the errors I spotted in Barynwell 85 Waters:

  • Resistance Soldier Molan, message “All the members that had family in those villages we so worried” (“were so worried”)
  • Resistance Soldier Mait, message “You got most of out” (“most of it”)
  • Resistance Soldier Mait, message “I’m not sure if actually repels them” (“if it actually”)
  • Resistance Soldier Mait, message “I’m thinking a powder made from ground Rias Weeds” (“thinking of a powder”)
  • Resistance Soldier Mait, message “The grow with the water from the lake” (“They grow”)


Here are the errors I spotted in Barynwell 87 Waters:

  • Hunter Oort: message “I think can use them to filter some lake water” (“I think I can use them”)
  • Fletcher Voleta: message “Revelator, have made your decision?” (“have you made”)
  • Kartas: message “Remeber, I am not Solcomm” (“remember”)


Only one error for Starry Town:

  • Ownia Dilben, message “and found that some structures in Starry Town that were radiating with ominous energy” (“some structures in Starry Town were radiating”)


Errors for the Baltinel and Gliehel Memorials:

  • Kupole Grisia: message “However, we weren’t prepared for the demons led by Guiltine” (“Giltine”)
  • Kupole Grisia: message “We may be able to help the Zsaia and the Kupoles” (“help Zsaia”)


Localization Fixes (Week of 10/1/18)

Thank you, these have all been fixed! You should see the fixes in game after the 10/2 maintenance.